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  1. If you are waiting for the craziness to end you might be spending the rest of your life in Georgia!
  2. Absolutely. I've managed to get 4 weeks off work. If they had stuck to the original 7 days / requirements I would probably take the time to work my way through the red tape to see my wife but there's no way I am going to pay to be treated like a criminal for two weeks.
  3. The shot was 94% effective at preventing intensive care unit admissions and deaths, and reduced infections by 78%.
  4. Well they are in for a shock - The Chinese are not allowed to travel.
  5. Just so that I am clear Supply proof of vaccine Apply for visa Complete COE registration Covid insurance of at least 100,000 dollars Register SHA+ hotel (which will be overpriced) Arrange flight directly to Phuket (which will be overpriced) PCR test 72 hours before I leave UK Possible PCR test on arrival Load up tracking app on phone Wristband to track my every move Two PCR tests during my 14 day stay on Island (at my own cost) Entertainment venues closed Tracked by facial recognition Large fines for breaking r
  6. This is a very valid point. On many occassions I've had discussions with Mrs Chelseafan about the ineptitude of Government. She freely acknowedlges this but tells me to shut my cakehole when discussing in public.
  7. According to a minion they are expecting 129,000 though they (wisely) didn't mention over what time-frame.
  8. Basic rule of economics. Never let Government interfere with banking. It always ends in tears...
  9. Vaccinate with what? It's clear that the vaccines aren't there in the numbers they have promised.
  10. They are only in "the process of forming an inquiy comittee", I heard that they are setting up a committee to see if they are going to allow the comittee...
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