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  1. There won't be a battle, nor cages to rattle, the armed men in green, are now on the scene. vote how you will, it's like taking a pill, it goes down your throat, but when making your vote, the outcome is clear, as the count end draws near, t'was just a placebo, like Uighers on Weibo, nothing will change, the end's all arranged, t'will all end in tears, for another five years. Time will tell if the dire warnings were correct - if the whole election is but a charade, and the promised democracy is only a false façade! Poor Thailand if so! But reading all the items on Bangkok Post and the comments over the last months, and seeing how the dealings with political parties are very one-sided and the government attacks on them that have taken place one can only see attempts to get rid of opposition and as Bangkok Post says - hang onto power!
  2. We urgently need to re-home our bitch Laika. She is a beautiful dog just over 26 months old who is up to date on her jabs and is a good family dog BUT cannot live with other dogs. She is one of a litter of 3 we adopted as puppies but randomly attacks one of the other two litter mates and my wife's little cocker spaniel whom she bites quite seriously. With people in the home she is lovely - so long as she is the only dog I think. Cats also are not safe. If anyone can offer a home to this lovely dog - we're about 5km from Minburi in Khlong Sam Wa Tawan ok please send me a message. She normally lives in the home - not outside - UK style as part of the family but if I cannot home her we're heading for divorce because my wife loves her cocker we brought from England like a baby. This is Laika........... With my daughter - Laika loves cuddles With my wife...................
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