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  1. I missed those premonitions. Now they start again. With 500 businessmen a day quota I can see some matherrors. I think they will have more around 7 million. Or 12 million since they are going to remove all dogs. Perhaps 15 million since the water are now going to be clean. Baah. Let's just put it at 25 million..
  2. And the reason that you are not letting her come to Netherlands?
  3. Rofl. 300bht in Pattaya. 1000bht for cleaning and refill.
  4. Prayuths friends that a lending out money to the government. Don't you worry. It for sure comes with some nice interest rates..
  5. You're asking about the only country in world that decisions are made based on what side some minister woke up on. No one can give you an answer. Maybe 2022 or in 2h.
  6. Think it's only 350bht unlimited Internet 512 for a month. No GB limits. But if its a preferable choice by you then to not have it always on then ok. I never heard of data switching itself on. Only if you change simcards then it could happen
  7. How can this country survive with so many idiots in the top tier. All your economy is suffering because you have built your country around tourism. And now they have some ideas that 500 rich people are going to save the economy. Or that a businessman have time to quarantine 2 weeks. Where does all the ideas come from
  8. It doesn't matter but its not the same. But if you write that it's 11000 government fee and we all know it isn't then there's nothing wrong to correct it so that people understand its a bribe. It's for sure a valid stamp but still a bribe
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