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  1. Most provinces allow drink to be bought but not consumed on the premises of a bar or restaurant . Is that the case in Pattaya when staying in a hotel i.e. can your hotel sell you a beer and let you drink it on their outside tables . Because if the answer is no , where can you drink it ?
  2. Soooo true . I have picked up some Thai and live in the north east of Thailand where there is a hybrid of Thai and Cambodian spoken . When I attempt to speak in my best Thai they often look at me with their mouths open and say mai kao-jai ( not understand ) and then giggle . Getting the words right is one thing but then there has to be the right tone as one word can have several meanings , kao-jai mai
  3. Do you think the 2 cars will be right offs ? would be the case in the UK but here ? I have a friend whose 4 year old pick up hit an unlit stationary truck at night on a country road . The cab was badly damaged but the insurance would not right it off , instead repaired it with a new can etc and saved themselves 50,000 baht . Took about 5 months and no free loan car
  4. Yours were extenuating circumstances and there should be consideration or concessions for special cases . For what its worth you are not alone as many folks have been unable to say goodbye to loved ones in their final moments of life even when being in the same country or town . However as you say , why put yourself at risk of catching the virus ? I have a friend who is in the same predicament with a close relative in her 80's in the i.c.u. with the virus . No visitors allowed . Tough times for many and sorry to hear of your plight .
  5. 2 weeks ago BBC news reported that bookings for holidays in the UK by Brits were up 60% from last year . Also we are not far away from the peak holiday weeks for Europeans i.e. July & August and too late to book a Thai holiday for then . I think Thailand tourism will recover to a level below that of pre covid19 . Vietnam is fast becoming an attractive alternative to the over priced Thailand that has lost its sparkle . Sorry to digress slightly .
  6. Please show where I said virus mutations were caused by Chinese eating habits . What is being sought is the origin of the virus and there is popular speculation that humans caught the virus from eating bats , civet cats etc . The laboratory theory is also believed but since it has been closed it will be difficult to prove . One thing is for sure is that this is a brand new covid strain with a high infection rate never seen in recent times and the mystery being where / how did it cross to humans . It does appear there are various strengths of the virus as I read recently the Italian and most of Europe strain were more potent than the Thai virus . I think most folks would agree that Chinese eating habits are disgusting and their government has imposed a ban of eating live animals and fish etc .
  7. Yes and that is on a Sunday , however if you go to their July flights they show at least 4 flights a week and taking bookings . That must be an assumption that certain embargoes are lifted but for sure it will still be a one way ticket for some time to come .
  8. You really need to wake up to the world of China which is like no other country in its vile eating habits . Do you know how to use Google search ? in case the following link disappears just type in on the top bar 8 animals eaten alive in China https://china-underground.com/2014/08/16/7-animals-eaten-alive-in-china-graphic-content/ , these eating habits have been going on a lot longer than 8 months . Also what do you think they do in laboratories , make stink bombs ? DUH , In Wuhan they experiment with pathogens and the particular lab has all but been shut down so the truth of the virus origin may never be known .
  9. U turns are highly dangerous and are the scene of many accidents in Thailand . So what you have is an important manoeuvre being carried out by an unskilled rider who is devoid of any riding/driving education , pulling out into the fast lane of oncoming traffic with vehicles being driven by other drivers of low driving skills . its a recipe for disaster . Roundabouts would be a better option but can cause traffic jams and also confusion to the Thai drivers . Fly overs are the safest bet but expensive . BTW have you seen where the motor cyclists make their own wooden bridges between two highways that are separated by a wide ditch ?
  10. Your assumption is the virus came from animals which has not been proved . If it came from animals , as you say , why has it not been infecting people before the last 8 months ? The disgusting despicable Chinese eating habits that include eating bats , cats , live snake , fish , mice , donkey , frogs , bats , monkey brains , yes live monkeys tied up with their heads poking through the table and its brains eaten , makes the theory of animal cross infection believable but so does the laboratory created virus being biased to many scientists . I hope you are wrong about another virus on the way or indeed a second wave of covid 19 in a mutated version . One thing appears to be certain and that is China has a lot of questions to answer but the truth may never be known .
  11. Just checked Eva and they are selling flights starting 1st July but not flying every day maybe 4 times a week London to Bangkok but I reckon they are just going through the motions knowing full well those flights will not be available until such times that the UK can show a clean country rid of the virus for at least a month . If the $100,00 dollar insurance and fit to fly rules are still in place there will be few if any visitors to Thailand so no demand for flights .
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