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  1. I see that Bangkok Hospital Pattaya is ripping people off, charging 3800 baht for a PCR test. I need one for my trip. Does anyone know of lower cost options?
  2. How white of them... I don't want their lousy vaccines anyway. I'll get my own. You can't count on this government for anything, especially if you're a foreigner.
  3. LOL. I choose to live here, but some days I tell myself I'm getting out. The stupidity of the people running the country is overwhelming at times. Nice to see some Thais feel the same way.
  4. Of course it hasn't. We get the vaccines nobody else wants...
  5. I'm heading to the USA next week to get mine. This is a cluster<deleted>. What's amazing is, on one hand they aren't letting private hospitals order the vaccine, on the other hand they insist Thais will get the vaccine before us dirty falang. If they had allowed us to buy the vaccine from private hospitals I'd already be vaccinated. This government is just idiotic.
  6. Too little too late. They should have been doing this months ago instead of spraying the ground on the border.
  7. Oldest trick in the book for these pimps. It's amazing some still fall for it.
  8. Yes. god forbid they'd do anything for the falangs here... There are supposed to be priority people and that is those over 60. Period. Full stop. Nice denial though. I wouldn't take Simonvac or Spupnik if you paid me anyway...
  9. Gee, I wonder who told them to say that. I know for a fact that a private hospital in Bangkok had a deal in January to buy Moderna directly. My wife and I were on a waiting list. But the Thai government kept delaying things and now is insisting they control all vaccine distribution. Control is the operative word.
  10. Just another policy this government didn't think through. What could possibly go wrong? Let people self quarantine. They need to do the same for travelers to the country who live here. Anything else is just criminal and a money grab.
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