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  1. Some interesting comments here. I suppose the first questions are what is your lifestyle and cost of living in Australia and Thailand, as well as where do you live in these countries? Before coming to Thailand, I lived in Cairns, Queensland - 230 sq metre house on 1361 sq metre block of land backing onto a golf course, 5 minutes drive to the beach. The propery sold in early 2013 for Baht 12 million in today's Baht (Baht 18 million at the time). Renting a similar property close by now would set me back about Baht 40,000 a month (according to recent research via Google). Now I live near the beach in Hua Hin. In the 2 years prior to coming to Thailand, I kept a record of all my expenses in Australia, down to each coffee, each lottery ticket, etc. In my first year in Thailand, my cost of living was about 65% of what it was in Australia (I owned my house in Australia, but rented in Thailand, so I made some adjustments to the figures to take these differences into account). Recently, when the Aus dollar dipped below Baht 24 to the dollar, I looked again at the cost of living in Australia. And as several posts here have noted, the cost of living has gone up substantially over the past 6 years, as have some costs in Thailand. Buying a new Honda or Toyota car is now about 70% more expensive in Thailand than in Australia; but on most other factors, Thailand is still much cheaper than Australia. Dental work is certainly much cheaper in Thailand, as are most medications. I go to a Thai government hospital when necessary, or to a private clinic, never a private hospital. Overall, medical costs are less here than in Australia. For now I am staying in Thailand. But, if, and I hope not 'when', the Australian dollar falls to Baht 15, I shall relook at the issue of moving back to Australia. Good luck.
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