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  1. Although the Government poll differs and has the figure at 95%
  2. Yep, we train them up then they f@@k off abroad for better money...
  3. Again this isn't the full story. Firstly it was based on forecasts by the office of budget responsibility who are invariably wrong as there are too many moving parts at any one time to make a sound estimate. Secondly they themselves said over half of this is due to inflation " real household disposable income was £1,500 a year lower than the Office for Budget Responsibility’s pre-referendum forecast – with over half of this income hit due to higher than forecast inflation. "
  4. Where does it say that goods fell ? The Trade gap would be there whether Brexit happened or not. It's been widening since God was a boy... Where is your reference to the motor industry moving out ?
  5. A better source https://tradingeconomics.com/united-kingdom/exports Click max and it will show exports are up even after the referundum
  6. Our exports went up in 2017 (year after the referendum) granted exports were on a downwards trend from a peak in 2013 https://www.statista.com/statistics/472364/united-kingdom-uk-export-value/
  7. Speaking to a mate who lives in Suphan Kwai near the army HQ there was a lot of activity yesterday.
  8. Because no doubt she loved him and thought he would change his ways. "love" can blind many to their partners true colours.
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