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  1. I never bought a new condo from a developer, but I doubt they provide a blue book which has nothing to do with ownership. The chanot is issued by the land department whereas the blue book by the district office. The blue book is just a registration of address, every Thai person MUST be registered in one from the day of birth, but no such requirement for non Thai (except for PR's).
  2. The only time I was ever asked to show the buy/sell contract was at the district office while adding someone to the blue house book. The only reason they asked for it was because I was already signed out of the blue book and there was no house master registered (my son is registered in the blue book but as he wasn't with me I couldn't assign him to be house master).
  3. I don't think banking and tax are any different. AFAIK for partnership you need only 2 partners whereas limited company must have a minimum of 3 share holders. The main difference is that in a limited partnership only 1 partner has a limited liability and other partners are not protected. A limited company is a juristic person and therefore an independent legal entity. Each share holder is liable only to his own part of the company, so basically as soon as you fully paid for your shares nothing else will come out of your pocket in case of a claim against the company
  4. As by law the longest lease period is 30 years, any contract that stipulate a longer term (ie 30+30+30) is illegal and can't be enforced by court. The court will actually throw out any such case. Moreover, if such contact is brought up to the court's attention, the court might even rule the first 30 years period void.
  5. There is no need for lawyers / agents, no appointment at the land department needed - just show up. You can buy a standard sell- buy contract at any book shop or just draw your own. As someone already mentioned, you can also just show up with the buyer at the land department (that's if no deposit given). Part of the process at the land department is signing their sell- buy contract anyway. If the buyer is non Thai you need the letter from the juristic person re foreign quota and the bank letter for international money transfer (of the buyer). A while ago a friend bought a unit direc
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