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  1. I would understand if Thai citizens hospitals are funded through their taxation, but this just seems to be a charging system based on your wallet. Do rich arab nationals have another tier ?
  2. If you gave Herr Otto Flick a keyboard, this is what you would get,
  3. I am now some months on understay, and I think I may continue that way. Abiding by rules anywhere is important, but there is an unmatched enthusiasm to cleanse itself of foreigners.
  4. Get the online e-visa application process sorted out, give me back my multiple O Visa and I'm on my way. Alas, the western farang is now an endangered species in Thailand.
  5. Earlier this year we were sat at the front of a bus going out to Isaan , saw this huge snake winding it's way across the the road in front of us. The bus driver parked his hand on the horn. Had to laugh ! !
  6. I agree, Vernon disparaged Musks rescue canister as a useless PR stunt. It was game on after that.
  7. After ten years living in Thailand and now coming out twice a year I am unable to navigate the e-visa application so I will come out for 30 days after the Brexit deadline. Mahbe the £ will improve. Let's face it, we are being roadblocked at every opportunity. The new Terminal 21 in Pattaya tells me we are being replaced by the new Thai middle classes.
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