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  1. No, the duty on retail should be the same based on country of origin, what you are seeing is the retailer adding their own margin. They've got to make some money too. I seem to recall that NZ and Aus wine are a lot cheaper than wine from USA as the former have agreements for reduced duties.
  2. I don't want to hijack the thread but what is the current rule on tourist visas these days? I spent 2 weeks last August, 2 weeks this Jan but went to Japan so got 2 stamps and am planning a week in April. All in all that's 4 stamps in 8 months. Am I going to have any issues?
  3. That's cold man. Humanity seems to be a rare trait in these selfish times.
  4. Do you really think their 'duty' involved escorting people out of the building under gunfire? I suspect their role was a lot more mundane than that, escorting people out when the fire alarm go's off for example. I know that mall very well, in fact I was only there a few weeks ago, all they seem to do is open the door for you and salute. I'm sure there's much more to their job than that but no-one would expect them to have to be in a position looking after shoppers while a mad gunmen is shooting anybody who moves. So yes, I do believe those guys are heroes, let's not belittle what they did. I wonder what we would all do if we were in their shoes.
  5. I don't think their job description involved taking down a heavily armed army sharpshooter.
  6. As I see it, the role of the security guard is not necessarily to challenge intruders but to report them to the police. They are eyes on the ground.
  7. What go's through these peoples head!? Lock him up for 6 months.
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