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  1. Why would the Thai Government have to offer Tiger Woods Thai citizenship ? His mother is Thai , his father was US Military of African American, Chinese, and Native American descent. SInce his mother is Thai he can claim or get Thai citizenship/passport whenever he wants as a returning Thai National.
  2. Not really, soi 6---7, Walking Street and side streets could have topless go-go or even nude (inside bar ) or whatever but clubs outside those Zones could have dancers (maybe ) outside but no nudity or suggetive photos.
  3. When I first came here in 2000 the bars along Walking Street were all open to at least 4 AM. What should be done is zone it ass adult only area and hire Police ( called a detail in US ) to chek ID's and watch for beligerant drunks. Can have family areas and adult area for sexpats. Boggles my mind when I see EU parents strolling down Walking Street with their kids in tow and then writing about how depraved Pattaya is. Why take your kids down to that area?
  4. Not meaning to pry but you said left wife at 52, been away for 10 years which would make you 62 and you say above you don't think you have 5 years left in you. Ae you in ill health?
  5. I agree with georgegeorgia that 10 years latter youré still a very hurt bitter man holding on to all that hate so actually your wife won, she got the house got rid of you and kept your kids from you. Your kids made an effort to reconcile with you and you rebuked them. Most likely they realised thier mistake and missed you wanted to see you (as in your daughter coming all the way over here) and afterthat you refused to see her.. When my daughter when younger early teens her mom used to bad mouth me trying to turn her against me. Worked for awhile but when she found out her mom had lied about everything when her mother decided to move out of state my daughter (17 yo) told her have a nice trip I'm not going anywhere. Stayed with me and graduated University and I had to pay her a few times to go visit her mom. we are close and see my grand kids 16 and 8 girl and boy. Should not have abandoned your kids even if they sided with mom who probably told them he's a bad man. When they saw the light you call them traitors for taking her side.? As I said a lot of hate/bitterness still held by you.
  6. I think WorldPlus was refering to the OP who said his wife was working part time and sending her money to mom. Was sugested that she get a better job because she has a Degree.
  7. Sounds like Cheap Charlie---for one 3,000 baht a month is nothing. 6,000 baht monthly can help mom and should not be reduced because your wife's lazy brother won't get a job. Why should the mother suffer for the sins of her son. In Thai culture oldest daughter usually take care of mom but irregardless of that you know if from poor Issan family you and your wife can contribute to mom far more easily than any other family members making Thai wages in Issan. If she has a degree start using it and get a good job that she can help family in Thailand as well as help put away some for exspenses in USA.
  8. Travel insurance vs. trip protection: What's the difference? https://www.msn.com/en-us/travel/tips/travel-insurance-vs-trip-protection-whats-the-difference/ar-AAFTpfR?li=BBnb7Kz
  9. The lady at Central Lad Prao always shows me the expiration date on the bottles and if it has reached or near reaching that date she gives me a discount. A little secrete, the supplimates are basically guaranteed to be fully potent till that date. After that say 6 months it may have loss 5--10% of potency, really no big deal.
  10. How about telling us where you are or shop. You say I can't get this in Thailand. No maybe cannot get in rural Thailand or where you are. Vitamins and suppliments-----many of the malls such as Central Lad Prao , Future Park , Central Changwatena have kiosks selling vitamins from USA/Britain such as Puritan Pride, Kirkland ect. Just outside Central Lad Prao there is a mini mall that has a store selling all kinds of vitamins suppliments at discount. There is a drug store in Yingeron market area (BKK) that sells meds, herbal and vitamins at discount.
  11. Public health England study was done in 2015. The study quoted in Yahoo lifestyle was done iin 2019 so 4 more years of collecting data and seeing the results of kids vaping.
  12. https://www.news.com.au/travel/world-travel/asia/chinese-mafia-taking-over-idyllic-cambodian-beach/news-story/23e247e1af47257c2ff9e90c7112548e This Cambodian city is turning into a Chinese enclave, and not everyone is happy https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/asia_pacific/this-cambodian-city-is-turning-into-a-chinese-enclave-and-not-everyone-is-happy/2018/03/28/6c8963b0-2d8e-11e8-911f-ca7f68bff0fc_story.html?noredirect=on
  13. Vaping Is Bad. We’re Finally Starting to Learn How Deadly It Really Is https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/vaping-bad-finally-starting-learn-183326295.html
  14. If passport is 10 years old it's already expired and even if it;s not simply report it as lost or stolen and get a new passport. We ask age of child because in past cases of diviorce the family court can decide if child is mature enough to state where he/she would rather live with. If kid is 4---5 it's too young but if 12---15 they can make the decision. Also state your country, why? Different countries different laws. If child was born in Thailand you or your lawyer should be able toget birth certificate and copy of blue book with her name in it without help from mother at the amphur where originally registered. You say she has no contact with child no calls messages so if you were able to leave (others have without written permision of spouse) how would she even know you left or go to your home country to file charges if she doesn't keep in touch?
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