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  1. This thread has got me worried. I'll have to check what protection I have at home when I get back from work. I doubt there is an RCBO breaker in place, but you never know. The former owner might have done something, but highly unlikely.
  2. I am now a Thai citizen. I did not have Permanent Residency. The law changed in 2008 to allow for males to apply for citizenship based on marriage. Obviously, you need to meet the minimum requirements but it is possible without PR.
  3. Don't give up. If you can find alternative employment with a salary to match minimum requirements, revisit this in a few more years. I was sure I did not qualify and would have given up if it wasn't for one of the posters (aidenai) on this very thread. I am now a Thai citizen thanks to him.
  4. I think you will find that the majority of people on this thread who applied for citizenship did it themselves without the need for a lawyer. Most of the documents you will need have to be obtained yourself anyway- the lawyer can't do it for you. Also, there are not that many lawyers who know the process and most are as much in the dark as you are (regardless of their claims otherwise). That is, you end up paying a lot of money but benefit very little from it. If you are not strong in spoken Thai, you could get your wife to go along with you and then get the information in a face to face meeting with the SB officers.
  5. Placed an order on 3 February and received the order today, 12 February. Really quick this time. I am based in BKK.
  6. Someone failed at maths. It works out to 0.2 Baht a bag (20 satang a bag). Still seems high though.
  7. Thanom launched a coup against his own government. Two years later he was out on his arse. So there is precedent.
  8. I would suggest you also add the term New Mandala, otherwise you are going to get a load of hits about a jazz musician.
  9. There are numerous articles on the subject in both Thai and English. One of the more recent articles published on New Mandala goes into a lot of detail. Also, Khaosod English mentions the changes at the top. All these have Twitter feeds.
  10. As mentioned before, you need your own yellow house registration book too.
  11. Prayuth's clique (Eastern Tigers) no longer has the power. The power now rests with the Wong Thewan clique headed by Apirat Koongsompong. Prayuth could still stay on as PM if it serves their needs, but as a puppet. Diddums Prayuth.
  12. My thoughts entirely. Any party that supports the military's involvement in politics or running the country does not deserve any support whatsoever. If I could vote, which I can't this time round, I would vote for Future Forward for its policy of cutting the number of generals down by 2/3, reducing the size of the army and making it a professional force for the defense of the country, and stopping conscription.
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