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  1. Have you considered talking to an agency? I asked about changing my retire visa into marriage visa during this travel ban. They said it was possible. So renewing your marriage visa should be easy to do.
  2. I believe you answered your own question when you said the scholl was trying to make you do this because of the teacher shortage due to the virus. This puts you in a good negotiating position if you want to stay at the school. It also tells you that it will be easy to find another and better job if you decide to leave.
  3. The headlines are all wrong and the polls asked the wrong questions. Those suitable to be a good, honest democratic leader are not permitted to run lest they real havoc on the new norm. Even if someone wins an election other than P. P made plans to stay in the background whispering in their ears guiding them to do things the way he wants. There is no hope unless all laws are changed back without any influence either inside or outside the circle that runs the country now. In the meantime we all sit and accept the way things are and make no complaints. Not being citizens takes away any voice we have or makes us a nuisance to the current gov. The Thai need to sort their own problems out when it comes to their government and we can only hope that it doesn't affect us foreigners too much so we can enjoy our lives here.
  4. Someone needs to dropkick this guy back to Africa and lock him up. He needs to be held accountable for his comments prior to the world getting infected.
  5. This is a stall so they can make future plans to make Pattaya a family oriented resort without the bar girls or other places related to the obvious sex industry that was there before covid hit. Seems to me that bars could make bubbles where small groups could dance and sing and drink and hook up if wanting. they might not be able to do it at full capacity. But 50% income is better than 0 income and the expense to create this atmosphere would not cost so much. No matter how long they wait. Covid is here to stay and these places will eventually close and lose all their money because of the governments stubbornness to allow people the choice. They are able to make travel bubbles so why couldn't it be easy to make a bar bubble where you can enjoy entertainment and still follow the rules. By the way. Did they make this a law to keep Pattaya closed? Or is is P and other give figures saying it's not feasible or too complicated?
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