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  1. Well, i finally got divorced from my cheating wife a week or so ago,we have been seperated for 5 months. I have been seeing a stunning girl who knows her they are freinds but not close,we have been on a few holidays and get on great,she is insatiable in bed,problem is she has an English boyfriend who comes over 2 /3 times a year,she has told him [she say] she is now with me,but wants to say goodbye to him,and return his credit card,that he pays her with each month .Initially i said no way,but reluctantly agreed she could spend a week and say goodbye it now transpires he is coming for 3 months,she has a ticket to Phuket but no return,i would like the views of the members,i really like the girl she lives out in the country but is an experienced bar girl,we get on really well,and were due to go with my mate and his wife to Cambodia for 4 days,i have pulled the plug and told her i will not share her,i mean she has known this guy for 5 years ,who knows when she see's him what will happen i think she does have genuine feelings for me,but as a form of self protection from more heartbreak and possible fiscal loss i have told her see what happens and call me if you want to see me when you get back. Have i over reacted,should i be more laid back,i would like a long term relationship,i don't think she has any other falangs,and she has been honest with me from the start about this,i am just getting to the stage now wether it is really even worth thinking about having a relationship at all with a Thai woman for me it always seems to end badly,and my poor wallet has taken a hell of a thrasing.
  2. Surely they can fly in a shakesperian sense,i heard they had wings too.
  3. Not A pro,just a thug,if a pro,you know were to put 3 stabs get on you bike and go,guy is dead,over in 10 secs.
  4. This is shocking,climate crisis ,i do hope the canaries have flown away from the inferno.
  5. Now this is were the govt could make a huge change,give out 2 calico bags to people,and tell the big retailers to move to strong paper bags or offer a calico,cloth bag for 5 baht,resubale,i think a lot of Thai people would go for it,as enviromental awareness has risen in the 7 years i have been here
  6. Good to see a post from you mate,i did the other day,picked up a heap of bags ,was all i could afford after my recent divorce settlement.
  7. Yes My cousins and Brother got the contracts cos they are experts,and came in with the lowest bid.I got no commision at all.
  8. What exactly is a soft loan? does it mean you go get your money,lie around in a hammock drinking lao khao most of the day,and possibly spray a few weeds in the morning?
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