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  1. Move to Malaysia, Muslims get Preferential Treatment, huge discounts on loans and many other things. Nothing for the Indians and Chinese or anyone else.
  2. Some people have furnitures... I am quite surprised at how many foreigners are living in houses, in Thailand, without Window Bars. And more surprised at how many justify this behaviour with house fires. At the end of the day living here in Thailand, you have more chance of your house flooding than being burnt to the ground due to a house fire. In Thailand we don’t have floor carpet, the walls are brick/concrete and yes there is the sofa and other items that can burn, generally not big fires as we know as there is very little to burn. Why don’t all you “anti-window bar” people invest a few hundred baht and buy some smoke sensors as I have done? Yes they get annoying at times when the battery runs low but they can save your life. Please, do not use house fires as an excuse not to have window bars.
  3. 31 years,with no bars, no problem, they can come in take what they want,no problem, if there's a fire and i could not get because i have bars installed,that would be a problem ,as i would be dead,I value my life and my families much more than any property i have,which can be replaced, but you cannot buy a new life. So what is so valuable that you have to have bars on the windows to protect? i suspect a couple of good kicks on your front or back door they would be in anyway. regards worgeordie Ok point taken, I admire your positive thinking and how long you have lived here without bars, maybe you're one of the bad guys and the other baddies steer clear of you. LOL I wish no harm on anyone and I hope you can live free of bars for the next 31 years. I feel more comfortable having window bars.
  4. OK good luck with plan A regards worgeordie Good luck with your plan, living without window bars in Thailand. Even the Thais with guns in their houses have window bars.
  5. Have you ever seen a sofa burn, maybe the flames might not kill you but the toxic smoke will,you must live in a very bare house,no furniture ? regards Worgeordie If the sofa burns and the toxic fumes kill you, you're not leaving the house through the Bar Less windows. If a fire starts from a sofa and i wake I'm going to run straight past it and out the front door.
  6. yeh, got to be careful roof space, lucky I don't have bars up there. BTW, the termites have eaten all the wood and anything else that isn't concrete.
  7. whats there to burn, its all concrete and brick.... a TV, some curtains, my clothes. they are differently constructed to what we have back home.
  8. I do for one - apart from them looking terrible they are also very dangerous should one have a fire. Luckily the Mood Baan we live is safe unlike many others in and around Udon Point taken regarding fires and cosmetics. Fires aren't as common here as much of the house is concrete and brick - not a lot to burn.
  9. Oh! Another expert on the subject.. I may not be an expert, but I do have common sense. I suppose you would have travelled being in his situation....that tells me a lot.
  10. That's not what I read, you making things up? - Source
  11. He checked with authorities three, I repeat, three times before he travelled, and the authorities assured him it was okay. On another note, you must be fun at parties. who were the authorities, what credentials - out of a corn flakes box. He had no residency, would you have travelled?
  12. who were the authorities, what credentials - out of a corn flakes box. He had no residency, would you have travelled?
  13. Who lives in a house in Thailand without window bar. I live in a secure housing estate, I have window bars.
  14. He should have known better than to travel in his situation. Lessons Learnt. Forget his compensation, what about all the others that put money, time and effort into this project because of his stupidity.
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