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  1. blah, blah, blah.... Amazon won the contract, that's all. All this 'humanitarian' malarkey, & 'helping communities'? Tax advantage. Nice, gumpy comment to start the day....na?
  2. One of my very favourite actresses from times gone by, although not a child star, she could sing, act & dance. Loved her in 'Calamity Jane' & 'Move over darling' was a lovely song. Still alive at 95 years.
  3. Going way back in time aren't we..... I never cared for Minelli though.
  4. Would you please explain your point about Testosterone excretion?
  5. Especially the Cannabis users, with their weird sex parties, & crazy behaviour. Off with their heads I say!!
  6. Absolutely, but some do - young people experiment with lots of things, & addiction can & does follow.
  7. Had a 'mate' who worked at Leyland at the Oxford plant - highly skilled job putting in fascias. I remember him working 'a three day week' which later went down to ' one day week' all on full pay. Yup, Red Robbo......! However, Scargill was right, & Thatcher ruined the coal industry. Even though Trade Union's have done considerable damage in the past, the do a lot of good. Be great to see a Union here. But I doubt it'll ever happen. Really 360 baht a day, is dreadful, but it does keep the 'hoi polloi' in there place. (sarcasm) Tried 3 times to put a Sarcastic emoji, but they just don't load.
  8. 40mg starting dose of Omeprazole is a huge amount, as it doesn't sound like GERD. I would go & see a Gastroenterologist, & get this investigated thoroughly.
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