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  1. Although for a foreigner transferring money out of Thailand, it makes sense that they want to know where that money came from. If you have a work permit, then it’s obvious you earn the money legally in Thailand. If there was evidence that your transfer the money into Thailand, and was now sending the back, that should also be easy. Otherwise, I would understand if they were suspicious of large sums of money being transferred outside the country with no evidence of where the money came from
  2. I would think it is more complicated than that, or there would be many more people applying for permanent residency. What am I missing?
  3. If the market has already adjusted on the assumption that Biden will win, then if Trump wins we will probably see a big bump. But as mentioned earlier, the trillions of dollars we have spent on bail outs it’s got to have an impact on the economy. But frequently the economy looks at future trends and doesn’t look in the past. If a vaccine is developed, and no terrible side effects from it, and tourism returns, then we should see growth again
  4. Did he put in his reservation for free vaccine? If no cost and therefore commitment then no special about reserving free vaccine. Will people already diagnose with the virus need the vaccine. I can’t imagine a vaccine offering better immunity than actually recovering from the virus. Maybe neither provide long-term immunity. Next station I am hoping the Chinese government will force vaccinate large portions of their population. I’m sure thailand government will then follow up with the same policies as Communist China government.
  5. I guess then it’s too late to pull out of stocks and change to cash. But I think the stimulus packages have raised it a little bit and talk of vaccine but I want to get out before the election is confirmed. It is likely Biden will win
  6. In anticipating the outcome of the presidential elections, are people generally pulling out of the market for safety or putting money into the market in hopes that the stock market will go up after the election for you. I am pulling my money out in a anticipation of the election results. I’m expecting at least a 10 to 15% drop in the months following the election. opinions?
  7. My prediction is the dollar will strengthen against the baht, but the stock market will crash within the next month. The protest will have very little effect on the Baht value unless they get the results they want.
  8. Instead of giving the vaccine to them for free and denying all liability for any adverse side effects, maybe sell the product at full price but offer to pay the medical costs of any adverse side effects. This seems like a good compromise
  9. Why does it matter if it was a Thai person or not that got infected? It was a local transmission to someone who had been in Thailand for a long time. The implications of this should not depend on the nationality of the person getting infected. I am curious what treatment hospitals give to COVID-19 patients that have absolutely no symptoms. Maybe just an expensive hospital bill. I think this all started from a trucker that tested positive. Are all trucks drivers importing goods tested for Covid-19 or did he fall sick while inside Thailand?
  10. A part of the revenue from drug sales typically goes towards payment for complications from the drug. If you tell a pharmaceutical company that they cannot make profit from the drug for the betterment of the world, but they must take liability for the drug then there’s no incentive for them to produce a vaccine. Tell a company there is no upside for making profit, but possible huge possible liabilities and see how many companies would be interested. How many people would volunteer to do something for free with the possibility they could be sued if the person doesn’t
  11. With international borders locked down in most countries for several months, how does the pandemic in America affect any other country in the last several months? Most countries have isolated themselves from the rest of the world. Their containment of the virus is solely dependent on them and not affected by the containment of the virus in America. But it is normal that everyone blames America for all the worlds problems. Start taking responsibility for your own countries and not blame other people.
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