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  1. I had a similar problem and asked the UK Barclays if they could extend the expiry date on the debit card because I was stranded in Thailand . They said it was out of their hands and the card would not work after the end date . They would not send the new card to Thailand , only my UK address . So I got my son to give me a picture of the new card and I wrote down the new card number ( account number and sort code stay the same ) , he also sent me the new pin number . This enabled me to transfer money via WISE to my Thai account
  2. The UK like many western countries is fast becoming a cashless country i.e. credit or debit card for all purchases and now cash payments for services rendered , or for goods , are being refused and only contactless cards are being accepted ( contactless is where the card is placed over the card reader which then reads the chip , for those who are not aware ) . Indeed there have been instances in super markets where customers with shopping trollies full to the brim with groceries , have been turned away because of trying to pay with cash and not card . Even taxis and bars prefer cards an
  3. Lets face it , the Thai authorities have not planned ahead for the pandemic to hit Thailand and have behaved accordingly with apathy and now they have no control of the virus spread , public social distancing / provincial travel , vaccine procurement or inoculation programme . In short they have lost control . Other nations have suffered greatly despite having taken strict control of covid infections , so I fear a tragedy is imminent in S.E.Asia along the same lines as India . BTW are they including the field hospitals when they quote prisons ? cos there aint much difference .
  4. superal

    Small flies

    In my local bar , farang landlords wife who is Thai had 1 of those tiny flies enter her ear . Landlord blew cigarette smoke into her ear and I said that the smoke had come out of the opposite ear , as a joke , however they did not think it was funny cos I was in tears from laughter cos she thought it was true .
  5. Two possibilities from my crystal ball , 1/ Imminent , all airlines will require flyers to have had a full vaccine course before flying and a fourteen day lapse post inoculation , 2/ Thailand makes vaccine inoculation mandatory in country , using any available vaccine or if there are a choice of vaccines available a monetary supplement will apply . 3/ It would not surprise me to see all farangs in Thailand be required to be vaccinated , probably with sinovac , in the very near future before a general roll out to the Thai population .
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