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  1. This place you mention, addzest car colour, I found them on Facebook. Have you used them or know someone who has? They look ok from the pics, but my issue is whether the finish will last longer than 2 years and if they have some kind of warranty.
  2. I have a lot of Thai friend and contacts here in Samui but honestly speaking the standard of work appears to be poor. They won’t give a warranty. Next option is Surat Thani or Phuket or Krabi. Last option is Bangkok as the drive is so long. So prefer something closer. However more than anything I am looking for recommendations with first hand experience and also a workshop that will stand by their work with a proper warranty.
  3. I took it to a shop that apparently specialises in this, they did try to cut it back, but they said the tiny bubbles came from very deep in the paint making it impossible.
  4. I have a mk 6 golf gti and unfortunately a staff member at work put a car cover on it while it was raining. Something happened in combination with the cover, the rain and the paint, and now the paint has minor imperfections all over it and needs a respray. I tried to cut and polish it out but it won’t work. The work I have seen locally here in Koh Samui is absolutely terrible. Most spray out in the open (not even with a closed booth). I had an insurance job done on a Ford Fiesta from a so called reputable shop, and after about 18 months the paint was already peeling off. There was no care at all, no proper preparation done on the new panel. I took it back and they obviously didn’t care. Just said it has a one year warranty and that time has already passed. So needs respraying again which would be chargeable. They would have done the same shoddy work and I’d be back again every 18 months for life. I am more than happy to spend 50k baht on a decent respray and will travel to Surat Thani, Krabi even Phuket! But I would like to know that the job will be done properly with proper attention to preparation etc. And without the usual ‘Mai bpen rai’ laziness and shortcuts. Can anyone recommend a shop that takes pride in their work and can offer some kind of warranty?
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