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  1. Happy that it's over and done with but sure hope Pep doesn't start tinkering too much. He needs to keep the team he intends to play in the final, all match fit and playing together
  2. Bit harsh to blame the clubs Champs. I would imagine both City and Chelsea wouldn't mind playing in a neutral ground but it appears UEFA are the ones who are demanding this and that. Fury should be vented at their usual arrogance and total loss of reasonableness
  3. Well done Bolton. Unfortunately you won't get to play the mighty Rochdale as they have come in the opposite direction
  4. Let us know how you got on will you please? I'll be doing my first reporting at Jomtien soon
  5. Thanks for that mistral I'll go and have a hunt around and see what prices they come up with. It's one of those dilemma's where if you don't do it when you first buy it, you never do it. On the other hand, a brand new car should have enough protection already in the paint itself.......I would think!!
  6. After much deliberation I plumped for the Nissan Terra. For me it came down to a drivers side cup holder but the daughter was sold on the rear roof tv that she can connect to her phone
  7. Keeping the players match fit and keeping a winning mentality for me is best but Pep hopefully knows best
  8. Tell you what chaps. Wish you lot had prepared me for the balls ache of admin retiring here. I knew there was quite a lot but bladdy hell. The amount of times going to immigration just for a proof of address letter is unreal. Opened bank account. Need letter from immigration. Want to buy car. Need different letter from immigration. Went for driving licence. Have to have different letter from immigration. All exactly the same letter but with a different "to" . Then I've just had to complete a 2 day driving course for my licence. Thought I was retiring but I'm busier now than eve
  9. I caught bits and bobs of the game. From what I saw Spurs didn't look too bad but Leeds were hungry for it.
  10. Picking up a new car next week. Never had a brand new one before, so want to protect it as much as possible from the elements over here. Black paint. Has anyone had the ceramic coat done? If so, what is the cost please and is it worth it? Thanks all
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