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  1. If they make Thai Politicians with wrists up near their elbows, I wonder where their brain is.
  2. Actually, the tablet is a cheapo with no special brand. I am happy with the one I bought for myself, although I must say I am one for trying to buy regular brands that have some sort of local back up. I am in Lampang where had you noticed, and pointed out by others, where I live and all details were showing in the background of one of my attached photos (now removed by request) I have tried various ways to get the thing to boot up including taking it to my local shop today, specialising in Apple as it happens ( I do have an ailing iPad) and they told me there is an inh
  3. Thank you very much. I will try what you suggested, I have been watching some YouTubers about the pressing multiple buttons simultaneously and two said press the power button and the volume UP. I havent tried anything yet. I will let you what, if anything, will work. It is a no brand tablet but operating on android
  4. I have bought a (second) tablet for my wife. Second because I have already bought one 98% the same and everything on mine works very well and predictable having used it now for three weeks. The tablet for my wife arrived this morning 26 October. We have tried to get it going by pressing the power on button but no response, We have of course tried to charge up the battery by trying the charger that came with it and my charger that is the same and I know works properly, allowing plenty of time, nearly two hours . We have also tried connecting to my PC via Blue tooth and USB cable but no luc
  5. I don't know about the last three years before now but when I travelled frequently Chiang Mai to Bangkok only 45 minutes if no baggage to be checked in. I think the norm was two hours for International flights
  6. I have a flight booked from Chiang Mai to Krabi and return over 3 to 10 November. This topic is connected with Covid 19 as it relates to Air Asia's assertion that 3 hours check in time both in Chiang Mai and Krabi is required to "complete the necessary processes". Their website shows good information about how they are dealing with the problem but it seems to me they will only check my temperature that tells me from 7 months of experience will take less than 5 seconds. The website also indicates that check in can be done online so their reason (no real explanation) is t
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