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  1. I could "overfund" the card but would likely never get any money back as I don't foresee the need to make any additional US purchases in the future so that's why I'm trying to get the tax part correct. Yes, Torrance is my Shipto address.
  2. I have a CA address so I guess then the total sum would be 49.99 + 7.25%= 53.61$. Edit: Just used a sales tax calcualtor based on location in CA (Torrance) and it came up with 9.5%, not 7.25.
  3. I have a VPN, I have a US address via Shipito and a US payment card via US Unlocked. Peacock do charge a sales tax:
  4. Not sure if this is the right forum but I would like to start getting Peacock Premium for the EPL content and a year's subscription is 49.99$ "plus tax". Since I want to pay with a pre loaded payment card I need to know how much that tax will amount to. Would any of the American forum members happen to know this?
  5. Are you sure this will not make roughly the same number of people mingle over a shorter period of time thereby increasing the risk because of the density of the crowd?
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