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  1. If you are ever in Khon Kaen , go to the Pullman hotel where they brew their own draught German beers and I have to say the best lager beer I have ever tasted , draught or bottled .
  2. Your description is typical throughout Thailand's roads . A case of where the new world meets the old i.e. farmers driving unlit tractors ( probably uninsured ) on high speed highways and often in the outside lane for a mile or so to turn right .Often no warning of road works until you are right on top of them and often poorly lit . It is one of the reasons that I do not like to drive at night in Thailand but not only farmers at fault , every day modern vehicles both private and commercial being unlit ( especially in the fast lane ) , maneuvering without signaling , heavy trucks occupying the
  3. 1 point for consideration may be the service intervals on new motors . On my ladies Mitsu Attrage there is no escaping servicing because of low mileage as they also state a time period regardless of the motors mileage . Some of the services are not cheap and only yesterday when having a 2 year service they told my lady that the battery was only working at 80% and needed replacing for 4000 baht . I politely rejected their offer .
  4. but if you have the reg; no; and box it has traceability and authenticity , if not I would not be tempted to buy it . Even burglars know that such a valuable item is dodgy because of traceability . I am sure you know that there is a global log that is shared amongst jewelers that when offered the watch to buy they simply enter the watch number to see if it has been stolen . Was it a legit buy ? I won my Rolex Submariner in a card game 30 years ago and pawned it in eventually for a quarter of the value cos no log book etc . BTW what model is your Omega De Ville ? Copies ha
  5. Some might say if a lifetime of NICs has been made in the UK then a full entitlement of the meagre UK state pension along with annual increases should be made regardless of your chosen country of retirement . Indeed the rules of the pension need rewriting as they are out of date and no longer applicable to modern day living . The UK government know this but are hiding behind the archaic pension rules (at every appeal) which clearly spell out the penalties if living ex domicile and every new signature on enrolment to the scheme would never have read all the lengthy ts & cs . As
  6. So true and that was part of the attraction to Thailand 15- 20 years ago . Everyone knew they were buying fakes or copies and did not care . I remember Louis Vuitton handbags being really popular and I for one bought many golf shirts and friends did the same and took them back to the UK along with England football shirts that at the time the real ones were selling for around £50 and all the shops sold out . They made enough money for their return flights to Thailand the following year . Footnote , the real England shirts had a hologram saying ENGLAND , the copies said ENDLAND .
  7. No mention of hotels so I assume included cos they have restaurants and bars .
  8. I read recently that half the UK pensioners with frozen pensions were only receiving £65 per week on average . To overcome that is the following option feasible and legal ? 1 / Have a postal address in one of the reciprocal social security benefits countries . 2 / Have a bank account in the postal address country that facilitates online banking . 3/ Your UK pension paid into the above account from where it can be transferred to a place of your choice . Apologies for drifting slightly from the main topic .
  9. Sorry , I missed a 0 and it is now 1.408 ( not 1.48 ) and climbing , nice to see you are paying attention
  10. I have not read anywhere recently about the performance of the GBP against other currencies but most importantly for me , the Thai baht . It seems that every day the pound is strengthening against the baht , today at 10 00 am 1 gbp = 42.25 baht and the months forecast is for a similar trend , also against the US dollar 1.48 $ to the £ Any TVF currency gurus know why ?
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