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  1. Many thanks for your detailed response. A number of the points you raised, we have already taken into consideration, such as roof hangings, color to minimize absorption of heat. We will also be planting some tall plants/trees to provide shading and block the sun from the east. Unfortunately, the rear of our house will face WNW so it will catch a lot of sun in the afternoon. However, because no-one is behind us, we can go with a white roof and will try to find someone who can supply Bluescope with insulation. I will also start looking into windows, preferably that have tinted glazing. Still not sure about going with double glazing or not. But if I try to do everything possible to control the temperature in the house, it is going to go way over budget. Finally, there will be not outside kitchen.
  2. Hi Jim, Are all your outside walls twin block with a cavity in between? I assume you used aerated concrete blocks. I hadn't really given it much thought, except that I would also use AAC blocks. Perhaps a single block wall would be sufficient in my case if I use the thicker blocks which are 20cm thick. As to those extractor fans you have built in, where do you locate the vents on the other side of your house? Near the floor? I just can't picture the vents. BTW, it looks like we will go with the single plane roof too, using insulated metal roof panels similar to yours.
  3. I don't know about now, but when I applied that officer could award up to 5 points based on his interview with you. Personality/character points. He told me he would give me 5.
  4. The reason I do not have the choice of the lump sum is because of the length of time I have been paying in. I have been paying in since the scheme for pension started. Once you hit a certain number of years, the lump sum is no longer an option apparently. This is not a big issue for me, but I would like to retain the medical coverage as it is slightly better than the 30 Baht scheme.
  5. I think he means people will congratulate you and buy you a drink. Weird. And his gone native comment????
  6. 1) SB just told me that I had enough points. They did not give me any document confirming this. 2) My witnesses did not attend any interview. 3) I'll leave this to David.
  7. Me neither. I would have butchered the anthems and been banned from entering Thailand for life. I am absolutely tone deaf and cannot sing to save my life. Luckily, I had just enough points to squeeze through without singing.
  8. I will be having a bungalow built up country in a couple of years and have started looking at different designs. One type of design that I am quite interested in is the so called "Modern Style" bungalow as per the images. However, I have great concerns about the type of roof and whether it would result in the house becoming an oven in the day time. I currently live in an uninsulated house in BKK and you just cannot stay upstairs in the day time. I am worried that the bungalow with that low roof would result in the house being like my current upstairs. The air space is quite limited, which I assume is not good (but could be wrong). If I bought top of the line roof panels, something like Bluescope Zacs, insulated the ceiling with fiberglass insulation such as SCG Stay Cool rolls, and made sure the soffits had airholes in them, do you think that would be enough for the house to be reasonably comfortable without having the aircon on all day?
  9. Nothing has really changed. In March my wife and I bought some land up country and my ID card was not enough. I also had to produce my naturalization certificate. When I showed my ID card, the officer could not accept that I was Thai and could own land, so I produced the said certificate and, still unsure, she went to consult with her boss. Who looked at me, smiled and told her everything was okay. Still took all day though. The office was packed.
  10. It should no longer take 4 years. The process is considerably shorter than it used to be. You should be okay.
  11. I have been informed that I do not get the option of a lump sum. I will have to get it back as a pension. Not sure I will still be able to pay in for the health coverage though. Probably have to make do with the 30 Baht scheme, although SSO is preferable.
  12. Used to go out with a woman called Ama Indalin. Had to split up. She was killing my self esteem.
  13. I am now a Thai citizen so I can. I had read up about usufruct because I was not sure that my citizenship application would be successful. I will sell up and move upcountry when I retire. Already bought a small piece of land. Actually, if I am honest, I bought the first house in my son's name as agreed with my then wife as he would have inherited it anyway, and I had not at that time got citizenship. After she died I moved out (not straight away) and moved into a rental condo with my new girlfriend, who is now my wife. We did not like condo living so I bought a house. At that time I had already gained citizenship so could buy it in my name.
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