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  1. When I have been pulled over by the police, I show them respect and I am not aggressive towards them. Therefore, of course, I have never been threatened with being shot.
  2. I’m curious if this translates into; if I have a return ticket within two weeks I don’t need insurance in quarantine. Can you bypass insurance and quarantine requirement if you have a fully refundable ticket for returning to your own country within two weeks. If you’re on this category, will they just give you permission to stay for two weeks, or will it be a standard 60 day permission to stay and you can extend it later.
  3. Maybe for high-end self-insured patients 50 sq meter private rooms, premium cable TV, fast internet, high quality meals, personal nurse. They need new people to test they vaccines and cures. i read Thailand had 2000 more deaths this year than normal. Assuming 4% death rate, than would mean 50,000 unreported cases. Maybe sill people for highly experimental cure
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