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  1. This is dangerous. They will let Covid back in the country and undo all the good they've done.
  2. So more construction is going to make the city "more livable"? Now you can't drive anywhere without huge traffic jams because of all the construction. If there was anywhere close to the normal amount of tourist traffic this city would be at a standstill. It almost is anyway. The city is very much NOT livable right now Mr. Mayor. More construction won't help. And knowing you you'll do it all at once, not a little bit at a time. Ridiculous!
  3. Wait. I just read the rest of it. They have to go into quarantine for 14 days? Bahahahahahaha You morons, it's a cruise. They're here for like 4-5 hours. What a bunch of idiots running this government, lol
  4. Are these people nuts? This is a sure way to insure Covid returns to Thailand in a big way. I hope the damn things stay away from Pattaya, but I know they'll be here.
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