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  1. My friend who's here on a retirement extension had an operation a week ago and stayed one night in the hospital. In all the "commotion" he forgot his 3 months reporting and is now 1 week overdue. He will head down to Jomtien immigration tomorrow and try to sort things out but has anyone any idea of what he can expect from them?
  2. BTW, I did try to locate that new highway on Google Maps but couldn't. Am I blind or isn't it there yet?
  3. Nice ride, light traffic but still roadwork in many places - mainly on barriers/fences along the road. Long stretches of the road surface consists of concrete blocks though so every 30ish meters you run over a joint that's heard and felt load and clear, especially driving on run-flats.
  4. Did the run from the Pattaya entrance where I picked up the card and gave it back at the Utapao exit - no charge.
  5. Drove past today and saw trucks being loaded with gym machines. Since the Tiger boxing gym is already gone I have a feeling this isn't a serious overhaul but rater the end of Tony's Sports World. It's been a bit of a dump for years and I certainly got my money's worth for that "lifetime" membership I had for 13+ years but I'll still be sad to see it go. Now for the big question; where to go? I won't be buying any more lifetime memberships so will be looking for a decently equipped gym on the "brightside" with a reasonable yearly membership fee.
  6. Well, I will give it a go and report back. Not that it's of any huge interest but in these Covid times you take what you can get
  7. True, you pay when getting off it. So if Kerryd is right there is an "off" toll booth when turning onto the new highway.
  8. When going to Chantaburi I pay 10 Baht for that little stretch of 7 I drive on before turning onto 36, so based on distance traveled that would be about 5 Baht I guess. But we shall see, I will give it a go today.
  9. OK, silly me. I just assumed I was only able to enter the new highway driving southbound on 7. Thanks, I will do as you suggested.
  10. OK, so to go from top to bottom starting in Pattaya I'll have to drive Siam CC up to 36 then keep left onto 7 and hug another left onto the new highway before the Pattaya toll booths, right?
  11. According to this article it' snow open for a "trial run" but it also states the only access point is at Utapao airport so if I drive down to Ambassador City the entrance to the new road is still blocked? So the free trial run is anyone wanting to drive on it has to enter at Utapao and the drive north, make a U-turn at some pint and then return to Utapao?? https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/1922684/pattaya-map-ta-phut-route-trial-begins
  12. I have a 1 year NON-O multiple entry based on marriage from Savannakhet which expires in late September. As I understand it I can stay until 31st of July even if my current 3 months permit to stay expires 31st of May. Would I be able to get a 2 month extension on top of that (from 31st of July, reason; visiting family) or is that not know now?
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