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  1. You need something to d/l it, ie 'Flud'. Then go to an appropriate site & click magnet d/l. Too lazy to be more explicit.
  2. You're winding us up, surely? Told that 'we' won't click on the link, then you ask the above questions.
  3. You mean click on a link from someone who joined 37 minutes ago? Not likely. If you really want some help, more details & a list of names is far better.
  4. Underlying conditions, not condition. It makes a big difference to the outcome & most certainly the age of the patient is a contributing factor. It seems that Covid is - in many cases, the 'final straw' as it were, that hastens, & contributes to death, but is not, the sole cause. Referencing your first paragraph. Yes, I agree, but let's keep all of this in proportion, & not let the media whip us all up into a frenzy. Which is what they want, as it "sells copy".
  5. Foibles....? That's a bit of a misperception. Try some Marmite, lots of B vitamins apparently. Boosts neurotransmitters in the brain, old chap.
  6. Just had a thought Crossy... Perhaps you could knock something like this up to use when moderating. Instead of a warning from you, the device could send a few volts to the troublesome member (tvf member I mean ) I'll most probably order the Habdotest one. Thanks. @Crossy
  7. Yes, but there is a lot more content about, that NF doesn't have.
  8. Raining here in Nongbualamphu since about 4am.
  9. Thanks for all your helpful replies. Much appreciated.
  10. I want to be able to test the voltage from the plugs around the house, not only to see if they're safe, but also to know if they are delivering 240v, so it should incorporate a digital readout. I've seen voltage pens on Lazada, but have no idea if they're any good. Any suggestions please?
  11. While you're fiddling about, squirt a little bit of switch cleaner on the buttons. After 10 years, they're probably full of gunk.
  12. Well, I never knew that Daffy....just tried it & e07 will finish d/l in a few minutes. Kap.
  13. Been trying to d/l s01e07 of The Queen's Gambit. I've posted a screenshot - with d/l source removed, that shows there is a 26/62 seeders/leechers ratio, but although it's been d/l for around 18 hours, it's stuck at 42.8%. Tried deleting it & downloading again, but same problem. Anyone got any idea what is going on?
  14. Quoting the last sentence from the above link: "So the real scandal is: Why did anyone ever listen to this guy?"" And why did they - that is, the governments, act on his advice for so long?
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