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  1. An international school has a contract that does not give the option of giving 2-3 months notice before quitting. There is no possible way listed to terminate the contract. Therefore, a couple teachers left the day after receiving their salary (without notice). Not sure what happened to them. The contract states the if for any reason the teacher does not complete the contract, then the teacher much pay back 2 months salary and the school will put a black mark on our record with Krupsapa Teaching Council. It is in the contract that I signed, but can they really enforce it? I'm guessing that if a new school wanted to hire me that the old school would make it extremely difficult for them to hire me. I'm guessing that they could not If I want the job I must sign the contract, I am agreeing to everything - but can it be enforced. If a new school wants to hire me, do they check with Krupsapa first about any black marks? Would Krupsapa not allow the new contract? Of course a new school can ask for references. I would never enter a contract with the intention of breaking it, but sometimes circumstances make this necessary. But, it does set a tone for the school environment. The school asked the teachers to sign a new contract 17 January 2019 promising to work until the end of the next school year Aug 2019-Aug 2020. Upon the teacher committing in writing to continue for another year, the school verbally told the teachers they will have a job next school year. The school will sign and return the contract when school starts again on 1 August 2019. I would think that until the school signs and returns the contract - then there is no contract. But impossible to prove the school never returned the signed contract.
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