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  1. Thanks for the tips. When they say bring pictures will photos printed on A4 paper suffice or do I have to go to a photo shop and have proper ones printed? Wrt where I live we own a house in the wife's name and I have a yellow house book. Might be the first time I can actually find a use for it!
  2. Could anyone with specific knowledge of Jomtien Immigration please let me know about their experience in getting a one year marriage extension and if the list ubonjoe kindly posted is complete wrt that specific office? For instance, I seem to recall being told that a printed map from Google maps showing the way to your house was not accepted, it had to be hand drawn.
  3. OK, good to know. So if I'm able to do an out/in for an additional 3 months before my visa expires on 23rd of Sept and then get an additional 60 day extension to visit family on top of that does that mean I won't need to apply for a one year marriage extension before 23rd of February 2021?
  4. Thank you for the info. I was planning to apply for a 60 day extension before 31st of July unless they extend the amnesty. If they extend it for a month I will do it on 31st of August. But if I apply for a one year marriage extension just before my one year visa expires I should get a under consideration stamp that allows me to stay after my visa expires on 23rd of September, is that correct? Just to clarify, I am under the assumption that I will have to apply for the 1 year marriage extension before my 1 year non-O visa expires. I can not do it later than that (let's say during the 60 day extension to visit family). Am I wrong in this?
  5. The 31st of July amnesty end date is fast approaching and even if they extend it it's unclear when the borders will be open again for an out/in stamp required for my 1 year non-O based on marriage obtained in Savannakhet. Since that visa expires on 31st of September I plan to get a marriage extension in Jomtien. That means I will have to transfer 400k before 31st of July for the two months seasoning but since it's been years since I did this the last time could someone please link the complete list of requirements for the extension and multiple reentry stamp? In addition, any tips on what to do to facilitate the process when dealing with Jomtien Imm. would be highly appreciated.
  6. Yep, that worked. I switched on my VPN and was able to synch the clock. Weird!
  7. It's always been easy to sync the PC's time with the Internet but that changed a while back. Now it does not want to do that and every time I completely reboot the computer (starting with the BIOS) it gets it wrong by an hour and some minutes. I try to sync it but it doesn't want to and as you can see last successful sync was 20 days ago. What could be the problem? PS. I am able to set it manually but it changes back after reboot.
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