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  1. I quite agree with them. I also think that the cartoons in question, must include a transgender Pig. As this of course, reflects real life. Additionally, I think it would be a jolly good idea to have Meghan advertising the Fire Service. My reasoning might possibly get me sent to the Tower.
  2. How many female brick layers are there? Or female waste collectors? (please note, 'b' & not 'p'. )
  3. Bloomin' heck Will, you're on fire with all your recommendations!! Thanks, as always.
  4. Our Homeland https://www.japantimes.co.jp/culture/2012/07/27/films/film-reviews/kazoku-no-kuni-our-homeland/
  5. I didn't know that, & I really must have PSA, this information is very useful. And Sheryl, thank you for all your invaluable advice. However, being in my 60's, going 'without' for 3 days is quite easy.
  6. But I don't miss pushing the laden trolley across the carpark, when it's pishing with rain.
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