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  1. I love cats, my wife is not so fond as our neighbour has cats that put muddy paws on her clean black car. They tease the dogs something chronic too, sitting down out of reach so of course I support my dogs who would tear a cat to pieces if they caught one. If a cat is being provocative and in a place of safety I do sometimes give it a fright by letting one of the dogs out - that cat won't be seen for a day or so, or otherwise a high pressure hose will carry clear across the road (we have a powerful pumped house system I installed) and pussy will get a shower to encourage it to prance up and do
  2. That's me, thick and insensitive, not caring a dog's doo-doo either although I do shut them up and they almost NEVER bark at night. My dogs do play follow my leader, in this case the leader that instigates all the excitement is a pair of Chihuahuas next door that yap alarm at everything. But we have no problem with the ungodly coming stealing things either and neither do our neighbours, having limbs chewed by 4 large dogs - I am talking GSD and Doberman lookalikes - although our biggest looks more like a wolf in fact - does tend to discourage those who might otherwise prey on us.
  3. We have 3 or 4 Tokai geckos (the loud "Oh-Oh" ones) that have taken up residence in our ground floor ceiling void gaining entrance under the concrete tiled eaves of a little feature roof. The void is around 350mm but with concrete beams in a grid supporting the upper floor and walls. They had been quiet and no problem so we'd left them alone but the sound of lizard claws rattling across the ceiling has got our 4 large house dogs wound up and that keeps us awake at night with their howls and barking. In the past we have had rats - easily trapped with a bit of oyster-sauce flavoured
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