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  1. Absolutely, I heard today the the 39/40 arrivals were Chinese business people so as of today there have been no tourist arrivals yet.
  2. This is probably all part of the belt and road development and Thailand will fall victim to the debt/trap diplomacy in which the Chinese excel. Expect all those Chinese contractors to arrive in the next few years
  3. Nice one, I allways thought thais lived in the "now" but now I realise they live with their heads in the clouds.
  4. They want quality tourists from now on. Check out the statements of the first female TAT Sports and Tourism Minister.
  5. Agree 100%, it has been a journey for all countries but we are learning a vaccine may only be 50% reliable, someone can be re-infected, there are second waves of this virus as in Europe right now What exactly is the thai government waiting for or is this the way it is ?
  6. I have to agree 100 %. Whereas we face restrictions in Thailand here in UK any foreigner can buy property or a football club.
  7. Is Dr Poovorawan a government advisor and does he advocate isolating the country from the rest of the world for another 2 years.
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