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  1. Vaccinating citizens anywhere in the world has nothing to do with Embassies unless foreigners are being unjustly denied during a pandemic in the host country. Foreigners are EXACTLY the same as any other nationality as it relates to possible covid infection and transmission. It is the Host country that has responsibility for ALL citizens in cases of security and the due diligence regarding something as critical as an ongoing pandemic. All this wretched registration problem for foreigners is completely unnecessary as there is no need for a separate arrangement at all. On
  2. To the PM: Many of us here in the forum apologise for not accepting your apology!
  3. Some other points: A dowry is not an obligation for everybody: The tradition is more appropriate between Thai couples A dowry might be offered and declined (as in the case of my own Thai wife with her first marriage) I believe that if she is not a virgin no sin sod is applicable. Will somebody lie about that? I also have heard that the dowry money should be returned as it is a gesture of good faith only I have not been involved in such a thing as a dowry but if it were me, I might argue there is just as much importance of my cult
  4. It's just not bloody good enough, is it? I am now "registered' in three different places and I have every reason to believe that effectively nobody knows! And even if they did know, I have no idea when I will get an appointment and then, if that appointment will stand and later if there are any vaccines for me. We are into a year and a half of a pandemic and into more than 6,000 new infections in the last two days here in Thailand and still, as a foreigner, we are no further forward than six months ago. My perfect scenario will be one in which I actually get my vaccine
  5. Not to mention 50% tourists less 'swelling' chances also!
  6. Insoles are a good idea for inadequate supportive shoes. A couple of time, I bought "Sorbothane" insoles that I reckon are the "go to" product. But again I stress the importance of trying first the ones you need for your particular situation.
  7. One of the most important parts of what you wear, either for sport or anything involving weight bearing, is shoes. The first consideration is, are they comfortable?, second, will they provide proper support for you in particular? Third, will they offer value for money in the long term? One of the greatest problems many people have is backache, often arising from wearing the wrong shoes. If you are a runner, there is no better than dedicated running shoes. Younger people buy fashion, but later they will discover that comfort and support will be more important
  8. No 90 Day reports, no TM30s ? And what about the wealthy retirees (some still in their 50"s) here already as potential money spinners for Thailand, many with professional skills in areas of importance. Not to mention a healthy awareness of Thai culture and language that is required by anyone working here in top jobs. For those here, there will surely be a few that would want to own land outright, even without working considerations, using foreign exchange, why not include them? But they are "mulling", so no idea, that whatever they come up with, will achieve
  9. Can I see a "bandwagon" coming? Maybe, but I don't think it will be stopping
  10. One of the most common phrases in Thailand: Why oh why oh why?
  11. For example, the aircons and fans are the first things you see in the hot season - certainly true of my local HomePro store But unlike my local Tesco supermarket that has its dedicated bakery at the back of the store which is good in the UK but here, they don't even bake any bread!!
  12. With supermarkets being so big in area these days and for a few years in fact, I have been saying, why not a floor map showing where categories are located? With everything being computerised, it seems reasonable to me that there could be a digital floor map (with GPS of course); type in any product and get a "road map" from wherever you are from your phone! One still has to walk past any marketing strategies on the way.
  13. Why did I write this story today? I was inspired by Village Farang who's excellent post earlier with beautiful photos, that prompted Members of this forum to engage in something nice and positive and give us some respite from the current goings on re Covid. Life in Thailand is not all bad and for me hardly ever has been!
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