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  1. Actually, kraits are not aggressive, especially during the daytime when they are quite docile. They are nocturnal hunters but even at night they are not particularly aggressive. What may happen is that people are bitten by accident when lifting up objects in the garden, etc. or mistaking them for wolf snakes or bridle snakes, which are harmless, and them picking them up. It would appear that the most common venomous snake bites are from vipers, be that russel's, green, or Malaysian pit vipers. About 20 years ago there was a case of a herpetologist who died within 30
  2. I will be moving to Isarn (Kalasin) once I retire, at which time I will have been in Bangkok at least 41 years. The total change in lifestyle has me concerned, but luckily as a kid I lived in the countryside so love nature, fishing and cycling. But Hua Hin? Hmmm that could definitely work as well and my wife and I had both considered it. However, my wife wants a child, which I am fine with, and we both think that it would be best to be near her family. May not happen as she hits 40 this year, so not so easy, but we will give it a go. I know it is very late in life for me to be star
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