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  1. I have visited that care resort in Mae Rim. I can vouch for it! I have stayed there as a tourist three or four times and spoken to quite a few of the residents there. It is extremely nice there with full time care and attention when needed. The details above will be enough for you to get ready information and details of anything you need to know. One of the residents there from UK is 95 and we had long chats with her about her life at the resort. All accommodation is in detached houses of various sizes.
  2. You are right, As far as my two accounts with SCB in different Provinces is concerned, my ATM card is automatically a debit card as well. I use it often and it is linked with my PalPal account. In addition, my online transactions between those accounts have been working perfectly for ten years.
  3. I have completed 18 years in Thailand. Had ups and downs - I am on an UP at the moment and expect to stay there! My perspective and philosophy of life hasn't changed much in that time or since being in my 30's. When I was younger, I had ambition and wanted "things" but I got over it. Now I like things but can manage without them. I DO care what people think of me but I don't lose any sleep over it - in any event it is unlikely I will ever know what they think. I DO care about others. I live in the NOW - I have my memories good and bad but they are not e
  4. They tell us when reporting traffic deaths that most occur on straight roads. These same straight roads are the ones that will enjoy an increase from 90kmh to 120kmh speed limit soon. For those on the roads including a few on this forum already going at this speed, raising the official limit to 120 simply gives license to travel up to 150 and more. Not to mention most of these drivers are using only the outer lane. It's an important point, I think, that travelling continuously at high speed in the outer lane will make "U" Turning (in both directions) a greater hazard than it currently is!
  5. A suggestion - first things first: Move these people from their inactive posts to ACTIVE ones
  6. Your comment has nothing to do with mine. I am talking about High Quality tourists - ie, those "perceived" to spend loads of money
  7. All mouth and trousers! Please, please tell us what you are going to DO!
  8. You are right - in the overall scheme of things most of these incidents of accidents and danger are rare. But "rare" means it isn't unknown but for some they really happen. We should acknowledge that and sympathise with those so affected. I have been bitten by dogs twice in more than 40 years of running and biking in quite a few countries. That is extremely rare but twice being hospitalised from such incidents isn't much fun! in fact I have been seriously stung by hornets twice, also requiring much nursing attention.
  9. High spending tourists - what do they mean? Those who stay in B20,000 a night hotels? Eating in fancy restaurants? Buying expensive in the large corporate stores? This collects taxes for the Government, makes rich people richer but doesn't do much for the small business and thousands of individual traders. The money collected through taxes could easily be outdone without tourists, by simply collecting money they are owed by their own population from traffic offences already committed and from those that will inevitably continue to be committed forever more.
  10. Interestingly, a sex tourist could be considered a big spender after returning home!! How many commit equal to B20,000 a month or more for the foreseeable future to the bar girl they think they will meet up again!
  11. There are two "authorities" that should be notified ASAP,: first is the police, second is the Embassy or Consul appropriate to the National concerned. The embassy will give advice on procedure from their point of view.
  12. The ingredients and why they are in there are available but even if you saw them - and there are more than you would think - doubtful you would understand it well enough to decide good or bad! My source is a YouTube video under the name of Professor Stick (a pseudonym but someone I respect)
  13. My entire comments are about my house being burgled as part of another thread. I placed it in this thread by mistake and saw immediately so cut and pasted it in the right thread. I thought that was enough
  14. I rented a detached house on quite a busy road but within only 1 km of the town of Lamphun. I was burgled twice. First time they took my PC, laptop, accessories, camera and a collection of watches. The burglars I know, must have waited for me to leave in my car while I went shopping - gone only one hour. They cut through the bars in the bathroom window that was only 18 inches square. After that I locked everything in one room and locked it securely every time I left the house. In there I had a new laptop and some other valuables. I arrive home, again after going shopping to discover they
  15. How can businesses in Thailand plan and make meaningful decisions about the future of the tourist trade from this constant flow of meaningless guesstimates?
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