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  1. So you are willing to risk 2 years in a Thai prison... And while in prison you hope you can sue her in civil court for the funds she got from the land... What if she gifts the land to someone for no money? there will be nothing to sue for. Does she have any other assets you can go for in case she sells the land but claims she spent it all already?
  2. 1. What does the planing license have to do with whom the land is registered under? 2. Buy in your gf's name - pay transfer fee. Than transfer to daughters' name - pay transfer fee AGAIN. Can't see any advantage in that. 3. If your daughter is under 20, once registered in her name you can't sell or mortgage the land (not sure about leasing it out) without a court order which will not be easy to get. As for your last comment about "better go to jail" - I can't see how that + losing your land will help with constructing an accommodation business for the kids. If both you and your gf are in jail - who will take care of the kids?
  3. I can't see any problem with her having an English boyfriend - UNLESS you are FRENCH? On the other hand - IF you are French and she uses English boyfriend's credit cards - isn't that an advantage for you???
  4. Here's an idea for you Donald: amend the 14th amendment to say whomever was born in Greenland since 1901 (or you can pick any other year if you want) IS an American citizen - whether they like it or not!! This way you can also send the IRS to collect back-dated taxes......................
  5. ummmm, yap, I see your point. Wouldn't it be better if they just allow you to show the real driver's license? even better if they would make those driver's licenses from some sort of plastic, about the size of an ATM, just a thought. Maybe someones should suggest that to the government....
  6. I think the first number is from second hand smoking and the second number is from accrual smoking...
  7. Yes you do. Whether you can get the permit or not depends on the type of documents you have for the land. The highest (actually the only real freehold ownership) is the chanot or N.S.4. Then it goes lower with N.S.3, 2 and 1 which are basically based on different types of land surveying and have some limitations on them. Other "ownership" documents are basically a permit to USE the land under some conditions but are not real ownership. The steps you have to go through are: 1. Go to the O.B.T (tambon/sub district, or in some places tesaban) with the land documents and ask if you can get a permission to build (if it is a chanot or N.S.3 you can skip this step. For any other type of document better check before you go on spending money and time for the next step) 2. Get a house plan - you can draw it yourself, download ready made plans or get an architect to draw for you. 3. Go to the O.B.T (as in step 1) to see the chief engineer, give him the plans and the land documents. You should get the signed approval within a couple of day normally (costs about 500 THB) Then you can start building. Once done, you go to the village chief to get a document from him about the house completion. In some cases the chief will also allocate a house number for you, in other cases that will be done on the next step. Once you have this document you go to the ampue (district offices) where you will be issue the house registration (blue book). With the blue book you go to the PEA to get a permanent electricity supply. As for builders - I suggest checking around your local area for recommended builders. you can go to the local building supplies shops and ask who they recommend, then contact 1 or few of those builders and ask to see some of their work in the area. In most cases it is better to use a local builder rather then bring someone from far away. Good luck
  8. do you know what the gold card is and who are the holders?
  9. I actually know someone who did just that - but after about 2 or 3 years... The guy had 2 kids with the wife. Separated, he got full custody and moved away. After a while did a DNA test and found the younger wan't his. Sent the child back to the mother.... To be honest, I can't understand it. As you said - you raised a child from birth, have parent/child relationship - it is YOUR child and you'd have to be a monster to just throw the child. As for your case - if the mother is out of contact for extended period, maybe a court can rule in your favor for full custody. And the blue book - I assume the child is registered in the same book as the mother. Maybe you should try to register her in the book of the place you live with her now. I don't think you need mother's signature for this, and even if you do, you can try to appeal for her saying the child have to be registered in that address for schooling purposes. Once you are both registered at the same address you can apply for a visa for supporting the child.
  10. I already answered another reply so let me make my point clearer. You don't really take over the payments. You actually pay of the original loan and take out another after/if the credit company/bank approves your loan request. anyway, this is a 4 pages long thread started nearly 3 days ago and the op never bothered to answer/reply any of the questions and suggestions directed at him. So either he's left Thailand already or could it be just a troll?
  11. I haven't had FD account for long time now, but as it used to be in the past (and I don't think that has changed...) you can't really ADD to the original funds. You actually "open" a new FD account. The account No. will be the same with a "/1" "/2"... at the end of it. Say your original FD term started 1st JAN 2019 and ends 31st DEC 2019 (1 year FD). If you "add" more funds, it won't be from now till 31st DEC, but from now till the end of your newly selected term.
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