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  1. I've been checking live reservation systems for the past month looking for flights into Thailand. In June there were many flights showing availability for July, but around the middle of June all those flights were taken off system. Now the system shows incoming for August, but those are likely to be cancelled as well if they keep a daily limit on entering passengers
  2. At the moment there are no passenger flights TO Thailand at all. All Thai nationals returning to Thailand are coming with special flights that are booked and sold only through the Thai embassy at the point of departure. According to latest information regarding return of non Thai nationals - if allowed entry they too will have to come on a special flight. The reason for no commercial passenger flights into Thailand is the limit of 500 passengers per day. Once this limit lifted normal flights will resume
  3. Isn't that obvious? No foreigners are allowed in Thailand for the last few months, authorization for specific groups of foreigners to enter was given from 1st July but they have to be quarantined for 15 days before they can travel anywhere...
  4. What the <deleted> does that mean? If it was wilful I suppose it was by consent. If she was a co worker I assume she was not a minor or under the age of consent. How many "years ago" ? 2? 5? 10?? If a guy has sex with a woman, how long does he have to lose sleep over it worrying she might wanna joined the me too movement? It is now dangerous to give a compliment to a woman in the west. Anything you say might be used against you in a court of law or the court of social media as sexual harassment. I'm not a chauvinist, but all this feminist bs should stop, and the sooner the better
  5. What many people fail to see is that Thailand is not a stand alone country in regard to tourism. No country in the world is a stand alone country at this point. Suppose Thailand opens the borders for anyone to come, no tests, no quarantine, no demand for insurance, but do so without bilateral agreements with other governments. As it is now - most countries demand quarantine for anyone entering. So a tourist that come for a holiday in Thailand has to take into consideration 2 extra weeks quarantine at his home country upon return. Who will come here (or go anywhere) under these conditions? Unless all (or most) countries remove all covid 19 restrictions, the only way to have any sort of international travel is by way of bilateral agreements between government, or simply put - bubble travel
  6. If you are in Thailand you can leave whenever you want. Commercial flights out of Thailand never stopped, and now with more and more countries allowing transit passengers through the are more options and more destinations you can go to. Coming back us a different story though....
  7. Ummm.... op is looking for a ticket OUT of Thailand so the warning about ticket TO Thailand is irrelevant
  8. AFAIK only some of the newer models (2019 I think) with the new 2L engines have coil spring rear end. As for the auto transmission, at least with Toyota and Ford - only the higher end 4 doors are available with auto transmission. I own a 2013 ranger 4 doors auto. Nice and pretty comfortable ride, long distance as well. Holds nice and stable on the roads. However parts are expensive and services is pretty sh*t
  9. How exactly did he win? The man "invested" 5.7 million THB and "won" a used car...
  10. Actually I know of few people that flew from new Zealand to Europe via Singapore last week
  11. Yearly extensions for non-b, non-o are still doable
  12. There are flights departing BKK every day to many destinations.
  13. I think what the op meant to ask was if there are any Thai government restrictions on leaving the country, such as Ausies not allowed to leave Australia without government permission
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