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  1. Looking at their website, all the pictures are stock (scraped) photos from other companies. Are they really legit?
  2. It hasn’t been properly “adopted” by the controller and it is not functioning. Tell the front desk it is “broken.” Usually the hotel doesn’t manage them internally, it is a third party that does it remotely.
  3. So, on an METV, renting a place in Bangkok to store our stuff and spend 1-2 weeks in as a base. Do we need to file TM30s after we go traveling around the country? Seems like an odd requirement for the METV, as the whole purpose is tourism... and they appear to discourage it.
  4. Your info is out of date: https://www.consumerreports.org/car-safety/tesla-model-3-gets-cr-recommendation-after-braking-update/ brief summary: After the article Tesla did an over-the-air update to reduce the stopping distance by 19’, making it comparable to similar cars in its class. The reason for the original setting was likely to maximize regenerative braking for efficiency. Two take-aways: the idea of being able to change braking performance with a painless, automatic software update is amazing, and if you are going to count out technology’s place in the future you are likely to be disappointed. Personally, I am curious what will happen with the electric motorcycles, although I can never imagine “self driving” tackling Thailand roads.
  5. The only water-tight option is a frameless panel with caulk between the panel gaps. Expect to pay double for the panels. Or, just go with a double roof, metal with panels above. Still cheaper. Only reason I have heard of going the first route is to be able to call the source water NSF rated for collection, although it is prettier.
  6. Only use if you air dry your clothes. Miserable drying as others have said. If it is for a rental and the tenant pays electric, go for it! I find it is more efficient to put our air conditioner in dehumidify mode while drying clothes in our condo than running the dryer.
  7. Does the local switch work? Most units don’t have a deep power save mode, but the controls do seem to lock up randomly. Does the remote show the “on” state? If it shows on, sometimes adjusting the temperature causes less problems than any other button.
  8. Wife and I got two different strains at the same time (2 and 4), and spent two weeks in the hospital. You can tell the Dengue mosquitoes (even if you can’t read their tail numbers) because the bites *hurt* and continue to do so for a while. The malaria mosquitoes are more of a nuisance than pain. Unless you you are in a bubble, covering up and repellent seem useless. They bite through a puddle of DEET or jeans like it was nothing. Best advice is to avoid communal bathrooms with standing water in or nearby, and places with a high concentration of people. Good luck with that...
  9. Nationalities spend money differently. Most westerners don’t find LV prices in Thailand to be a bargain; there are only a handful of things I can think of that are cheaper in Thailand than the US (which are available in both in the same quality). The data (should) come from ATM, credit card, and foreign exchange. That should give a very real picture. It is likely skewed by one source though. Personally, I haven’t seen where Indians spend their money, maybe on gold or something else I have no interest in— but I have heard hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions are not it. I do not see them in the high end malls or the upper-middle end either. Ultimately though, Thailand should be looking at the total economic impact the money spent has— why the ripple effect of each dollar is. Money spent on imported low margin things does not provide much value.
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