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  1. A guy told me the Immigration server was buried in an avalanche days ago. He said it was foolishly located right next to the mountain of stored arrival cards affectionally known as Mount Pointless. Apparently it's so tall it creates its own weather system!
  2. Tried Edge and got the same message, unfortunately.
  3. Thanks for the report. Doing my 90 day next week and will show up armed with all possible copy requirements and the TM47 form filled in. In the mean time I'm hoping they can get their online reporting website up and running saving me the hassle.
  4. Could anyone please help a non-expert (I consider accessing the router a major achievement) configuring my device? I have the same 3BB synch issue and am not exactly sure how to enter the data kindly listed by KeeTua above.
  5. Just tried to do the 90 reporting online for the first time but couldn't get access to the site at all. Did the first reporting on my marriage extension in person in the Jomtien IO 3 months ago and at that time I was able to access the Imm website but not anymore. Anyone else with the same experience? Also, if I have to do it in person again does anyone have an updated list of documents required since last time I brought way too much.
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