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  1. Ah yes: " If there is no immigration office in the province or locality of the respective house or hotel, the notification is made to the local police station. In Bangkok the notification is made to the Immigration Bureau" That isn't totally clear however. For example there are at least two immigration offices in Chiang Rai province. But if they are a very long distance from where you are staying and there is a Police Station close by, then I assume the Police Station is OK as there is no immigration office in your "locality"
  2. I thought I read somewhere that the TM-30 could be done at a police station instead of the immigration office ? Or is that the 90-day report.
  3. I've used them several times, and highly recommend them. It may depend on the individual office you use - mine have always been from Chiang Rai airport and the service has always been excellent. The cars are fairly new and well maintained.
  4. Thanks - I've passed the Mae Sai office dozens of times so I know that one. Never seen one on the airport bypass road, I'll keep an eye out for it next time.
  5. I've just become aware of this new requirement, and it will affect my wife's renewal. Painful. Her Thai passport and ID is in her maiden name, but her British passport in married name. Presumably if you don't have a foreign passport at the time of application, then there is no problem. If you had lost your foreign passport and not got another, it would be cancelled, and then you have no un-cancelled passport copies to provide ? Best solution is for my wife to ask for the British passport to be renewed under the maiden name - I assume they would do that ?
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