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  1. 3 minutes ago, Eindhoven said:


    Maybe tell something about your PC. You should really use a Seedbox rather than using Torrent software on your PC.

    Have you tried installing https://www.videolan.org/vlc/


    If it doesn't play the file then there is something wrong with the file. Send me the name of the file via PM and I'll source one I know that works.

    I have installed a VLC player and the issue I have playing the file seems to be some type of scam. Thanks for the offer of help but since I'm potentially pushing legal boundaris I'll just fiddle about myself.😃

  2. So I downloaded a movie (both in AVI and MVK formats) and tried playing it but get the attached message in the media player window and instructions in a Readme file.

    I tried to install the Xvid codec but it didn't help. Any idea if this file can be played without having to register on the suggested website (which I won't do)?

    If that's not possible is there a way to see if an alternative torrent file is "protected" before downloading it?





  3. 17 minutes ago, steve187 said:

    thin bed tile adhesive, weber is one of the better brands, you may have to scrap a few mm off the adhesive/sand and cement 'bed'

    Thanks, is this brand available in Thailand and will the container say "tile adhesive"?

  4. 2 hours ago, jackdd said:

    The problem with tubeless tires here in Thailand is not the system in itself, but that there are no good quality inner tubes for small bikes available.

    I use IRC inner tubes in my big bike, needs topping up every two months or so. I run IRC inner tubes in my Honda Wave, needs topping up every week or so.

    I'm quite certain they could also manufacture inner tubes for small bikes which last two months, they would probably be a bit heavier, but I would take this loss in performance for not having to top them up every week.

    I think besides of Honda Wave (and the equivalents from the other brands), all new small bikes today come with tubeless tires though.

    Oh, I didn't know that. That might change my thinking regarding which bike to go for if the Aeorx turns out to be an insurmountable problem for the Mrs.😉

    But I really do like the stability the width of the tyres on bikes like Aerox and PCX offer. Driving something like a Mio on Thai roads is very uncomfortable.

  5. 10 minutes ago, Andrew Dwyer said:

    He was probably referring to the Honda ADV 150 ?

    OK, that one is even slightly more expensive (102k on Lazada) than the PCX and 25k more than the top model Aerox. Nice bike but if the Mrs is at all able to climb ontop of the high pillion seat of the Aerox that's what we're going for.

    If not then we'll have to see. Two things are for sure; I'm staying with full auto gearing and will never go back to tyres with inner tubes. 

  6. 14 hours ago, northsouthdevide said:

    Having owned both bikes myself, I would highly recommend the yamaha over the Honda. Its much better around corners and less clumsy.

    But Honda have now got thier act together, and brought out a model that looks similar to the aerox.

    It looks really nice... 155cc.

    Cant remember the name, but if you were happy with the Honda, why not look at that too?

    Haven't seen anything at Honda resembling the Aerox. They're all either smaller or bigger that the PCX and Aerox.

  7. 14 hours ago, ExpatOilWorker said:

    Why not the M Slaz?

    It is also a 150 Cc.




    No way I'm going back to manual gears after 11 years of lazy full auto bliss. And, as Expatoilworker pointed out, no storage space makes it a no-no for me.

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  8. 14 hours ago, Moonlover said:

    I've had my ABS version now for 2 years and I love it. It's nippy enough for town work but it's really at home when I get out on the country lanes. It's so much fun that I often expend my journeys by going off-route when I pop to the shops. It took Madam Moon a while to work out why I took so long to go to 7/11. 🙂


    It's definitely worth going for the ABS version. I had to do an emergency stop a few weeks back when an old dear hung a u-turn right in front of me. The brakes were superb and there is no doubt they prevented an accident.


    There have been some comments about lack of leg space. I'm 175cm with an inside leg of 82cm but I do not have this problem. The pillion seat is a bit high and Madam Moon does have to be a bit athletic to get up there, but we mange.


    I've done a few long runs on it of up to 130kms and it's well up to it and has plenty of storage for your gear.


    The fuel tank's a bit small but that's just about my only criticism.


    Yep, I'm very pleased with my choice.

    Thanks for that, I'm 180 cm and will never use it for more than drives within Pattaya so leg space should not be an issue. Also, I did a short test run on an Aerox a year or so ago and didn't notice anything about this.

    The fuel tank is listed as 5.5 liters so should be plenty big enough for my short trip needs. The salesman did say I could fill E20, G91 and G95 but I guess I should stick with G95?

    Good point about the ABS. That coupled with the keyless ignition makes me go for the top model for sure.

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  9. I'm seriously considering buying a Yamaha Aerox (top model with the remote and ABS) after 11 happy years with my trusty old Honda PCX. Any Aerox owners out there who would be so kind as to share their experience owning one?

  10. 1 hour ago, mtls2005 said:

    You should be able to proceed through the order process to determine the final price, before confirming the order and giving payment.


    Can you overfund the prepayment card, just to be safe?


    9.5% seems right for Torrance, that is your shipto address?


    Some California cities and counties are considering a "Streaming Services" tax. Some may have already implemented one.


    Proposition 13: wonderful, or not?





    I could "overfund" the card but would likely never get any money back as I don't foresee the need to make any additional US purchases in the future so that's why I'm trying to get the tax part correct.

    Yes, Torrance is my Shipto address.

  11. On 4/18/2021 at 8:00 AM, mtls2005 said:


    Which state?


    Any additional tax would likely be sales tax - although some states do have other unusual taxes - which is easy to determine.


    Simply google "sales tax 'State Name' "



    I have a CA address so I guess then the total sum would be 49.99 + 7.25%= 53.61$.


    Edit: Just used a sales tax calcualtor based on location in CA (Torrance) and it came up with 9.5%, not 7.25.

  12. Not sure if this is the right forum but I would like to start getting Peacock Premium for the EPL content and a year's subscription is 49.99$ "plus tax". Since I want to pay with a pre loaded payment card I need to know how much that tax will amount to. Would any of the American forum members happen to know this?

  13. 1 hour ago, KeeTua said:

    I took a look this morning at my port triggering rule and that box I suggested you tick is just for selecting the rule. It looks like your 'Timesynch' rule is correctly configured and already enabled. Sorry any for confusion that my above post may have caused.

    No worries, I did tick it off even before reading your post and clicked apply and that makes the tick-off disappear. Thanks for trying to help though!😀

  14. On 2/23/2021 at 12:56 PM, kekalot said:

    I reckon it would be a description in first field, "timesync" whatever you want


    trigger protocol all


    then enable

    then apply


    On 2/23/2021 at 2:02 PM, KeeTua said:

    Your port trigger configuration page is a little different than mine because its a different model of router. What Kekalot posted is correct for your router. Hope this works for you too!

    I tried putting in what kekalot suggested but no luck so far. Did restart the router and the PC before I tried. Any last suggestions before I just give up and continue on manual time?😁





  15. 7 minutes ago, ubonjoe said:

    That is due to their certificate has expired. You can bypass the security warning but you will not get on the online reporting site since their extranet is down (see the previous 2 pages of this topic).

    You will only need your passport and the receipt for your previous 90 day report at Jomtien to do it in person.

    Thanks, so no copies of the passport at all?

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