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  1. (Rick thinking earlier: i'll ask Balo how big City are in Norway, that'll shut BB up, he he) Rick thinking now: Oh fack, Liverpool are big than us in Norway, i'd best fob off the facts on Norway
  2. The MancPool derby, no. The LiverChester derby, no. The EastLancs derby, no. Fack it. The biggest derby in the universe derby.
  3. Ah...we're getting to the crux of it now. So in Rick's world "bigger" relates to European trophies. In my world Newcastle are way bigger than Forest and Newcastle won <deleted> all in donkey's. I could understand your comment on City and Stockport from a non-mancunian but coming from you it's pathetic.
  4. The article you refer to Rick is "Exclusive: Garry Cook’s extraordinary Man City stories – bidding for Messi, borrowing money for wages and hosting Mancini in spare room (while Hughes was manager)" by The Athletic, written by ex-Guardian man Daniel Taylor (one of my two favourite football journos). Apart from interesting stories from Cook's time at City and in football, the angle of the article was about how we all got Cook wrong. To quote Daniel Taylor: "How many of us journalists would have to admit that, in Cook’s words, we “probably took the *<deleted>”? It is why I got back in contact a few weeks ago: to admit that we underestimated him. Not just the media, but the whole of English football. And, sure, he didn’t always do himself any favours (something he will admit). But there is still a formidable body of work to show why the people in charge at City talk about him being one of the more important figures in the club’s modern history. He did know what he was doing — and he was actually bloody good at it." As a City fan, Cook did LOADS of good stuff for us, and the only thing Cook did wrong that i am aware of was his abuse of Chief's mum for which he rightly resigned from City. Greasy? Not in my opinion.
  5. I'm interested to know what is your definition of "bigger" Rick if you consider Forest are bigger than City. I lived in Nottingham during Forest's glory period so i have a good knowledge of both the club and the city. Over to you.
  6. Seems "the most popular club in the World (Ricks unsubstantiated statement) aren't even as popular as liverpool in norway. Thanks Rick ☺ I doubt "the most popular club in thw World" are as popular as liverpool in Thailand also. Though as pointed out, lots of people change their allegiances. In my time in Thailand i reckon liverpool were most popular then it was ManU and now it's liverpool again. Why? Because people with no direct or local allegiance jump on board the most successful club at that time.
  7. ^Blown away by Shilton's stats; during his Forest years he was possibly the best I've seen between the posts. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_footballers_with_the_most_official_appearances
  8. That's because Liverpool and ManU are derby partners 555
  9. down to shrewd business management! Deloitte list (revenue) 20th in 2010 – Newcastle – £86m 19th in 2010 – Manchester City – £87m 15th in 2010 – Tottenham – £113m 7th in 2010 – Liverpool – £184.8m 6th in 2010 – Chelsea – £206.4m 5th in 2010 – Arsenal – £224m 3rd in 2010 – Manchester United – £278.5m 19th in 2020 – Everton – £182.65m 18th in 2020 – West Ham – £185.56m 11th in 2020 – Arsenal – £382.10m 9th in 2020 – Chelsea – £439.98m 8th in 2020 – Tottenham– £446.84m 7th in 2020 – Liverpool – £518.53m 6th in 2020 – Man City – £523.59m 3rd in 2020 – Manchester United – £610.11m
  10. Do you honestly think any City fan spends any time thinking or caring "about becoming a big club" [i'm not even to sure i know what defines "a big club" for you] cause i can assure you we do not. Like all fans of any club, City fans just want to win games and trophies (and have a good time going to the games), if that happens great, if it doesn't happen we continue supporting City. The club's owners / management care about becoming a successful club on the pitch and financially / business wise off the pitch. Have we achieved that during this past 10 years since they took over? Well on the pitch we have been the most successful club in England during the decade. Off the pitch, i just read earlier today that we are 6th on Deloitte's latest list (revenue) and City or Liverpool are forecast to catch-up and overtake ManU next season on the list if you don't get in to Europe. So based on the past 10 years are we are a "big club" to use your phrase? You tell me. Based on progression year-on-year though, we are in a very healthy position mate. How about ManU...tittter?
  11. What's your beef with City's fans? Why do you feel your fans are better? How do you gauge that? About our fans...big deal. All of this <deleted> coming from a guy who supports a club which throughout my lifetime has the worst hooligans in English football - ManU classy fans, don't think so. Think you spend too much time coming on here and trying to wind us up. I know it must be hard for you watching the continuing decline of the once might ManU but the Samaritans are out there if you get desperate You're one of those guys on here that reads but doesn't understand what we say, so let me state it again. We would love to win the CL - or any trophy for that matter - but would PREFER to win the PL over the CL for the reasons we have stated repeatedly.
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