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  1. Crushing? I'll say one thing about you Rick, you're the most positive ManU fan I think we've had in all the years I've been on this forum. You really don't see too many negatives with your boys do you. What position you going to finish this season (im expecting you to say third)?
  2. Go on Rick set us one sometime this week.
  3. Go via Khao Yai, stop off at the Imperial Khorat (was the Dusit; nice hotel), in the morning visit Phimai on the way to Roi-et [[about 8hrs 15mins total drive - busier roads]. Or, Go via Chachoengsao (304), nice quiet road to Sa Kaew (359), up to Prasat Muang Tam then to Phanom Rung [5hr drive], then 1hr drive to sleep in Buriram (Amari & Best Western; good hotels), in the morning visit Football ground, racing stadium, etc, then on the way to Roi-et. [about 8hrs 15mins total drive - quieter roads] Plotted from Bangna. Having done both of the above several times, the latter is better in my opinion (and of Phimai, Phanom Rung and Prasat Muang Tam, i prefer the latter which i visited during restoration and after - lovely place) Ayutthaya you can visit anytime if you live in BKK Do let us know what you eventually did.
  4. So what's Rashford's penalties record at ManU? Must be exceptional.
  5. Name the current player who won League One, Championship and Premier League in 2009, 2014 and 2016 respectively, making him the first and only player to win the top three divisions with the same team in the Premier League era.
  6. Just a positive suggestion boys that you might want to delete the posts if they are showing members real names.
  7. Agreed. Watched it last night and it looked to me like Rashford asked Pogba did he want to take it and Pogba confirmed that he did. Was it a bad penalty? Looked more like a good save than a bad penalty. Not sure what all the fuss is about.
  8. One of the biggest complaints from those in the stadiums watching live is that don't know, say in the case of Laporte handball, why a goal was disallowed - plenty left the Etihad not knowing why Jesus goal didn't stand. A quick fix in this current VAR public relations disaster would be, after the sign that goes up with VARs decision, would be another sign "Handball - Laporte". Simple solution.
  9. Former ref Halsey take on it: “Obviously to the letter of the law they were correct in what happened, and there’s only one person to blame for the change in the law of handling the ball, and that’s David Elleray and the IFAB. “For me, in a situation like that we’ve got to be giving goals, you cannot see goals chalked of for those sort of incidents. “I just think it’s an ass. The law now is an ass. “You could argue that there are two different rules – one for defenders and one for attackers. “There’s no chance of a penalty being given there if it hits the defender’s arm – it wasn’t deliberate and that’s still there in the laws of the game. “This law has been brought in for the absolute howlers. The Thierry Henry handball we saw many years ago against Ireland – that’s what it’s for. “I think we’ve got to seriously sit down and look at it. “Mike Riley said we’re raising the bar regarding handling the ball, we’re raising the bar with encroachment and goalkeepers coming off the line, but for me we’ve got to look at raising the bar on offsides and these situations. “I think everybody had got to come together and have a discussion about that we’ve going to disallow, what is handball, what is controlling it, what is accidental. “If the ball drops down to Jesus, it hits his arm and then he puts it in the net, then yes, that’s what we want to see. But in these situations, incidents like that, we’ve got to be giving goals. “I think they should come in a make their own little change to the law, a little minor tweak – like they did in the Champions League last season. If UEFA can do it… “Incidents like the one on Saturday, we shouldn’t be ruling those goals out. “But we cannot blame VAR because with the law as it is written, you can’t say they’re incorrect. “It’s the law makers who are to blame for what we’re seeing now.”
  10. Here you go Alfie "We saw three handball goals in the Premier League last year - Willy Boly [against Man City], Sergio Aguero [against Arsenal] and Nathan Redmond [against West Ham] - and everybody thought that it wasn't acceptable. Everybody had this notion that you can't have a goal scored by the hand or the arm so the law was brought into place by IFAB (International Football Association Board) for the start of the season." I don't remember the Redmond one but the other two the ball went in off them, and yes to quote Dermot "Everybody had this notion that you can't have a goal scored by the hand or the arm so the law was brought into...", but now they have taken it a step too far.
  11. Incorrect: go read (my) post #4 on page 1 in which i added the link to the IFAB website. Doh!
  12. While Zinchenko failed to win a Premier League game for the first time in his (City) career following the 2-2 draw (his current record in the league reads - P 23, W 22, D 1), just read that the worst individual losing streak in PL history is Jack Grealish's continuing record, who has now lost 20 consecutive games in the top division.
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