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  1. Lol. If its about that then I wouldn't. But I'm now 9 years in Thailand and have my gf and are making a house.. I haven't been in Thailand for 15 months now, and just been working so I need 2 months vacation.
  2. Ok. So now we are actually heading somewhere. If I can choose my place to stay then I'm soon of to Thailand
  3. I guess the costs to think about is the costs if he ends up in hospital. If he has dementia then will he remember the passwords etc? It's a nice thought if you.
  4. Almost 4000thb daily. Who calculated this <deleted>.....
  5. They are all over 70. Look at the commercials. This and that PM and president and so on. See any over 70? They are protecting themselves and we elected them. Only old <deleted> ks in the governments
  6. You have to pay taxes. And the other 1 or 2 lawyers that you need to fulfill the quota 49/51 Really not worth it since government always have some mission to try and find these fake companies etc etc. Just buy a condo or house in a community instead.
  7. The more we try to vaccinate the more the virus is mutating. Virus mutates when they see an obstacle. So now we just have to wait for the Zimbieapocalyps
  8. What's all this talk about highspenders all the time. Its incredible about the focus on highspenders blabla
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