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  1. A big plus for the Brits must be the unfreezing of our pensions in the Philippines, I started to receive my pension here in Thailand in 2015 and I am already losing about £40 a month.
  2. And the moral of the story is:- if you don't want the opinion of the electorate, don't ask them, especially when accompanied with the rhetoric "when the British people speak, their voice will be respected, not ignored. This is a once in a generation referendum, if we vote to leave, we will leave!" Cameron forgot to mention 'unless undemocratic remainers try to put a spanner in the works and are only worried about the lack of lettuce after March.
  3. Leaving the EU according to grouse, is staying in. As JRM said last night on Question Time "we voted to leave the EU, we didn't vote for a deal" Its like Jeremy Corbyns wonder deal, lets call it a Norway - - -, I just wonder whose idea that was, certainly not Corbyns. Lets give the electorate what they voted for, It will be once in a lifetime. It will mean leaving the single market and the customs union. "When the British people speak, their voice will be respected, not ignored" How shallow does that sentence sound now?
  4. "We voted to leave, we didn't vote for a deal" Hasn't Fiona Bruce done a really good job in taking over from David Dimbleby, 3 or 4 shows in and she is putting her mark on the show already. tweet_20190215_203156.mp4
  5. So you're saying that the EU does not want deal, of course they want a deal, Europe is collapsing around them, going into recession and they don't want a deal. Keep flying their flag grouse, you may need it to wipe the egg off your face.
  6. Whilst some snowflakes seem quite content to stand on the pavement and throw pointless remarks into the middle of the road.
  7. "It was never their job to ‘help’ the UK out of the mess the UK got itself into" Have you ever thought for one minute by not helping the UK, the EU are not helping themselves, is it a case of the EU cutting their nose off to spite their face. Make no mistake the EU desperately wants a deal, it is getting to the stage of who blinks first, if Mrs May had won last night there was a good chance of a 'no deal' being taken off the table. A no deal is the only bargaining tool we have left, take that off the table we may all just lay down and get a good kicking. If MPs want the best for our country, they are certainly going the wrong way about it.
  8. Scotland was part of the UK that decided to exit from the EU, the referendum was based on how the whole UK voted, sorry tebee, but those were the rules. I don't believe you voted, but you "feel cheated" also.
  9. I have a wartish type of a growth on the back of my thigh, but not a wart. My wifes sister said try putting some. Iodine/Betadine on it regulary, which I am doing, but have serious doubts as to its effectiveness.
  10. I think "once in a lifetime" referendums should last for more than three years.
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