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  1. Thursday is the pay day if you are paid in oz bank if you get paid into Bangkok bank/it goes to citi bank thursday held till monday 9/30 am /they have 4days to put it on world exchange to make interest years ago i had mine put into oz bank but the withdraw fees to much cheers
  2. i do have to add/i think its wrong pension paid by govt into citi bank/they use the money for a few days on world market to get interest /add a few 100 thousand payments /what they make on our money per year cheers
  3. mine is always on the Monday /if a holiday fri could be payment tue/cheers
  4. why does trump want her appointment through quick/he wants to self pardon himself /which will end up in supreme court
  5. i believe your body builds immunity to every new strain of flu that comes along /take away that immunity leaves the body vulnerable to next strain /bingo you are dead
  6. they would have plenty of money if they sell his b/s to the gardeners
  7. i feel like crying for you mr trump /we wont tell anyone/ about your dealings while in office /bank accounts in china dealings with turkey son in law /money from the Arabs/ daughter doing deals with china/while all employed by white house /we could go on but we wont tell anyone
  8. i was builder and developer for 45yrs/no not now / there are dark clouds around here /and world wide
  9. most hotels and resorts doing it the govt pay 40%off price but ends end of month i got 1300b with breakfast
  10. i was buying skins from makro /i gave up as the skins were that tough couldn't chew them /needed axe to cut them /i tried sausage Deleted but not to my taste /the English sausage seems different to Australian sausage taste cheers
  11. over the years have tried to make//bought in cm area /find not to my taste the thing i miss most is the good Australian sausage maybe can find in hua hin/ and get sent to cm cheers allan / nothing like a good sausage
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