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  1. Let's just say it might be nicer and indeed fairer to have less partisan involvement on a case as important as this. But I'm sure many nationalists would like to see only Mr Murrell chairing the enquiry.
  2. So the convenor of the enquiry Fabiani is an SNP mp and a friend of NS, she came to the rescue of Sturgeon when she was againgst the ropes being pressed by Baillie. Has NS always had these memory lapses, "I cannot recall, not to my recollection, I don't know" There was so much evidence missing, it stinks to high heaven. twitter_20210304_084956.mp4
  3. I don't recall you mentioning country in the post I showed you, you said "being bled for centuries by a parasitic neighbour." Again we are all responsible for our words. It has got to the stage now that most of your post are very caustic, it would be nice if you showed some decorum on this forum.
  4. I don't twist words, that is your strength in all of the debates. I can remember exactly what you said, but you would only twist it as you do with all your replies, so as the world champion darts player Jocky Wilson once said 'what's the point'.
  5. When you yourself refer to your neighbours as "parasitic" you sorta lose the moral high ground RR. He knows exactly what he is calling us just the same as you do.
  6. My post explains everything, but most nationalists always refer to England when they mean the UK, this is not a slip up, it is a childish way of flaming and just endorses their dislike of their "parasitic neighbour" Now it might be nice to actually discuss the point of this particular post, which is your FM resigning, what are your thoughts on this RR, should she go or should she stay, and are you happy with the way she has ran the country for the last 7 years and is the Scottish judicial system in need of a serious make-over.
  7. Why do the English get singled out all the time, the UK does not just consist of England, but being your "parasitic" neighbour I guess it does make us an easy target. Constantly referring to the "English" and not the UK does by anyones standards have a touch of anglophobia about it in anyones book, but obviously not to a nationalist, would that be a fair comment RR.
  8. It hasn't taken long for anglophobia to raise its ugly head has it. We are talking about a leader of the SNP who tried to get an innocent man imprisoned here.
  9. This is the big one, it makes Watergate pale into insignificance. What were they thinking. twitter_20210303_061512.mp4
  10. Yes but in the interest of balance I know some of you nationalists are religiously in awe of Mickey Mouse polls that show the light striking your side of the street, however when the polls start to retreat faster than Friedrich Paulus 6th army from Stalingrad, it's a case of "All quiet on the Western Front" But you keep believing that a SNP under the leadership of N Sturgeon is good for Scotland if you must, but I am not interested in a leader that is destroying part of the UK. We have been telling you for ages that it will all end in tears, you wouldn't listen. So it's goodn
  11. I am certainly not getting "cock a'hoop" over any poll, but should you have access to it I might give it one eyes worth.
  12. I did warn you when you were putting those dodgy polls up and you were cartwheeling around your kitchen that you would regret it, you wouldn't listen, you never do.
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