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  1. I used to live in Aigburth which is lovely and near Allerton. Allerton is probably one of the most upmarket areas in Liverpool. Think but might be wrong that John Lennon and Paul McCartney lived in Allerton at one point. Quite near to Strawberry Fields
  2. Didn't realise last night but it was the VAR people who awarded both pens. I was wondering at the time why the ref never looked himself to make his own decision. Turns out the pitch side monitor was broken!!
  3. Funny how we have different opinion's but I thought the handball was a rubbish decision. He didn't intentionally move his hand to the ball, he was trying to move it away. The Fernandinho one I'd have to agree with. Now VAR is around it's stupid to tug on a shirt or handle someone in the box. But yeah, he was looking for it
  4. Think you posted that a bit too soon but I don't know if you noticed, I posted about the pitch just as we had gone 1-0 up. There were divots all over the place.
  5. I only watched the first half as I need my beauty sleep for tonights game but it was pretty much end to end stuff. Both teams going for it. Don't know if it slowed down in the 2nd half or not
  6. Probably Modric for me as the best but I just from City alone I'd rather have Silva and KdB than Pogba.
  7. No, no. Please no. We can’t afford to replace anymore buses!!!
  8. About time but you can only play what’s in front of you Bob.
  9. Nobody cares if you call him a genius or not. One of his fellow Managers in his profession said it and that carries a lot more credence
  10. Fog on the Tyne. nope that was Gazza
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