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  1. She's not come up with any solutions, just got angry & blamed 'grown ups'.
  2. Chomper Higgot. How about you explain why you think my post # 1695 deserves a 'confused' sticker? I asked some valid questions. Can I expect the nonsensical reply from you again, same last time, or will you explain why she's so popular?
  3. Really don't understand what all the fuss is about, & why she is being admired.... She doesn't speak particularly well, the content of her speeches are poor, yet way too many people look at her as if she's a Messiah. Then, when people criticize her, they're labelled as 'bitter old men'.
  4. Be that as it may, it still doesn't make the xr actions responsible.
  5. To add: I think the extent to which these people are protesting, is completely unacceptable, because they are a huge, unnecessary drain on the Police. Cressida Dick said that it takes the Police away from violent crime: https://www.standard.co.uk/comment/comment/cressida-dick-extinction-rebellion-protests-drawing-police-away-from-violent-crime-battle-a4259276.html Everyday it seems, another young person dies from being stabbed.
  6. Couldn't agree more... And they can post pictures on FB & Instagram, talk about 'saving mankind' & get to wear a T shirt, with a slightly dangerous looking logo. All looks a lot like Greenham Common on Steroids & the CND malarkey. Except many of 'em don't appear to be the great unwashed, but rather healthy middle class lefties..
  7. Oh Swissie, I am so sorry for your loss, truly. Throughout my life, & especially over the last few years, I have lost my parents, & some close relatives. Yes, it's a sad time, but after a while, it becomes distant I hope that when I'm on that path, I just have enough Morphine analgesia. I wouldn't want to throw my money, away to extend my life, when the quality of it, would be poor. Think of the good times.
  8. Well Tom, it all sounds positive, & this get may be on the right track. I hope so. I see Star has been prescribed some Enrofloxcin for a possible skin infection.... Over 5 years ago, I had a rash & a lot of itching down there, went to the doctor many times, given lots of antifungal creams, had a biopsy, and nothing cured it. Tried Fucidin antibacterial cream, & my symptoms cleared up in a week. Whatever happens Tom, you will find an answer, I'm sure. Fingers crossed.
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