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  1. Thanks Spaniel. Good question - too bad some did not read your post carefully, Your question is a matter of real concern to many of us. I am 64 now, and about 3 years ago I developed severe chest pains while in bed at night. I knew from the symptoms that is was probably not a heart attack or stroke. Luckily, my partner at the time was a nurse. She, however, thought it may have been a heart attack or a stroke. She quickly drove me to the local government hospital - the staff assumed a mild heart attack, and responded accordingy. Tests came back negative - diagnosis, severe heart burn. Then early last year, just after midnight, my then partner had a severe allergic reaction to a new medication she was taking. "Call an ambulance" she said. "No, I do NOT want you to take me to hospital, call an ambulance now" she demanded. I woke her 20 year year old daughter who was staying with us at the time; the daughter called the ambulance. Then partner was ok after 12 hours in hospital. I later learnt that her daughter had to provide detailed instructions to the ambulance people on how to get to our house. Lesson - unless you are going to a private hospital, maybe, and you need an ambulabce, you need someone with you who speaks Thai. So - the lesson - if you are not youngish and living alone, and you want to live, you need to plan for a medical emergency at home. I know of an elderly Thai-farang couple in their early 70s who live nearby. They are both in fair-good health, and still mobile. They have employed two young Thais to stay with them 24/7 on 12 hour daily shifts, with another young Thai to stay with them when the other 2 have their weekly day of, or cannot work for some reason. Another elderly farang couple I know have employed a full-time nurse to live with them 24/7; they get another person in one day a week when the nurse has her day off.
  2. Some interesting comments here - some of which I agree with. The world, and indeed countries, are not united in their approach to COVID-19. Some are cautious - in lockdown, wear masks, socal distancing, etc. - others are almost acting as normal - possibly Brasil, USA, UK, etc. What is clear is that most national economies and the global economy has taken a big hit, and it will get worse. Globally hundreds of millions of people are now unemployed, personal savings are declining. National economic stimulus packages cannot last for years, unless governments print money, which in turn will create massive inflation, which in turn will make economies worse. Rioting in Thailand? A real possibility, especially with the Bangkok power elite running the country, and 95% of the Thai population suffering while the elite carry one stattus quo. So to an issue which no one in this thread has raised - where are the real tourists to Thailand going to come from? Not the business people or neighbouring country traders who come to Thailand daily for a few days or so; not those with familes in Thailand who want to come back and remain in Thaialnd. But real leisure tourists? For example, how many people in Australia, or China, or India, or Russia, or the UK, or the USA, who often come to Thailand as tourists now have the savings to come to Thailand for a 2-4 weeks holiday? How many would want to come if they had the money? How long before the international airlines get back into operation? How long before countries drop the manadatory 2-3 week quarantibe requirements for all people entering from overseas? There may be some foreign tourists coming to Thailand later this year. But it will be several years before international tourism returns to 'normal', as many many people do not have a job, others do not have any savings, etc.
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