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  1. Credit where credit is due. Well done to United. Apparently they have told Hearts, Bolton and Burton Albion they don't have to pay the loan fees for Joel Pereira, Ethan Hamilton and Keiran O'Hara. Very generous
  2. Yep. Watched that one. They looked like they'd never score if they played till midnight
  3. Welcome Ayemanomad. I have merged your topic into this one
  4. I might be wrong but I think these 2 positive test are in addition to the 6 positive tests from last week. The 6 from last week mustn't have been re-tested
  5. I was wondering why everyone was called Frankfurt last night. Thought is was a big family
  6. Gary Neville reckons it should be down to the Prem Clubs to do their bit. Again though, don't remember them doing anything for Bolton or Bury https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/11992603/gary-neville-premier-league-should-lead-rescue-of-efl-clubs
  7. Don't know what you guys think but I personally don't think it's down to the Government or taxpayers to save football clubs. Don't remember them doing anything for Bolton and Bury
  8. Damian Collins MP: "In the next few weeks we could see five to 10 EFL League clubs going into administration... without Government stepping in, those clubs could go to the wall." An urgent and substantial Government bailout is needed for clubs in the EFL Leagues One and Two, otherwise, up to 10 clubs could go into administration within weeks. That is the view of former Chair of the Commons Select Committee, Damian Collins MP, and the co-owner of League One Sunderland, Charlie Methven. In an interview with Sky Sports News, Collins said the parlous financial state of many League One and Two clubs even before the coronavirus crisis was worrying, but the impact of the pandemic was making the plight of clubs more acute. Full story: https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/11992440/coronavirus-efl-league-one-league-two-clubs-could-fold-without-government-bailout-mp
  9. Some of these designers are on drugs. Anyway. That's another one that got thrown in the bin after public opinion was sought
  10. I remember a question in a recent quiz of the top 3 all time PL appearances. The most ever was Gareth Barry, 2nd Ryan Giggs and 3rd Frank Lampard Ryan Giggs was obviously in the 90's but doesn't fit in with any of the clues
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