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  1. A while back, I posted complete instructions on how to obtain a Non-immigrant O-A visa from the Thai Embassy in Ottawa. They do not require proof of a bank account in Thailand but accept a letter from the bank stating you have CADxxx in your Canadian Bank account. If you call (613) 722-4444 the staff there will tell you the requirements and also e-mail PDF documents or mail a complete set of documents to your home. Rather a labourious procedure especially, as some of the documents must be notarised. Required documents include medical cert, police clearance, bank statement, 3 copies of information, further information form (contains much the same material), and copy return plane ticket. Forgot, you will have to include a CAD200.00 money order or bank draft, Buy two registered envelopes from your local friendly post office and address both correctly (one to you and one from the embassy to you). Include all documents and the return envelope. Normal processing takes no more than a week which does not include mailing time. You get a 1 year ME visa which can be extended for another year by leaving and re-entering the country just before the old visa expires. Alternatively, use a courier service which is faster but may be more expensive. There is a 90-day visa that is available but it is not ME. 'nuf sed.
  2. The word is incorrect. It should be DRIVEL and is a noun that can mean either Silly Talk - silly and irrelevant or inaccurate talk, or Drooled Saliva - saliva dribbling from the mouth. In this case, take your choice, or combine them to form a total description of what is being written about. 'nuf sed.
  3. Just posted this part of an article which was picked up from MSN and thought some of you might find it of interest as it could influence plans and income in the future. Canada set to begin collecting data on travellers leaving country Nicholas Keung - Immigration Reporter Ottawa will soon start collecting data on every person leaving Canada by land and air in a bid to identify and track anyone from potential terrorists to snowbirds who lie about their residency to claim government benefits. The new measures, expected to take effect later this year, aim to strengthen border security, enforce residency requirements for permanent residents and pinpoint those who fail to leave the country as required. It is not known how many visitors who’ve overstayed their welcome, failed asylum seekers and criminals the new “exit” system will catch, but both Employment and Social Development Canada and the Canada Revenue Agency, which will have access to the data, are expected to nab many Canadians who are outside of the country and ineligible to receive further benefit payments. The estimated savings for the government in employment insurance and old age security over 10 years could add up to $206 million, plus another $151 million in family and child tax credits and other benefits, according to an analysis of the proposed changes to the Customs Act published Saturday. 'nuf sed
  4. Hands up anyone who started to read at birth or within the first couple of years. Born in 1941, I had to start school at 3 years old as my family, except my father, were moved, not evacuated, from London to Yorkshire and my mother was a nurse and had to work. Held me in good stead but cannot see Thai children being interested in reading but only playing computer and telephone games. 'nuf sed.
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