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  1. Condolences to Alisson Becker, who's father just died. Only 57. I know only too well, the feeling of being away from home when a parent dies and unable to get back.
  2. No Jelly. He was born but just hadn't made the pilgrimage from Scotland to England yet. His journey from the land of men in skirts to the land of opportunity, better beer, better football, better food and better looking women was soon to follow.
  3. A lot of us thought we'd made a mistake when he first came. We got him and paid 25mil for Danillo but he's turning out to be a really good buy and can play in several positions
  4. Job professionally done last night. Pretty much ran the game from the kick off. BMG will surely come at us more in the next leg. Concerned with the amount of chances we aren't putting away. That could hurt us later on. Nice to see Aguero back for 10 minutes, we need his finishing but don't know how far away he is from full match fitness.
  5. My mate who's a Leeds fan always goes on about Bamford
  6. As City found it, that isn't easy to get. Getting quality players available, who gel and most importantly, who Levy will stump up money for instead of last minute haggling. One player he may get but 3 is impossible
  7. Make it a furry, soft slipper. It will happen one day as it's the risk of the style we play. Same with Ederson. He will slip up but it's worth it
  8. 1)Yep 2) Mmm. I don't know. Stones and DIas running up gives the opposition a total headache as to how to defend 3) Foden is being saved for Borrussia MG
  9. This just seems to be a masterclass of game management. Lots of games to play and so only stay in the gear required to win the game. Score a goal, don't over do it and don't get injured seems to be the message.
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