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  1. If your name is not on it, then it's not your contract.... they should have refused it. You must have made such a fuss there for them to accept it !
  2. I don't think that he wants to go to his country for a driving license... I was also unable to do 90 days report for 2 years because I always left the country before 90 days, the solution was to rent something in Jomtien and report there. It works like a charm as they don't require anything else than your rental contract to issue the certificate.
  3. Had the same problem, rent something cheap in jomtien and apply there.
  4. Please tell what documents did you upload, are you a tenant ????
  5. I prefer to not bother with TM30 and 90 days report then, pay the fine if caught and that's it. I will exit the country before any extension is due.
  6. I've tried everything, filling and not filling the non required fields, I tried different nationalities, nothing works. They could at least tell us what is the problem in the error message.
  7. Did they ask for tm30 too for the 90 days report ??
  8. It's cheaper to pay the fine if you get caught than to go there, pay at least 500 thb of taxi and lose 8 hours. Not worth it for sure, unless it's an extension and you have no choice.
  9. Just passport copy, the website didn't ask for anything else. It said passport copy and "contract of sale" I supposed that was the rental contract.
  10. I need proof of address from immigration to sell a car ?? What if I don't live here but still have a car to sell.
  11. Hello, What are the documents needed to sell a car as a foreigner to a thai citizen ? Thanks.
  12. I submitted copy of passport and rental contract as advised by thaivisa members. I'm the tenant.
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