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  1. When someone gets to know and feel the power he has now. They never, let me repeat Never step down themselves. I can't remind myself of that happening anywhere anytime
  2. And he should continue to deny. Wasn't his office one of those overtaken by Prayuth so that the PM Prayuth could speed things up?
  3. I was sitting here and thinking where the fk did they come up with those figures. Are all those working immigrants also counted as expats
  4. I'm guessing they think their customers are older than 5 and will manage the reworked shop lol
  5. Ofc. I'm from Sweden and entered without Visa. Got COE and took Asq 15 days. Got here 5th May
  6. I would like to see a 10 year report from you. And also if you don't got kids but are having in the future, how they will be affected.
  7. Loan coming groom the inner circle ofcourse. The richer gets richer.
  8. Yes I'm Serbian and she's so stupid doing that <deleted>. What's funny is that she actually have Asian eyes herself haha
  9. Is there any way to block these posts regarding government plans this and that. I have not seen 1 plan come through the last 9 years I'm here.
  10. Tell me either her last or first name. Or end of phone number or something. I know a girl in Pattaya that recently had a throat operation because of cancer. What are the chances it's the same one lol
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