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  1. Not only the conservatives who have broken rules and not only the UK who are suffering with this disease both in deaths and the economy.
  2. They better get it sorted soon. I am in single digit months before I move to Thailand full time. I'm not staying here just to get the City matches
  3. My bad. He did play the 90 mins but still only scored 4 on Sky. I think not a memorable player springs to mind but can only judge on last nights game
  4. Well last night I can't say that he particularly stood out. Sub'd off at 71 minutes and scored one of the lowest player ratings of the night. On that performance alone, I hope you buy him
  5. I think Ederson needs spraying with WD40 or he'll go rusty and seize up
  6. It looked close but VAR checked and gave it. They didn't put the lines up like they do in the PL so pretty hard to argue with the decision
  7. Doesn't help when teams just set up to defend and don't press. 70 minutes now and they need to score so think it might open up a bit
  8. 1-0 up at the moment. Lovely pass by KdB to Torres to slot it in. The assist Deleted does it again However, 25 minutes in now and Zinchenko and Gundogan are simply passengers. Not good enough
  9. In the shin? I must have been watching a different match. The one I saw reviewed was a tap on the back of his foot As for the Ramos one. He tugged his shirt and so gave the ref a decision to make. Stupid doing that nowadays in the box
  10. You've been awarded that many I can't remember them all. I'm sure they were all 100% nailed on and not a soft one given at all. BTW. Do you think Chelsea should have got one last night when Maguire headlocked Azpi....... (i think it was)?
  11. No. You normally get awarded a penalty, which then gives you a boost. You didn't get one last night but got away with Chelsea not being awarded one.
  12. But whilst the City match was on, you said you were waiting till the big guns were playing. After that I got all pumped up hoping these big guns would show us how entertaining football should be played. Big guns = damp squids
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