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  1. You can't switch passports on land crossing. You must enter the neighbouring county with the same passport you left the first county
  2. Wow!!! A super poll!!! A sample size of 0.001% of the population
  3. Speaking about snake - anyone knows what snake this is?
  4. When installing the app you must use your Thai phone data (the number that is registered with the bank). Once done you can use any sim/wifi to use the app but OTP will be sent to that number only (unless there's a way to get it by email)
  5. AFAIK you also have to register the sim with the bank and must do it in person at the branch or else anyone with your bank account details would be able to get the OTP sent to them and clean the account.
  6. I doubt any government in the world will ever acknowledge any connection between the vax and death
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