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  1. He who ventures into the ubiquitous Thai Walking Streets shall enjoy the pleasures of Heaven, tempered with the wrath of Hell
  2. Why the respondents to the OP deny him his feelings: We are not happy so how can he be? He knows about the pollution and the traffic and Immigration and a host of other matters affecting many on this forum but they don't affect his general state of mind. Paradise, happiness and contentment are a state of mind, not of situation. Being positive is not about believing something is good when it is obviously bad but more about how you perceive and deal with it.
  3. It's an interesting fact, I think, that Bill Gates (richest man in the world still?) and his Microsoft empire manage it with selling maybe less than 50% of their products at the official price. I myself have been using Windows and Microsoft Office Suite and never in 25 years bought any of it at the retail price.
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