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  1. So when they closed the borders and don't allow anyone in - you guys complain. When he spoke against foreigners - you guys complain. Now that he says it's safe to open Thailand for tourists what do you guys do? Oh, yes, complain
  2. They do the same in Thailand, at least in the North
  3. Point is that you need the white book when traveling out of Thailand. I assume upon entering Thailand with a foreign passport you can't use the e- gate and both passport and white book are stamped, same as when crossing a land border
  4. Nothing to do with the re entry in the passport. Those are 2 different permits, and although I'm not sure, I think that if the passport is lost and a new re entry requested immigration will charge for it again
  5. When you got your pr you got a white book from immigration and a red book from your local police station. The white book is used for traveling overseas (together with your passport) and when you apply for re entry permission both the white book and your passport are stamped (i think the stamp on the white book is called non quata re entry). When you pass immigration in/ out of Thailand the white book and your passport are stamped for exit/ entry. The red book issued by your local police station. When you initially get it, its valid for 1 year but you can extend it for 5 more years, givin
  6. How do you calculate the interest? The way they do it in the car industry is (in your case) 2.69% per year over 7 years. The % is calculated for the full amount on the loan over the full term so basically you pay 2.69% of the total amount of the loan even on the last month of payment, bringing the effective interest to much more than 2.69%
  7. I'm not sure - but I think the 2nd vat charge is on the interest amount only and have to be calculated separately from the vat on the price of the car as the vat on the price of the car is paid in full by the dealer as soon as you get the car, and the vat on the interest will be paid monthly throughout the term of the loan
  8. Farangset IS French. Farang is not farangset. I guess the story of the first foreigner's name leading to the word farang is an urban legend, and few other members offered another plausible explanation without being @rsholes about it
  9. On the other hand it might help the child to get the "father's" nationality and passport...
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