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  1. Well that was short lived. Went to pick up the daughter to be told the school is closed again. Apparently some parents had complained about a few schools opening in the Chonburi area and the gov got in touch to tell them to close again. I really don't know if this is a right hand, left hand confusion on the schools part or changing instructions on the local gov part. The school has delayed 3 weeks already adhering to gov instructions so I can't see the school re-opening without consent.
  2. That's like saying an answer to a question in a quiz is easy cos you know it. Before he came to City I had briefly heard about him, that's it. And at the time, not many others really knew of him.
  3. Plus. My new England shirt arrived this morning and it's too bladdy small. !!
  4. I have the school run in the morning, so if I watch it I'll get 3 hours sleep max. I am in deep ponder as to whether to bother or not
  5. That's the scouts job. Don't forget, Aguero wasn't an household name before coming to City. Additionally, we went almost a full season last year without Aguero. Makes you wonder whether our current style needs an out-and-out. Pep insists on a worker, someone who also helps in defensive duties i.e. getting the ball back. Not many strikers do that and Aguero had to change his style or he was gone.
  6. Yep, if true. He isn't worth anything near that and with the Euro's, his stock must be plummeting. However, both clubs currently deny there has been a bid. We, you and others are being linked to every player out there. Journo's trying to sell columns
  7. The football world should all get together and refuse to do business with anyone who uses him. He'd soon be out of business
  8. Sell him then. His attitude sucks anyway. Not to mention his agent
  9. Due to Denmark and Belgium both winning, even if we lose to Czech, England are now officially through to the last 16.
  10. News is that United are preparing to offer Pogba a new contract of 400k per week, which will make him the highest paid player in the PL !! I'm sure even the most red tinted United fan would agree this is crazy. Is he really the best in the PL? Don't answer that as I already know it's a NO.
  11. Good news. The school have just e-mailed and she can go in tomorrow.
  12. Are you just talking about everyday exterior paint, not a flooring specific paint? I would have thought foot traffic would wear it down quickly,
  13. I haven't walked on walls lately though
  14. That's what I was thinking, something with fungicide in but never thought of weather shield. Isn't that for walls?
  15. Blimey. You're not called Walter White are you
  16. Yeah. In addition to it looking shabby, it is slippery when wet. Might buy a power washer off lazada now and send it to the mrs. Job could be finished by the time I get there
  17. The wife is up there at the moment. I'll tell her to try a patch with just bleach
  18. Definitely buying a power washer but was wondering if there is a chemical that will stop the fungus or whatever it is returning and then a seal on top
  19. After some tips please gents. The concrete round our house up in Chaiyaphum is probably about 5 years old now. It's now getting quite black and big patches, I'm presuming some sort of moss or fungus and is starting to look quite shabby. I'm off up to the village next month and want to clean it and then hopefully seal it so the black patches don't return. Any of you guys have a recommendation for any type of cleaner and sealer? Probably going to buy a power washer to do it as well.
  20. Difficult to tell. We paid 18k up in Chaiyaphum only 4 months ago. The wife said someone in the village could do it but I wanted a proper job from a proper Termite company with warranty etc and not a "pop up cowboy". Paying 18k now can save you 100's of k later as these buggers destroy everything. I wasn't up in the village at the time but the wife was and she was well impressed with what they did and they followed up a few weeks ago.
  21. How much did you pay if you don't mind me asking? Looking to purchase one soon
  22. It's a pain this. My daughter should have gone back on the 1st for her last 4 weeks before finishing for summer hols. Then the teacher e-mailed the night before that they can't go back in. until the 14th June. Not only that but they won't carry on with on-line learning either and will add the 2 weeks onto the end of term, thus eating in to summer hols. Once again, at the last minute, the night before she should have gone in (14th) they sent an e-mail saying that they still can't go in but hopefully will go in today or next week. Daughter sent the teacher a text last night and he replied "still
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