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  1. At last the proper footy starts again. It feels like it was longer this time.
  2. Oh a group of us are definitely tempted. My mate was in a 2 hour online queue last night and eventually gave up. He'll try again today. If we can get the 100 quid seats we'll go but not paying more than that
  3. Was it you who I was discussing the Joshua fight in Riyadh with? Tickets have just gone on sale. Bladdy rip off, cheap seats (doubt there'll be many of those) 100 quid. Next cheapest 200 quid, then 400 quid, then 600 quid and up to 10 grand !!
  4. The United crisis has really given you a sense of humour failure
  5. Just heard a funny one. McTominay goal against Arsenal was voted goal of the month at United in September. Do you think that's because the only other goal United scored in the league that month was Rashford against Leicester. Which was a...................penalty
  6. I couldn't see Mourinho accepting how Spurs go about the transfer market but it would be priceless to see the back peddling of the Spurs fans who've slated him for years
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