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  1. But a divorce settlement means you have severed connections with your ex and also out of their influence and control . TMs deal maintains close connections , under their control , without any say or influence on EU matters that may well concern and effect the UK . To be fair to the voters none of the last couple of years of disappointing negotiations could have been foreseen . What is so amazing is that the negotiations lasted so long , given the outcome and TM deal which is a no brainer to reject . Writing was on the wall when D. Davies resigned as UK Brexit secretary because of the stubbornness of TMs brief and unwillingness to give Davies the scope to play poker . I think TM is a Maggie pretender but will never come close , despite that I was not a supporter of hers but she was a strong PM and that is what the UK need now .
  2. It really is crying out for someone to take the bull by the horns in an assertive and proactive way . All this pussy footing around is unbelievable . Cometh the hour cometh the man , where is he and who do you think it should be ? has to be a Brexiteer without conflicts of interest plus knowledge of the EU workings . He would have done a better job than May and her cronies . Interested in the 65k and 150k , please enlighten me .
  3. Touche , however that does not stop you living in Thailand by way of visas . Some might argue that Thailand is for Thais and thus is protecting itself from unwanted immigration . I do not want to leave the main topic as the poster has met the brick wall of the UK immigration system where the UK residents partner receives no partizan treatment , indeed a costly process where the fees can be explained ? You know as well as I do that the UK immigration annually is made up mostly of Asian continent folk who have family within the UK or asylum seekers etc and this leads to a easier visa application route . UK residents whose non UK partner has made a visa application should be treated fairly with a positive assumption of compliance and not the opposite as is now .
  4. You have hit the nail on the head and also carry the views of many UK nationalists . I am not saying that it should be an automatic right of entry to the UK by a partner of a UK citizen but the current rules and their interpretation are not always just and that is starting from a tourist visa application never mind a settlement . The main reasons of visa rejection seem to be that there is not enough evidence that the Thai applicant will return to Thailand and that decision is the interpretation of an IO as in my ladies case . Apparently having a bank account , own house , own business , owner of land and supporting elderly parents is not proof of returning to Thailand . Well what the xxxx is ? A UK settlement visa must be a nightmare for those on an average salary or self employed status . Hope there is helpful advice for you on this forum . Good luck
  5. If this were true, then it would need to be challenged; but it isn't. I am not ranting about racialism but only demonstrating that the justice scales are out of balance and that the UK nationalist is not treated fairly or equally compared to immigrants . That is a form of discrimination . Indeed the UK resident is not asking for handouts , only for his partner to be allowed entry to the UK and without access to government funds . Even applying for a tourist visa for a Thai person is not without its problems . Applying for a Thai visa whilst in the UK is straight forward and without complications and that is how it should work for the UK visa .
  6. You have my sympathy because as are a UK citizen you should have the right to marry who you like . The fact that you are means tested for an over the top monetary need and your wife to be examined on her UK history , ways of life and English language speaking for entry to a country she has never set foot in , really stinks and is clearly unfair without just reason . Discrimination could be used as there are many immigrants without money or family connections , no passports in some cases , unable to speak any English and will depend on the state for support . What reasoning is from the UK government and how can they justify / qualify their ridiculous requirements . Needs to be challenged big time .
  7. I was not really quoting the rags but more about the opinions of people I talk to and also interviews on the general public by the UK BBC , ITV & Sky etc . Press polls as we all know are biased to their own persuasions . Heard that there may be a big protest this coming weekend in London by heavy haulage vehicles and motor cyclists . The debacle is about to enter the final chapter and may well lead to changes in the way UK politics are conducted .
  8. item 3 / the mind boggles , difficult to imagine , do you think they do it ?
  9. Divided country from initial Brexit but a new vote would I think show a bigger " leave " majority given the rotten TM deal and the EU bully tactics .
  10. and the answer is ? same could be aimed at Cameron's gang of fear mongers with government backed money and conflict of interests
  11. So what is the best statement to convince them that she will return to Thailand ? My lady was refused 4 years ago and I have not applied again but now reconsidering it however reading events like this are discouraging . Our refusal ? similar reasons to the posters . All despite my lady has her own house and business ( all cash from her restaurant ) plus takes care of her elderly mother . So nothing has changed since the last application and I fear a second refusal . Very annoying when the UK seems to admit masses of immigrants and does not allow a UK resident to have his partner a tourist visa . If Thailand applied the same rules to UK tourists to Thailand there would be repercussions . Not level playing fields for sure . Read somewhere that it was best not to mention her boyfriend at all in the application and only the places of interest to be visited . Also if to be part of an organised tour to the UK is more likely to succeed .
  12. At what stage within the 3 options would she become free to seek employment ? Also would you know the stats on successful applications ( cos you seem well informed ) . Thanks for good info .
  13. Without doubt Brexit has reached an impasse . Many of the problems are linked to the brief given by TM to her Brexit negotiators confirmed by the resignation of three of them and of course the EU stance not wanting to lose the 13 billion euro annual UK contribution and thus attempting to halt the process and setting an example to other EU members who maybe thinking of leaving . The Brexit vote divided the country for various reasons and until now many votes were based on getting back control of the UK by the UK plus immigration figures which had created a housing , hospital , employment and schooling crisis. Now after all the shambles of the last 2 years of negotiations we have something of reality to vote on in the way of TMs deal . But even that deal is not a firm reliable contract and most will reject it so why all the pussy footing by the HOCs . IMHO it is either a new referendum based on whats on the table or simply a no deal . There is little doubt in my mind that the current deal will be defeated as the UK will be in a worse position ( has no say in EU future policies etc ) than if it had remained . All or nothing , I say . The Irish " back stop " ? has to be reinstated , sorted ? or continue without it and defy the EU and then what ? Finally , why was the " no deal " card taken off the table ? it was our strongest tool .
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