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  1. But you are so selective at chosing the quotes you decide to show, the greatest quote of all time "lets get Brexit done" has never had a look in.
  2. Your filofax must be getting quite full with nonsense quotes.
  3. New saying..... The grass is greener on the other side.
  4. The clue is in the title "the EU is damaging workers interests across europe, and these are the self same regulations that the EU wants us to sign up to, no way Pedro as Dell once said.
  5. Even Jeremy Corbyn sussed the EU out. twitter_20190808_114930.mp4
  6. Where has anyone said "they kick us out" that's correct, nobody did, it's something else you have made up. The big fat cash cow is going, it has found greener pastures for grazing.
  7. You keep telling yourself that Mavideol, one day you might even start to believe it.
  8. To suggest that the UK is a "free loader" is totally harebrained. We are the EUs largest customer, now should the EU wish to lose a customer of such then that is totally up to them. The EU has never been a club, the clubs that I have been affiliated to in the past have always had their members paying equal subscriptions and not paying their members for being in that club like the EU does to other countries.
  9. We are already out, this is what happens afterwards and if you think that it is not obvious that the EU doesn't want a deal, then you should seriously think again.
  10. There's nothing easier than just walking away, Mr Barnier has had his chance, he could not negotiate his way out of a brown paper bag. This is the man that will have the Eumainers digging deeper into their pockets. twitter_20200703_165209.mp4
  11. Unless you have the skills of Fred Dibna, I'd forget Nelson.
  12. "Because they can" well obviously they can't or else the UK would not be leaving your Jolly Boys Club, stand by for other departures too. However I am astounded by your knowledge of toys.
  13. I read it today that the 18 year old has been let off with a police caution on proviso he attends a meeting to discuss the future of all the statues in the city. What a joke the police have become, these vandals are now deciding on our future heritage.
  14. Nice to see you've managed to pull yourself away from your PlayStation, however the PlayStations 'EUs game of Golf 1973' has been superseded by 'World Cup Rugby,' the EU have changed the game without telling anyone, but would still like the game to be called EUs Game of Golf just for its marketing strategy.
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