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  1. A brachial neuritis from dental extractions, sounds very odd, if not unlikely. I would suggest she sees a Neurologist. I'll tag @Sheryl to get her attention.
  2. Has anyone found a torrent for Danny Boy as mentioned by Sanuk? https://www.standard.co.uk/culture/tvfilm/danny-boy-review-bbc-2-battle-war-drama-b934675.html It's had very good reviews, but I can't see it anywhere...
  3. Why do you keep checking your profile, because if you didn't, you wouldn't know that - as you allege, people keep looking at it ?
  4. Bloomin' heck Rob... what a generalisation! It really is not about being a baby boomer, but the personality of some of them, especially on here where there does seem to be rather a lot of very odd characters. My acquisition of knowledge since the internet, has improved markedly. I may not have all the skills that you possess in using the internet, but as I am retired, I don't need to. Just look at the way, so many younger people slavishly follow FB, & believing so much of the rubbish on there. The vacuos (sp) idolisation of celebrity; & they
  5. I miss Daffodils, often thought about growing some up here in Issaan with the cold winters. Just haven't seen any bulbs though.
  6. Hardly gonna say that they are overcharging, now are they? Unless the translation didn't accurately describe what he said, it seems - well to me at least, an odd statement.
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