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  1. Better not being in the tent in the first place if your being <deleted> on.
  2. Whilst Corbyn, McDonnell and Abbott are, is this what you are telling us, it would seem it is the Labour voters that are deficient in the old grey matter department.
  3. Non, I think Macron is saying 'mon amies, after the 31st of October you will all be paying more tax, and that will give the gilet jaunes something to riot about, and Boris is thinking 'I never thought he'd tell them.
  4. Jeremy Corbyn didn't have much faith in the EU workers rights. twitter_20190808_114930.mp4
  5. Spidey was another poster who like you comes out with outlandish statements, which are nothing more than guesses or even something plucked out of the head, so that is where Spideys cristal ball comes from, maybe his ball needed more new batteries. Why people make such profound statements like you saying 65% would vote remain etc etc, you don't know, it just serves no purpose other than to draw other posters into your finely spun web. Can you possibly post with facts instead of making this gobblygook nonsense up, it helps no-one, much appreciated.
  6. I see you and Cleopatra2 are tag teaming me. You rely on Spideys cristal ball too much, it is not wise coming out with such profound statements when you don't have a clue. Have you got a link to your prediction of 65% to 35% or are you just trolling.
  7. It may be not all about me, but it is more about me than about you, numbers count in a referendum, but not to remainers obviously. You do do realise that you can't have 52% leave and 48% remain don't you?
  8. Brexit is not all about you, there are a majority of 17.4 million voters to take into consideration.
  9. This has been done to death. Who is saying it wasn't advisory in law. Parliament asked the people who was eligible to vote for advice. The people who were eligible to vote, voted by a large majority to leave the EU. On Parliament receiving and listening to the people who were eligible to vote, decided to act on their advice and take our country out of the EU. MPs that decided to leave the EU on the advice of the people that were eligible to vote won by a majority of 384. So just to finalise, you don't have a leg to stand on.
  10. Does "Parliament will implement what you decide" jog your memory?
  11. vogie


    My TV Mucho app has been running faultlessly on my set top box but now it won't open, I have uninstalled and downloaded it again but still the same. But it is working fine on my tablet. Anybody got any ideas as to why?
  12. Christ, are you Koko now the lord high executioner from the Mikado. He's got you on his list He's got you on his list I don't think you'll be missed I'm sure you'll not be missed
  13. Whats the point of setting off with a plan when through an indecisive Labour Party it changes depending on the weather. Labour had a plan to leave the EU didn't they. Who's fault is that? twitter_20190821_083649.mp4
  14. The arrogance is all remainers and always has been, but they are just too arrogant to admit it. twitter_20190610_084047.mp4
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