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  1. Tories still have a healthy 10% lead over Labour, the row over "Cummings seems to have plateaued" people now they know the truth have seen it as a MSM stitch up. https://yougov.co.uk/topics/politics/articles-reports/2020/06/01/voting-intention-con-45-lab-35-29-30-may
  2. Boris....the best recruiting sergeant Scottish Independance ever had. The problem I have with that is the Scots don't want independence, and I use that term losely, being joined to another 27 countries is hardly independent. The Scots were asked and they were very happy to remain within the UK, it is only the SNP that want to take the Scots away from our union and I'm afraid Boris said 'NO'
  3. It could be suggested that the people that need to "man up" are the losers of the democratic referendum result. Most people have accepted the result, there is just a small pocket of resistance that needs to be educated on how voting works. The "consequences of the actions" of the democratic result will be most likely a Canada or Australian type deal, but one thing for sure it will be on the 31st of Dec 2020, no more extensions for the remainers hoping to throw a spanner in the works.
  4. Oh come on Dunroamin, you seem very intelligent, I sure if you really wanted to learn thai you could, many people say can't when they really mean 'don't want'
  5. I can only take Thais as I find them, most have been amicable, of course there are always going to be occasions where you get one that doesn't like foreigners, I sure that happens in most countries, but it worries me not, I treat people as I wish to be treated. Maybe I have been lucky and maybe you less so.
  6. I have never found that, most Thais I converse with are very polite and understanding. Maybe they truly didn't understand you, I cannot comment because I don't know, I wouldn't have thought that they would deliberately misunderstand though, what would be their purpose for such an act?
  7. Maybe you don't have the flair or judging by your last 3 posts are even possitive enough to learn thai.
  8. If you live in a country surely it is only respectfull to learn some of that language, the Thais will love you for it. I have more respect for someone in my country speaking english than someone expecting me to know their language, it is total arrogance to think that everyone should speak your language. A little time and effort learning some thai costs nothing and the Thais might even like you instead of thinking you are an arrogant foreigner.
  9. I had sciatica for months in the UK, was taking pills like sweets, any I could find in the cupboards. It is a pain I would not like again, worse than a broken bone. However two visits to a chiropractor and it was gone.
  10. Oh we're back on the Guardian now, Daily Mail didn't arrive this morning then. You cannot hang a man because he "might have" committed a murder, only the MSM and a certain section of the left think they can.
  11. There was nothing more to be said on this subject after the police decided that Dominic Cummings did not break lockdown rules and no further action was needed. So you need to dig a bit deeper into the cesspit that journalism has become.
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