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  1. True, but previously it would put you to the last page you saw. Now it either sends you to first or last page of the whole thread. The >> at the pages also sends you to last page of the thread... Then from there I back peddled... Really only annoying on Thai Visa's lightest thread - "Worst Joke Ever" that's adding pages daily. RIP Warfie and thank you @Crossy for bringing it back to life.
  2. Not necessarily. Maybe he was just living the good life expecting it to last forever when times were good, then trusted wrong person, or was in business that got hit by COVID... maybe has a kid... not same situation for everyone.
  3. Saw mouse buttons melted away by some, who also suffered gout... would it be possible that someone who has lots of uric acid in body (or otherwise low pH... or alkaline one on the other end), would it be possible sweat could also be acidic and that could be the reason for destroying furniture? Maybe get a pH meter (or strips) and try to check what the acidity level of your sweat is.
  4. Thank you for the article. Very insightful. The only issue is that N95 is only effective for 2 hours before it needs to be changed. I would dare to bet people reuse them or use them far longer than 2 hours, which, as article suggests, could discharge the masks and lower their efficiency. Regardless, very good article. Appreciated.
  5. COVID is a lot smaller than what even best HEPA filters can stop. N95 mask filters 95% of pm2.5, where COVID is pm0.15.
  6. HIV is trouble. Normally, T-cells (attack cells of your immune system) will attack the virus and kill it, where T-cell generally survives. But with HIV the virus attacks T-cells, turns them into factories to produce more HIV viruses. COVID is something in between. COVID attacks T-cells, but in the process, both virus and the T-cell die. It is therefore possible that if person has compromised immune system (permanently, or bad luck - just went through some other disease that has affected it) the viruses could outnumber the defenses, resulting in severe symptoms of disease. Microchip
  7. Once the plane is in the air and the ventilation systems are on, especially if they added UV-C lamps at the HEPA filters that circulate the air, the probability of infection would be close to 0. I think each infected person cold only infect one person sitting in front, and side of him, due to the way the air flow works on a modern jet. However... that's not the case in airports, and certainly not on the way to the plane (boarding tunnel or a bus), queue of people in close proximity getting into the plane and to their seats... And same for disembarking. It would be my humble opinion that these
  8. Wouldn't you be happy if Thai health minister showed such care and compassion for the dirty farang that not only would government let you stay in the country for a year without a visa, but offer you the first batch of (given average age of TV poster) life saving medicine even before giving it to their own people. Talk about hi-so farang! What's the worst that could happen? Maybe next life you're born Thai! Win-Win!
  9. Guinea Pigs. Test vaccine on farang who want to stay here first, and if all survive, give it to Thais...
  10. Same problem as always... trouble if the bubble breaks...
  11. I am personally enjoying the lack of Chinese around my place. So personally I would love it to last. Enjoyed curfew as well. Maybe if they just bring it back would be great...
  12. Chinese however don't travel to any destination with unrest. So with street protests escalating, unless that's over by then, don't expect many or any to come.
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