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  1. I wasn't a landlord. I was staying at a hotel owned by a friend and when an Aussie former boss of mine had a streak of bad luck so I offered to pay for his room for a few months until he gets back on his feet. On last day he was moving out, the reception called me and asked if I was OK with the bill... well, I thought it was fine, I mean I promised to pay, right... When I got back to hotel, I was presented with over 50,000 baht surcharges on top of the monthly fees... Asking what on Earth that was about - I was shown the list of international calls in last days before moving out...
  2. There must be - I see planes taking off around midnight from DMK.
  3. I'd like to see that for many who are on this forum and depend on foreign income. However - had Thailand done that, your government would be screaming that Thailand is a currency speculator. Which it is already doing now, at 30 or so per dollar. What does US government want? 1$ = 1 THB?
  4. If Thailand allowed foreigners to buy land, they would have none left for locals as foreigners would have bought all of it off and pushed locals out. Average Thai doesn't have the finances to compete with those that earn many times more than them on average. Somewhat like Canadians being pushed out of their own homes by Chinese investors. Or Arabs buying off whole areas of London, pushing locals to suburbs. Even I can't own land for not having applied for citizenship (though I am eligible to apply, and no, I'm not married), I fully support this policy. Thai government's job is to w
  5. I'm sorry but how can it be @Neeranam's fault that you completely failed your long term planning? Surely you had to know the conditions of staying in this country before you chose it as your retirement home.
  6. Well, if they didn't, you'd get 25 baht for your pound. I guess those relying on foreign income/pensions would enjoy Thailand's end to currency manipulation.
  7. It is already penniless society in many places...
  8. No. I was wearing LG's Puricare HEPA mask, but had to remove it before she started working on teeth.
  9. Mine had a surgical mask and asked me to rinse mouth with something that tasted like Betadine before procedure. She did ask me whether I've been out of Thailand recently, though. I wasn't but no proof was asked for that either.
  10. I think lockdown might be a good idea. Really not surprised by the daily numbers anymore. This is at [let me delete the name of large shopping center in Pratunam not to get sued for defamation]. New Japanese restaurant just opened. An absolute Must Visit for last supper. https://www.facebook.com/PPTVHD36/posts/5876511439033253
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