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  1. On 2/22/2020 at 6:42 PM, saengd said:

    These are the rules of thumb that I know of (about three years old):


    15k per square metre unfinished.


    25K per square metre finished to Thai standards


    45k to Western standards


    55k to top end standard.

    I paid 13K per square meter in upper Nan province. The build finished in Feb last year. I'd say my build was far closer to Western standards than Thai standards and have had many comments to that regard. Spend considerable time to get a competent builder and yes indeed, make sure family are not supplying anything or working on it.

  2. I give my wife's mobile number at the Big C register as she is the member and more often than not is not with me. In more than a year I've received thousands of baht discounts (in total) and not once had to show any ID. But I can recall occasionally the wife has had to show her Thai ID card for a discount to be processed.


    Basically the same at Tesco Lotus although I don't ever recall the wife needing to show ID.

  3. Qantas still don't have a pilots agreement, regulatory approval or final business case approval by the board. The pilots agreement is looking difficult. Quite frankly, Qantas is looking to screw the pilots even more to do these flights and the pilots would rather not fly them under any conditions. These flights are a long way from being a certainly, let alone happening. Personally, I'd like to see them happen.

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  4. I got hugged by a Tom girl guest at our homestay last week. Neither of us seemed awkward about it. I've only ever had a Thai initiate a handshake once, and he offered his left hand which I shook with my left to avoid any issue.

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  5. Been in Nan 18 months now. IO is great. They are not perfect, 500 baht for a residence certificate and no receipt (and yes I know this is common practice elsewhere and not the highest price). The slow pace of life in Nan province suits us, we are just east of Pua in the foothills of the mountains, so 60 odd kilometers north of Nan. Last burning season it was obvious we suffered less than the rest of northern Thailand although there were three days where I'd never seen worse air pollution in my life. Having said that even on those days we were a long way off having the worst AQI levels. Expecting 8-9 degree minimums at our place next several days.

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  6. We had our first annual extension last month. I was expecting a visit, nothing. So a week out from the end of the one month extension got the wife to call to see why there had not been a visit...maybe you have overlooked us. Told they only randomly select for subsequent visits and to come in on the extension end date for the one year extension. Did so, and no issues.


    Then last week as we were leaving the IO after doing the 90 day report one of the head officers approaches us to say they came out for a surprise visit and couldn't find our house. Despite the accurate hand-drawn map, despite the name and location of our village shown, despite the GPS coordinates also on it, despite them having my and the wife's mobile numbers, despite it being a prominent house on a well used road. Beggars belief.


    BTW, my IO have never muttered a word about the TM30 this year when we have two 90 day report and the two visit annual marriage extension interactions.

  7. Met the now wife on Thai LoveLinks in June 2008, met her in person in Bangkok end September 2008. Legally married in Australia February 2010, Thai wedding August 2010. We commuted between Singapore and Bangkok until she left her nurse job and moved to Dubai to be with me in April 2013. Very very happy together.

  8. 2 hours ago, owenm said:

    Many major international airlines have experienced major financial hurdles, including QANTAS, Australia's major airline..


    The CEO cut his own salary and perks by about 50%, as well as cutting meat to the bone to reduce operational costs, cutting back on overtime, reducing management staff and paying bonuses, retiring older poor fuel efficient aircraft, leasing newer aircraft with better fuel efficiency.. Cutting back or culling unprofitable routes.. QANTAS was on the verge of bankruptcy, but by turning it around it is now quite profitable again, without having reliance on government handouts. But with sensible management decisions to rebuild the brand and go from operating in the red for several years, back into the black again..


    If Thai cannot see the writing on the wall by now and make major decisions to restructure their major national carrier, it will disappear like the Abyss.. 

    With respect owenm, if you are referring to QANTAS under the current CEO Joyce, it has never been on the verge of bankruptcy. There was a short period where Joyce and the Board went hysterical including demanding billions in a loan from the Federal Government and the operational shutdown was a calculated tactic by them to engineer an industrial outcome, it failed by the way. I'm a ten year QANTAS past employee and 25 years in the aviation industry so I know what I'm talking about. In anything other the low IQ country it is domiciled, THAI would be sold off out of government ownership or let fail. Not going to happen here though.

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