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  1. Anyone with a basic understanding of numeracy knows that the significant majority of the UK electorate rejected the Tory party and rejected Johnson. So while they did, indeed, get a ridiculous number of MPs, that does not confer popular support - the true he majority are against them. Does that statement also ring true for the SNP, two thirds of the Scots did not vote for N Sturgeon, is that different in any way?
  2. By anybodies standards 15 years to vote is better than none, I know it's not perfect, in my opinion we should never lose the right to vote, after all we don't lose the right to pay our taxes do we.
  3. All Scots should have a say on the future of their country, do you agree?
  4. More and more English and European voters have moved to the indy side you say. Tell you what might be a fair and democratic way of doing things, why not let the Scots, no matter where they live, whether it be Berwick or Bierut to vote on the future of their country, could it be that Mrs Sturgeon doesn't expect them to vote her way?
  5. I have a written post from a fellow Scots partitionist which I have shown you, I can show you it again if you've had a memory lapse, there are scores of the Scot Nationalists burning our union flag, banners with 'England out of Scotland' I would be very carefull when you throw your xenophobic accusations about, England does not have a Nationalist party in parliament like the SNP now does it. Ignore the evidence as much as you want RR, but at your own peril.
  6. The only people that wish to move in a different direction are the SNP, the Scots have proven that they are happy to remain within our union.
  7. Alex Salmond lied to the Scots before your one and only referendum, and when the Scots hear the real implications of partitioning it will be a case of 'nay way Jimmy'. The SNP and its followers have a tendency to be very economical with the truth and what is my baseless lie you would like me to prove to you that hasn't already been proven.
  8. vogie

    Air fryer

    Are you sure, it would seem that Shanghai High, presumely the makers of Shanben have been taken to court by Royal Philips for infringements rights. Not being a lawyer I'm not sure what to make of this, what is your take on this peter? Shanghai High denies Royal Philips's infringement claims in air fryer patent dispute http://www.iprchn.com/cipnews/news_content.aspx?newsId=120114
  9. vogie

    Air fryer

    We bought a Philips from Homepro for 4,495 baht, the same model from Lazada can be bought for 3,790 baht. Had it about a month now, cooks meals like sausages, bacon and chips etc fast, easy to clean. There are just the two of us, I suspect it would be difficult cooking for a family of four in one go in one.
  10. And now they're gonna believe us, x3 We're going to win the league.
  11. President Macron has finally buckled and admitted that France will not be fishing in the UK waters in January and will get what the UK offers him. "PARIS/BRUSSELS (Reuters) - France is preparing its fishing industry for a smaller catch after Brexit, industry members said, in a sign that President Emmanuel Macron is laying the ground for a delicate compromise to help the European Union strike a trade deal with Britain." https://mobile.reuters.com/article/amp/idUSKBN2781P3
  12. Yes on my iggy list too, bragging about how many likes he has been given by the usual suspects, you couldn't make it up, anybody that insults the UK will get a like from these people. Still birds of a feather.
  13. "Sometimes little children need to learn not to play with fire as they might get burned." Do you think commenting on a topic without a patronizing remark might be better than disrespecting another country. But in your defence your insults are hardly limited to you alone, why do the Euros feel the need to have a 'dig' on everyone of their posts, after all it hardly helps the entente cordiale now does it. Try to be a better man rob, you know it makes sense.
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