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  1. take care as there is a lot of scammers on the for sale websites don't give 1 bth till transfer paper signed cheers allan
  2. years ago when i came to cm i was getting a sore throat all the time being oz have my beer ever day / went to dr he said was i a drinker then said don't drink chan beer as to much chemical in it /changed to leo sore throat went away 13yrs on still drinking leo no problem /but some dry years people getting sore throats are from the dust on the streets mixed with dried dog <deleted> in the dust the smoke is mild to what you get in Malaysia Singapore most years
  3. i noticed later as still on craigslist and baht and sold address on one as a province other as pattaya kilometers on one 42000 other one as 142000/so the cannot get there story straight cheers allan
  4. i went on a Thai website selling cars/saw a 4/4 good price and low mileage messaged the seller/reply he had left the country and had given authority to a friend to sell \what was my address to deliver i gave address and said would prefer to go to my bank and do business as would be a cash sale reply i don't know if you are wasting my time /and serious buyer/ go on a website that handle car sales for people all over the world he wrote my wife sold her car through them and was a good service i looked at the website and they were wanting a lot of personal details so stopped received message if i didn't register on the site i was not a genuine buyer/ he said it was better than bank transfer as that took 3days all i had to do was register and pay joining fee then pay half of car price to them then the balance on transfer /??? i replied i would go to where the car was and pay cash to his agent on transfer /give me the address and phone number so can arrange meeting no reply / now this add is in the popular world selling website and Thai selling website there are some bad apples out there/ take care cheers allan
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