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  1. Hi Jim , I think most readers will agree with your post , What I feel should happen is for all tourists to be covered by their own insurance as I believe that this is the problem area of unpaid medical treatment bills . With regards to the visa scenario , the agent thingy is the way to go for me and others who I speak to . No hassle , just go with the flow . But who knows what the next move by the Thai government will be that will concern farangs .
  2. Support forum also unavailable
  3. I am unable to access the Classifieds on the top bar of the main page . Results at my end say you have an error . All other categories are available . Not sure if it is my security preventing access but nothing to suggest that is the case
  4. Non payment of hospital bills by tourists has probably spawned this insurance scheme . For me I would propose that for all tourists there should me mandatory insurance . Take them out of the equation and the problem will be much reduced . A foreigner married to a Thai and supporting their family should be exempt from commercial insurance and be given the same government health benefits as per Thai national . For all long stay retirees who are not married , this to me is the most complicated area that needs to be addressed . There are many 1000"s of guys over the age of 70 years who reside in Thailand and insurance premiums are beyond reach for most . The Thai government need to take a rain check on their proposals and I would suggest that the current over 65 year old long stay residents be exempt form the new regulations and that the new insurance rules be introduced to all new comers in say a years time . That will mean that those who intend to retire in Thailand will comply with the new rules or bypass Thailand and look at other countries . Am I being biased to farangs ? I think not , just being reasonable . I wonder if the Thai government has thought their proposals through . There are enough problems with routine Thai visas but chuck in the new insurance rules and exacerbation of confusion will happen . KISS
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