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  1. Find myself agreeing with you again, <deleted>. The panicking is that we seemed to have continued last season's form in to this, players had little rest and it shows, we bought well in Dias and Ake but continue to have a gaping hole at leftback, Pep is picking wantaway Garcia which nobody is happy with, we haven't replaced the Silva-Fernandinho-KdB midfield with anything near as good, we didn't buy a left footed Sane replacement so continue to have no cutting edge leftie, we haven't replaced the Silva-Sane partnership from which loads of goals came, we now play inverted winge
  2. No idea if your statement is right or wrong, but what are you basing it on?
  3. City's squad strength is poorer than Liverpool's. Usually you hear/read it's the other way round. I obviously wear blue tinted glasses so I bow to your guide dogs better knowledge.
  4. I think that's the difference between City and Liverpool during the past 14 months. Teams set up to frustrate us with some success, in the 2 title winning seasons we could win dirty and/or late. Liverpool still have that in their locker. It's a weird season so far.
  5. Very decent performance. Didn't think at any point we were going to win that. Keep KEY players fit and you'll have a decent season.
  6. Fair result. How poor was Mahrez (2/10) and Sterling was awful at the end. City's MOM Foden. Cancelo lively. Watching us try to break down teams 541...yawn. wish we could play Leeds every week
  7. There was no checking, I just stated how the Guardian saw it, which like my view of the formation, disagreed with your 442
  8. It was. THE most difficult forward in the PL to play against...real handful
  9. WHU set up in the 541 we know City struggle with. Keep it tight, defend well, get a goal. All gone to plan - great goal by the way. City very poor, did nothing, all front players barely involved, Mahrez had a nightmare. That 11 will not turn it around. Needs to bring on KdB and Foden or Torres after the break. Play 2 at the back if necessary (Walker and Dias - Garcia doesn't impress me). We go behind, we have a poor record. Looks bad
  10. Firstly, YOU were talking about THIS WEEKEND to which I answered. In normal times I would say these are automatic picks: 1 Ederson 2 Walker 3 Laporte (possibly Dias, but after 3 games a bit early to state yes or no) 4 KdB 5 Rodri 6 Sterling Pep doesn't always pick Aguero as automatic starter, if more energy, pressing, defensive work required he goes with Jesus, Real Madrid away being a good example. I totally agree with Pep on this.
  11. Only Ederson (if fit) is nailed on starter from our squad. Foden competes with: Wide right - Mahrez, Sterling, Bernardo and Torres Wide left - Sterling, Torres and Jesus Left midfield - Bernardo. So no, he's not a nailed on starter anywhere.
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