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  1. Nothing to do with "entitled" or "free". Access to the vaccine for farangs - at any price - is currently a clown show in Thailand. There's no reason Americans should not have access to some of the 500 million vaccines the USA decided to give away as a publicity stunt for Biden's first trip abroad. I still pay USA taxes - I've already paid for those. I - like you - expected nothing from the US government, until they decided to give away hundreds of millions of doses and announced that they have the infrastructure capacity to deliver 80 million doses by the end of June.
  2. Duh...brilliant. Now why couldn't the US Embassy think of that?
  3. I'm a 60+ year old American citizen living in Thailand and paying taxes back in the USA. With the USA pledging to give away 80 million doses of Pfizer vaccine globally by the end of June - where's mine??!! The Chinese consulate in BKK is vaccinating Chinese citizens living here. Shame on the USA that it is not taking equal care of its citizens abroad. If vaccinations can be done in a Costco parking lot, the US Embassy can find a way to offer vaccines to US citizens here!
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