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  1. Took 10-15 years in Australia, started in the early 70s.
  2. Well in the last two years I've only transferred over 200,000 baht per annum. The wife has an investment that nets her 30,000 a year and her homestay has a handy net profit (when not shutdown due to COVID). I'd say we live quite okay on about 450,000 baht per annum. No debts, no drinking/smoking/gambling, wife owns the land/house/business, 1 car, 1 wife and 2 Labs. We live in a remote rural northern location. She hasn't been out of the province for the last two years and I've only had two day trips out over the same period. Our days of international work/living/travelling are done and we are n
  3. Have had good success with honey in the water instead of vinegar. Might try vinegar next time.
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