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  1. Here's a good New York Times article on Thai road safety which was published earlier this month: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/08/19/world/asia/thailand-inequality-road-fatalities.html
  2. I'd say at least half the comments shared in threads on Thai visa are ill informed. I suppose that is a reason I only see you on threads such as this one - you only share on something of which you have in depth knowledge. A bit boring but understandable. As to condescension, perhaps from your exalted position you do not realize how disdainful of others' input your comments appear to be. Let me see if I can find an example. Oh, yes, the quote above. Finally, please do keep commenting and giving insight on this subject, as perhaps one day, we "ignorant" folk will start to learn from you what truly needs to be done. In the meantime I bow down before your unparalleled knowledge of all things road-safety related. PS still waiting for a pointer to some of your more detailed posts as I am interested in reading about solutions to the problem.
  3. Apparently it is a thirty minute procedure and you walk out from the clinic/hospital immediately after treatment so you would not be laid up, so to speak. I am very interested in this treatment as it seems so less severe than surgery but with good results and with much lower risk of ED (if that is important to you). My father has had a terrible time on BPH medicines as he seems to suffer from most of the side effects, so I am very reluctant to follow in his footsteps. Whatever my father suffered from seems to be coming my way. I already have started with lactose intolerance, BPH, and certain allergies he encountered as he hit his 50's and 60's. Luckily my BPH is not so severe yet and supplements seem to be working to a degree, but when things get worse, as they inevitably will, I will go for Rezum unless a newer and better treatment is provided by that time. Wishing you all the best and hope you get sorted out.
  4. Wouldn't it be worth your while to wait until you get to the UK to have Rezum treatment, even if you have to pay for it?
  5. I know you have a deep understanding of the topic and are very knowledgeable about what needs to be done to greatly improve road traffic safety in Thailand, but is it necessary to be so condescending to other posters. Not everyone is as well informed as you about the subject at hand, but surely they still have a right to comment on the problem. If you think they are talking rubbish or are very misinformed, why not just skip over their posts and just share your knowledge and enter into dialogue with other posters who appear to have a better understanding of the problem. Or are we only allowed to comment on subject matter on which we have a deep understanding. If that were the case Thai Visa would close down in the blink of an eye. BTW, please can you point me to one of your more detailed posts in which you elaborate on what needs to be done as I really am interested in what you have to say.
  6. If for reasons beyond your control you lose your job and do not have a new job to which you can move immediately so there is little or no break between jobs, i.e you maintain a work permit, you may cease to qualify and all that waiting is meaningless. You are supposed to maintain a work permit through the whole process.
  7. That is not true for the visa although not all officers seem to know that. Talking from experience.
  8. So many expat Thais like where they are working and the western way of life, however, a very large number of those make plans to retire back to Thailand. It is as if Thailand is a massive magnet and they are unable to resist the pull back home.
  9. Tell a foreigner who works in the company who will then bring the matter to the attention of the old boss. At least that happens where I work. They would be loathe to raise the issue themselves due to "face". If no designated foreigner, then no one says anything and the problem remains unresolved.
  10. So your plans for the Pyrenees did not come to fruition. Glad to hear you found somewhere else to your liking.
  11. Must be very frustrating, but when the exchange rate improves I'm sure you'll let it all out. No holding back...... Anyway what does spending have to do with coming?
  12. Bought my first scooter 4 years ago when I was 53. Had no accidents and all my riding is done in Bangkok, both main roads and side streets. I haven't driven a car since I was 18 and will start taking driving lessons next month. Will buy a new car once I get my driving licence. What is your problem?
  13. If you've got long legs, the Honda SH-150i is much more comfortable than the PCX. About the same price too. Just not that common. They tried to push it in Thaland at one time but it was not a good seller because of the seat height. One of the most popular scooters in Italy though.
  14. I came to Thailand when I was 19 and have been here ever since. Near enough 38 years now. No falling out with my parents. Just wanted something different.
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