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  1. Why did the reporter include the same details twice within such a short article, just to make it longer? The "Jaws of Death" were invented about 1961 and in 1972 a hydraulic spreader was developed along with a cutter and a ram. This combination of four devices became known as "The jaws of Life". When used correctly, the time to remove a roof from a car is down to about two minutes because our fire fighters practice using them in a multipicity of varied situations. So why did it take the Thai team 30 minutes? 'nuf sed.
  2. If I have to pay extra to compete it is not worth flying from Canada to do so especially as the prize money would not cover the expenses required. However, if I did compete and won, as I paid a higher entry fee than Thais, is there a corresponding higher amount in the prize money? 'nuf sed.
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