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  1. Lahos of Spain. From the Roger Kirkpatrick school of it's all about me refereeing. Lahoz was referee when Sane's goal was disallowed (ball was played by Milner) vs. LFC, the wrong offside calls in the first leg (Salah ruled onside for LFC's first goal, Sane ruled offside for us) and Pep being sent off, and he booked Aguero for diving after Subasic cleaned him out for an obvious pen vs. Monaco. Pictured here https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/6022851/referee-antonio-mateu-lahoz-man-city-liverpool-pep-guardiola-champions-league/
  2. No, but I'd love to know our record in games with him, bet it's not great - I do not believe he is not a ManU fan or isn't influenced by being from Altrincham.
  3. Just seen who the ref will be and it ain't good. Wondering if Chelsea also have form with this clown?
  4. Manchester City are 2020/21: Premier League Champions, Premier League 2 Champions (U23 EDS lads), and, U18 Premier League (North) champions, the first time any club has ever achieved this in one season. Pep on City winning the Premier League at senior/u23/u18 level: "This is a fantastic achievement for City. It shows the quality of this organisation and the strength across all levels. As I have said many times, winning your league is so difficult..."
  5. The wife isn't particularly religious but goes to the wat from time to time. I'm not at all religious but I enjoy a trip to the wat as much as I enjoy a trip to a church, it's all about the architecture, the peace, the tranquillity for me. We go to the wat sometimes. Due to Man City's title run-in, and me jokingly agreeing to go to the wat if we win the games, this year we've been to the wat lots - after most games in fact. Weve been to wats we regularly visit and ones we didn't know existed locally. A wat connoisseur in the making. Today to celebrate becoming Engli
  6. Gentlemen. The true test of a thais ability to speak english correctly is can they say squirrel and not sqwiwel. Hours of fun guaranteed.
  7. Liverpool will be visiting on Thursday. Lets see how ManUs 'fans' behave.
  8. Just doing a public service and keeping the Liverpool thread from going the same way as the Arsenal thread and dying from lack of interest - you're welcome
  9. [email protected] - Ferran Soriano says in order to minimise travel, could you bring the Premier League Trophy with you to Manchester on Thursday please. We'll arrange to collect it. You probably won't need the ribbons again for quite a while but keep them anyway. Make sure you polish it. Ta. (Prestwich Blue - Twitter)
  10. Sometimes it's great to be wrong . Thanks for playing your unknowns.
  11. Just checked with the wife and i was slightly wrong. We had 2 x Cambodians and a Laotian at different times; one of the Cambodians was sacked for stealing the wife's underwear. It's amazing how women - i am assuming my wife is typical of women - can remember every item of clothing they own.
  12. The top three visitors to my property over the years, are: 1. Golder tree snakes 2. Pythons 3. Cobras I live next next to farmers fish fields so we gets lots of snakes and monitor lizards (almost daily), keeps it interesting. Only had the one rat snake and that was years ago. Remember it well as we had a Cambodian *maid at the time, she grabbed the best brolly we had, chased it around the garden whacking it till it was dead and my brolly was bent and useless - she wasn't employed long. *maids - We had a maid, for about 2 years, when our lads
  13. Thanks, another term i wasn't familiar with so i googled it: An Artificer is an appointment held by a member of an armed forces service who is skilled at working on electronic, electrical, electro-mechanical and/or mechanical devices.[1] The specific term "artificer" for this function is typical of the armed forces of countries that are or have been in the British Commonwealth and refers to a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer. Artificer is a job title and not a rank.
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