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  1. Definitely won't affect your confidence, the contrary will be the case. 2nd in the Form Table it'll be interesting to see if you can keep it going, but you look more like 'a team' than individuals as some of the top 10 so it could well be on. I haven't used this for a while but it might allow you to catch the game - you need to - https://www.fullmatchesandshows.com
  2. Unlucky Hammers today. Gave us a real tough game and we were fortunate. In this +20 game runs the best two performances against us have been Brighton and WHU both at the Etihad. Only player to give Ruben Dias a game this season: Antonio, twice. I like him.
  3. Yep the two form teams but you'd never have guessed we were until we made the 2 subs. We were carrying too many players not on their game. We didn't look like 'recent City' until about the 70th minute. We were poor, we couldn't handle WHU, who were more than a match for us, we just looked all wrong. It just shows how changes can unbalance you. Jesus and Foden immediately made us better. We got out of jail today but I'll take. Picking a MOM isn't easy, few candidates, but Zinchenko was excellent today and it'd probably be between him or Stones.
  4. Firstly I was having a bit of fun...sorry I rattled your cage. Secondly I don't understand your post at all. Guess it's a coincidence the UK's only hat museum, the Hat Works, is in Stockport. Guess it's also a coincidence that Stockport County are called 'the Hatters'.
  5. Worst half of football since Cheltenham. Why? Just like that game, too many changes, PLUS too many rusty players brought in (Aguero, KdB, Torres), frontline that's never played together. Too much Pep. WHU loving it. Pep won't change it, we know Pep too well, and it's not going to go well today if he doesn't. Antonio: what a handful.
  6. ...and barely a person without hat. As we all know Stockport was a leading manufacturer of hats - even a massive hat factory in my village - think it must have been nice to wear a cap, trilby, whatever, when going out. Ah those were the days!
  7. So if you'd moved to Stockport Infirmary you could have been a City fan. So unlucky that
  8. Ronnie, I'm guessing you became a Spurs fan because of a Scottish player. Mackay, Gilzean, Archibald?
  9. L-R: Looks like Alan Oakes, it is Mike Doyle, ?, Franny Lee diving, Tony Book, Tommy Booth. I think it's the carpark back of the North Stand but could be wrong.
  10. I posted a few weeks back that it was the non-star players, the forgotten men, the scapegoats (Zinchenko, Cancelo, Stones, Rodri, Gundogan, etc) who were starring, but now everyone has upped their game...even Mahrez
  11. Every Premier League-winning team, ranked: from the Invincibles to the treble winners https://www.gq-magazine.co.uk/lifestyle/article/every-premier-league-winning-team-ranked To save you reading it, City's Centurions were ranked no.1.
  12. Didn't think we were that great but we didn't need to be. Another Floyd Mayweather performance. When these big chances fall to Jesus and Sterling in particular you just expect they will kcuf it up! Sterling scores plenty but give him a chance with time to think and he'll screw it up. Didn't really think anyone stood out last night, maybe Cancelo? Have to admit I was (happily) bored watching our last 2 games.
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