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  1. Being over 50, and an ex smoker/heavy drinker, I don't know weather or not I would be strong enough to pull through if I cought the virus. I would sooner take my chances with the vaccine if one was available to me. Im not fussy which one, but obviously, if I had a choice, it would be AZ or Pfizer.
  2. A very good tried and tested remedy is to chop up a small amount of tobacco into I fine pile, then mix it with some coffee grounds 50/50 ratio, and roll it into very small balls. The chin chuks will be attracted to the coffee and eat it, but the tabaco will kill them. Another is to put some coffee grounds in the middle of one of those sticky pads for catching mice, and place it on top of the wardrobe. Another is to get a cat, and last but not least, you could learn to live with them. That was my preferred choice, until they broke a couple of my air cons by shorting the moth
  3. I've had a muscle relaxant over the counter here called biocalm. It contains tolperisone. Not sure if it's similar or not, but it's easily available, and affective, so may be worth checking.
  4. Sorry, I posted the English to Thai version. A YouTube search in Thai will give you the Thai to English
  5. I would think that even if you're not religious, your nearest catholic Church would be the best place to get info. The only place I've ever noticed a cemetery was opposite a church on the ubon ring road, so I would imagine that most large cities would have one.
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