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  1. Between 15 and 18 a person can give consent without parental approval, but the person can "change" his/her mind and "remove" the consent after the fact making the other person guilty of having sex with a minor. Even if both parties are 15-18 and one changes his/her mind - the other is guilty for having sex with a minor. So for all practical matters, 18 is the "real" age of consent. AFAIK Thailand doesn't have a statutory rape law, but sex with a minor divided into sub-categories such as "with a minor between 15 and 18", "with a minor under 15" and "with a minor under 13", and of course the lower the age the bigger the penalty.
  2. I read the whole document including the amounts required for each type of VISA upon ENTRY to Thailand (10K for transit single person or 20K for a family, 20K for tourist single or 40K for a family and so on). But AGAIN - the OP does not hold a VISA and does not ENTER Thailand. He LIVES in Thailand, went on a holiday out of Thailand and now he will RE-enter on an EXTENSION of STAY. NOT A VISA, NOT ENTERING. And as some other posters mentioned - there were NEVER any reports on cases of denied RE-ENTRY nor questioning of people with permit to stay.
  3. Technically all you need is a ticket out of the country, not necessarily within 30 days. Before the e-tickets era you could fly in with an open ticket valid for a year - no problem. Most people don't understand the idea behind the return / onward ticket. It is simply to show the airline that you have the means to get out of the country in case you are refused entry. It is the airline's responsibility to make sure as if you don't have the means to get out and you are rejected - the airline has to pay a hefty fine to the authorities of your destination country. Having a return / onward ticket and sufficient amount of money does not guarantee you can enter the country (not only Thailand, any country in the world). It is always up to the discretion of the IO at the entry point. So in your case - the OP, if the check in staff question your return after 35 days you can simply say that your travel plans are to visit Cambodia or Laos or whatever.
  4. I used to years ago when the THB was more volatile and I preferred to use cash I bought here and knew exactly how much it cost me. Now I just travel with CC's and ATM. In the document you linked to it explicitly says VISA (transit / tourist / on arrival / non-imm). The OP is not entering on a VISA. He is RE-entering on an extension of stay, so the 20K does NOT apply to him, and unless he's on a wanted list for something, he won't be stopped / questioned by IO's. That said - if it makes you feel better / safer to travel with 20K cash when returning to Thailand - there is no law against it
  5. the requirements for farangs opening a company are the same as for Thais with the exception of farang can only own up to 49% of the company (don't know the rules for Americans under the Amity treaty). the number of employees and salary has nothing to do with the business registration, only with work permit for the farang
  6. I looked it up on Google / snakes of Thailand and not sure of it was a krait our Laotian wolf... btw - the belly was plain grey, if that helps recognizing it
  7. This one visited me a couple of weeks ago. The cats only wanted to take it around the house and play with it so I banged it's head with a broom stick and through it out the window...
  8. been paying at homepro in BKK and CNX many years. In the past they'd tell me you can't get the shop's points when using amex, but haven't said that in the last year or so. as for lotus, yes, they stopped accepting it a year or 2 ago. Last week I gave it a try and they took it
  9. paid with Thai AMEX yesterday. It's mostly the small businesses that don't accept amex due to their high fee
  10. basically you can transfer ownership only at the province where the car is registered. If you want to do it out of that province, you first have to go through the process of changing the number plates to the new province and only then transfer ownership (must be done by the current owner). So in the case of the op, you should take your wife to BKK with you, or take all relevant documents of her + a power of attorney so you can transfer ownership to her in BKK. Later on if you want you can change the vehicle registration and plates to your own province
  11. the op lives in Thailand, not visiting Thailand. He's here on an extension of stay, not on a visa. He's reentering Thailand, not entering Thailand. So no, there is no need to show funds, no need to show a return ticket, no need to show hotel booking or tell immigration what his plans for this visit, because it ain't no visit, it's a return home.
  12. none of the rules & regulations - old or new - have damaged or otherwise had negative effect on real genuine tourists. All those who are questioned and/or denied entry are long term "tourists" - people who actually LIVE in Thailand and not using the correct visa (yes, I know, some people don't fit into any existing category. Guess what - there probably no category for them because Thailand doesn't want them to LIVE here, and Thailand has the right to choose).
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