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  1. This represents a drop of 9 per cent from the previous worst-case scenario forecast for this year of Bt742.5 billion, a sharp decline of 75 per cent from around Bt3 trillion last year. So this is a worst case worst case scenario! What about the worst case worst case worst case number? Good to see the TAT back in business throwing random numbers around.
  2. Food service still in a lot of trouble for sure but they are not the biggest importer of chicken from Thailand. A lot of their material comes from Brazil or Eastern Europe where the source material is marginally cheaper What we're seeing (as a retailer) is that people are still avoiding going to resturants and instead treating themselves at home. Chicken sales continue to be in significant double-digit growth versus single digit pre-covid. Perhaps Coq au Vin is making a comeback
  3. Oh don't you worry, I'm 100% sure that low testing rates equals low detections rates, as for Xenophobia, look no further than the trash that comes from the mouth of a certain Mr Charnvirakul. But yes, I got it first time.
  4. I don't blame the Thais, I blame the blatant Xenophobia and racism from the top which permutates downwards. Whilst its fair to say governments around the world could have acted quicker (hindsight is a great thing) Thailand got lucky with the limited amount of cases at the beginning, that's all. You also have to question their figures. UK have tested 258,000 per 1mill of population Thailand have tested 10,731 per 1mill of population Testing in such low numbers probably means that detection is also low https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ I would love to see if Thailands average death rate has increased over the past 3-4 months as that would show a much better picture.
  5. CP are the biggest player for the local market but there are alot of other producers for the export market such as GFPT, Cargills, Betagro, Crown etc. Whilst I buy from CP, I diversify my sourcing across another 5 vendors.
  6. Absolutely. They are called broiler farms. Sorry, I'm in my element on this topic
  7. No it doesn't. It says "The controversy centred over an applicant's nationality being used as a part of the automatic system", not race, colour or creed. If the system has a bias of white tourists over black tourists from South Africa for example then I would consider it racist
  8. Cooked chicken CAN be exported to the EU from Thailand but not currently from Vietnam. Believe it or not, the exported chicken is generally of very good quality and is hormone-free for the EU market
  9. They are not relocating per se, they are building additional facilities for supplying (primarily) the EU market when the FTA agreement is finally completed and cooked chicken is given the green light for export. .
  10. Satit Pitutecha, Deputy Public Health Minister (Centre) He's the one without the mask in case you were all wandering...
  11. Surely the pickup would have seen both cars with their hazards on ?
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