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  1. I have installed a VLC player and the issue I have playing the file seems to be some type of scam. Thanks for the offer of help but since I'm potentially pushing legal boundaris I'll just fiddle about myself.
  2. So I downloaded a movie (both in AVI and MVK formats) and tried playing it but get the attached message in the media player window and instructions in a Readme file. I tried to install the Xvid codec but it didn't help. Any idea if this file can be played without having to register on the suggested website (which I won't do)? If that's not possible is there a way to see if an alternative torrent file is "protected" before downloading it?
  3. I'm seriously considering buying a Yamaha Aerox (top model with the remote and ABS) after 11 happy years with my trusty old Honda PCX. Any Aerox owners out there who would be so kind as to share their experience owning one?
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