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  1. Apart from being able to drink water direct from the tap (faucet), And walking on an evenly paved road, I can't think of any other positives of living back in the UK. Oh, add to that, the availability of tea bags now tesco have abandoned us.
  2. As they are territorial creatures, why not try playing their call from YouTube on a loudspeaker? It works in Eastern Europe with wolves, so it will probably work with tokey's. Just make sure you don't play the mating call
  3. There's one in the Soi just outside the big tesco lotas car park that advertises help with UK visas etc. Never used it, but noticed it when walking past. Maybe worth a try.
  4. How about a new inverter air conditioner, and double glazing? Seriously, I bet if you weighed up the pros and cons of living in the US or cm, cm will win hands down, I can tell this even though I don't know you. You haven't lived there for 40 years for a reason, even if you never realised it. Add to that, that it's probably gone down hill since the good old days, and homepro are doing a sale with interest free finance on all patio doors while stocks last. That bit I made up
  5. Buy a large wall safe with a flat front. Dig out a large cube in a private room put the wall safe in, surrounded by ree bar, and pour in some concrete, so as the door is facing up, and is flush with the floor. Allow to dry and cover with movable object that is sympathetic to the decor...... Jobs a good'n.
  6. I remember a similar case, years ago in samui, the lady got 2 years in prison.
  7. You'll find out the correct answer to your question when you take your car for its test. If it passes, then good for you, and if it fails, then you'll just have to get it fixed and go back. You should test your horn on a 12v current before you decide its something else.... Maybe you can buy a replacement second hand.
  8. I have had a company that earns zero profit for the last 9 years. Its a 2m bht company, and it costs me between 12 and 15 thousand baht per annual ordit by a accountant, filed to the revenue office on my behalf. I say between 12 and 15 because I've moved province and have used 3 different accountants in the process, but it's pretty much in line with your 1000 per month. You can fail to complete the audit for 5 years before the tax office takes action against you, and any late annual audit is penalised with 1000baht penalty.
  9. I remember asking my wife a few years ago, why a new car was being driven around with no red plates, and she said that local people who don't travel outside their area choose not to have them to cut costs of purchase, and that it's generally accepted by the local police in our town. As for insurance, you should check if your better half took advantage of any 1 year free insurance offer from your dealer, then check with the dealer if its valid without any plates.
  10. My advice would be to cut down on your alcohol consumption, but not totally. Then if you have to go to the shop, pick a time of day that's not too hot, and walk. Even pick a shop that's not the closest, and maybe a rout that's not the fastest, but the pleasantest. You'll end up getting exercise without exercising, fresh air, and by the time you get home, youll feel like you've filled your day a little bit. Next step, go to bed around a certain time, and get up around a certain time, even if it means lying in bed but not sleepy. Set an alarm for morning. Don't drink tea or coffee after 6pm , and forget about anti depressants. They are the start of a downward spiral for a lot of people.
  11. I did the same. New passport. New adress. Got a letter from the licence office, took in to immigration, got it stamped and took it back. No drama and not expensive. Can't remember the price but it wasn't a lot. I think in the low hundreds for car and motorbike
  12. I was talking about a camera up my penis
  13. I've attended Sisaket imm. today, and was told the exact thing in person. Accompanied by a very sincere "don't worry" when I tried to raise some potential issues. I would advise anyone to still try to apply online, or attend in person, as it could be interperated differently at different offices. It was a long time coming, but looks like common sense has prevailed nationally.
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