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  1. City CEO Ferran Soriano discusses the UEFA ruling in a short interview "Well the most important thing I have to say is that the allegations are not true. They are simply not true" Soriano said Link to the interview:- https://www.mancity.com/citytv/mens/club-ceo-discusses-uefa-ruling-63717712
  2. Your'e leaking goals like a sieve. If you want to win things you can't afford to let goals in as often as every 379 minutes
  3. Blimey. You're a lost soul if you are a student of Ronnie's
  4. Dunno. We'll see what comes out. Plenty of cases that get found against someone, later get overturned due to new evidence. That's why they have an appeal process. The thing that gripes me about all this, is that I think it really should be put into perspective. Before the crooked gits at UEFA dreamed up FFP, sponsorship or money put into clubs by owners wouldn't have got an headline. How can all these massive clubs (yes like yours) carry huge deb't and be ok within FFP, when City have no deb't at all, turn a profit but fall foul of FFP. That's surely not what the intent of FFP was, is it?
  5. Not really. If you'd have meant Timbuktoo, you'd have said Timbuktoo. Draw a line under that one please
  6. Nope. I believe our owners who have said they have done nothing wrong. I think you'd believe United's owners if the boot was on the other foot. I'm ok to wait until the lawyers have finished
  7. You said "and the disbandment of Islamabad City". City are based in Manchester, England and have absolutely nothing to do with Pakistan or Islamabad. Therefore, you were either trying to be insulting based on race or religion. If I misunderstood your remark, I am happy to hear your explanation of your intent with the above comment
  8. Wow. Your vitriol with City is at an all time high. Didn't know our success had got under your skin so much. And please leave out the racist snipes
  9. Oh give over man. Your one man witch hunt won't travel. Let due process take place and then either eat your words or gloat till your hearts content
  10. Jamie Carragher is not worth listening to. Since when does he become the judge?
  11. Post and response discussing moderation removed. If the poster has an issue, I suggest you use the option below 10) Do not comment on moderation publicly in the open forum; this includes individual actions, and specific or general policies and issues. This also includes posting an emoticon in response to a public notice made by a moderator. You may send a PM to a moderator to discuss individual actions or email support (at) thaivisa.com to discuss moderation policy.
  12. Your'e purposely evading the point I was making. Why not just say that you were lucky Roman did what he did before FFP cos he wouldn't be able to do that now. I wasn't and I'm still not one of those who slagged off Chelsea for "buying" the league. I believe owners should be able to invest what they want. But I won't sit here and take grief from Deej trying to take the moral high ground
  13. I think you'll find we have always said we would love to win it but we think the Premier League is more important. You can also not deny the money you get for being in the CL makes it very worthwhile
  14. If someone was to pay that, it would indeed be great business. Time will only tell but as the article above says, “it's a lot of money for an investment that’s not to make any profit.”
  15. Yeah, how's that going? He's still pumping money in now:- https://www.forbes.com/sites/daviddawkins/2020/01/07/billionaire-roman-abramovich-still-pumping-money-into-chelsea-despite-losing-love-for-london/#3ed3b9481065 An snippet from the above but the whole article is worth a read
  16. Yeah. Roman bought you a few months after didn't he? I didn't write the piece and that may be factually incorrect but the main message is there for the remainder
  17. Oh come on, that's rubbish and you know it. Chelsea had all their investment done and dusted before FFP came in and so you had no FFP to abide by. City where doing exactly the same as what Roman did but unfortunately for us, FFP was coming in. You did it before FFP was around and you know full well that Roman couldn't have done what he did had FFP been in. The same as no club can ever do the same again should a rich investor come in.
  18. That's exactly why what Deej said is hypocritical. Chelsea basically hide the 1.17billion of debt through Fordstam. As you know, Fordstam are Chelsea's parent company and they owe Roman 1.17billion, even though he owns Fordstam. He hasn't gifted the money, it's an interest free loan. I personally don't have a problem with it but don't try and pretend it's not there. And your'e house analogy is way off what is really happening but I think you know that
  19. Saw this on a social media site, so don't think there is a fair usage policy
  20. Abramovich was flaunting his money before FFP and they now owe him 1.2billion. We are debt free. I know who I would sooner be owned by. One question. Could Abramovich do now what he did at Chelsea then?
  21. Hypocrite. Don't think I'll be taking any moral high ground from Chelsea thanks. It's owners like yours that saw the need to create this crooked FFP in the first place
  22. Which year? Or just to make sure, do you propose points deduction every year?
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