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  1. Judging by the headline, I thought the Thai's were going to other provinces to refill up their water canisters (and collecting 1500baht for doing so)!
  2. So Somchai is encouraged to go to another province for a mini vacation, spend 3k of money he doesn't have on accommodation and travel expenses only to receive 1500 baht back. Is it me or do I see a flaw in this plan ?
  3. Dollar is pegging strong against the pound at the moment so London might be a good bet. Plenty to see of course. Loads of cheap flights from the US. I take it you are based on the east coast?
  4. Oh absolutely and from documents I have seen internally there's no doubt prices WILL go up especially products such as imported bacon (as much as 35% IIRC). You are right, product groups that we take for granted (such as pineapples) will be hit hard and unless the supplier can find alternative outlets it means job losses in countries such as Guatemala. This has a massive global knock-on effect.
  5. I'm a remainer but I get peeved about this defeatist mentality. There's always solutions if people can cooperate. Sadly politicians from both sides are inclined not to do so.
  6. Absolutely but your post did nothing of the such. Businesses on both sides are going to be hurt.
  7. And in cash terms, UK exported £289billion to the EU in 2018, UK Imported £345billion from the EU. Small businesses don't bank %ages, they bank cash.
  8. Well thank-you for your defeatist post. If I can track a reefer container at any point at (pratically) any time from it's origin in Thailand to the UK, I',m sure someone can come up with a system to achieve a solution. Mankind has a knack of finding solutions, except politicans of course.
  9. Oh I agree with you but his underlying tone and how he presents himself does him no justice. He comes across badly.
  10. The difference is that the French ambassador to the UK has no bearing on what happens in Spain. Juncker was elected on a majority vote and the UK DID NOT vote for him. Perhaps that's why he hates us
  11. 10% of the most important industrie of the UK (see pic). Wow No, 10% of the most important export industries.
  12. You don't have to convince me, I voted remain albeit for a short while did see the merits of leaving but on the whole I'm a remainer. I have a fair understanding of the issues that this is going to cause. I will however say that you are only looking at the short-term damage. If the UK leaves and I don't think we will, we will adapt over time.
  13. They came from China, Counterfeit mate. They were once coconuts...
  14. I bring in pineapple and Mango from Guatemala in full reefer containers into Southampton. I pay the applicable duties. If the duty changes, for example WTO then this will be applicable to my competition too. My business has stores in Dundee, we would continue to ship product via our centralized depots as we do today. I'm not sure what your point is.
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