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  1. Soooo true and I am glad that I retained a UK property . However I can understand the folk who decided to sell up their home / assets and commit there retirement years in Thailand , especially if say 10 or more years ago . If from the UK the only way out is for them to get on a flight back to the UK and place themselves at the mercy of social services . I reckon there should be a health warning for perspective retirees to Thailand . No safety net here , goal posts can be moved at any time and I fear that mandatory health insurance for all visitors and long stayers is on the horizon and will be part of the visa application .
  2. ......and here we go with the Conspiracy Theory Globalist drivel. Sometimes the truth hurts . The EU strategy of a single European parliament is an open secret
  3. This one off Brexit has brought to the fore many weaknesses in the UK governance . Elected MPs , do they vote in parliament with their constituents preferences on Brexit ( in order to be re-elected ? ) or do they follow some personal beliefs ? or do they follow their parties whip ? The above scenario does not help in the final Brexit decision . There is belief from several EU countries that the EU common market has passed its sell by date and that a Brexit no deal will trigger France & Italy to follow . The EU negotiating bullies are demonstrating to others who may consider leaving the EU that its not worth it . TM has proved she should not have been at the helm from the start as she lost 2 Brexit secretaries due to her stubborn ways . In private industries a performance as of TM would not be tolerated and she would have been kicked out by the shareholders . This Brexit bull needs to be taken by the horns and brought to a conclusion but I fear alas that the UK politics will not permit it .
  4. Could it be that TM is playing a smart game of poker ? 1/ Why would the PM insist on such a lousy deal when all of her own party are urging her to rethink ? It could be that she made this deal knowing full well that it would be unacceptable . 2/ Why has she and her colleagues been seeking multiple future global trade deals ? 3/ " Running down the clock " to leave just 2 options on the table which will result in a No Deal EU exit and that is what I think she is planning . 4/ However , even if the " Back Stop " was resolved there are other issues that are unpalatable to the Brexiteers and would make the UK an EU colony . 5/ Why are there so many MPs going against the wishes of their electors ? Could there be a conflict of interests ? 6/ When the referendum was made the choice was stay or leave . No mention of leaving the EU with a host of provisos . In fact the 39 billion pounds savings by leaving the EU was never denied and the weekly 300 million pounds saving was projected to the much needy NHS .
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