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  1. That's the point The emergency is to get rid of the government so better extend it until they do. The virus never been a big problem not because of their actions. I think phuket had the virus already in February probably before. But no major outbreak. But from af boxing stadium Medium outbreak. That's is experience it means open bars does not have the same risk as a indoor boxing night. There are already a lot we learned. Chinese love shopping malls and no major outbreak. Chinese love group travel and still no major outbreak. And only a fool believe all this Chinese where all corona free. So if they used common sense there have never been an emergency. Same as nobody declare emergency without telling why. So either they like this opportunity or they are even less fortunate with the top floor, it seems like they create a nice ecco. Personally I believe it is both. But only emergency is to get them transferred to a place where they can't get out ever. And that would be the fair part
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