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  1. I thought this was a reprint of a former article but I see the date is recent. There was a similar article a few years ago of same situation a brother and sister ( twins ) marrying who were also around the same age. And in other areas of the world: www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2016/10/22/pictures-of-two-egyptian-children-engaged-to-be-married-trigger-outrage-once-again/
  2. I can attest to that. Had an Irish guy come over and married girl from Korat that had an internet cafe in Pattaya, had a kid. Later found out reason he only took her to Irelan on tourist visa was because he never diviorced his Irish wife. Later when he was cheating on her with Chinese hooker she siad that's it. Sued him in court and because he lied on documents that he was free to marry (and wasn't) they annuled marriage and awrded all the properties including a guest house to her as he had commited fraud by lying on the affidavit. They also swore out a warrant to bring him in for commiting
  3. Same here, except for some cousins who were into the drug lifestyle and died in early 70's or even younger my family seems to live long. Father died at 95 his mom at 102. My mom at 92 her sisters/brothers all in mid 90's. I have some 1st cousins in their 80's ---90's now. All in shape, eat healthy. We have a history of high blood pressure and heart attacks but seem to live well untill in 90's then drop dead. That's how I wan't to go.
  4. BS ! I have been to parties in my teens (and older) when guys had spiked the punch so that girls would get wasted and they could take advantsage of them. I ended up taking some girls home. 1 I left with her parents the other lived by herself and was in bad shape, couldn't walk ,I had to carry herv to her apartment.. She pleaded with me to stay with her as she felt like she was going to die. I stayed on her bed an had a pail, towel water ice nearby. She did throw up once during the night. If I wasn't there she might have choked on her vomit and died. I left the next day after she wok
  5. No, it's what I know. When we first met she worked as a waitress at a restaurant , tall ,skinny, barely spoke English but beautiful. I sent her money to eat better fatten up and had her take english lessons. Got her a portfolio and an agent. She later did Playboy, Penthoue, HarleyDavidson and other mags all over the world. Japan, Hongkong, Germany, Thailand ,Spain, USA ,ect Now she does commercials on Thai TV and fashion mags like Vogue in Thailand and Europe where she lives part time after getting married. I married her best friend.
  6. In the 20+ years I have been coming here have seen a number of Farang guys with Thai, Phillippine, Viet or Russian GF's/wives get on stage and show the Thai dancers how to work it. I dated a Thai model who used to dance and when we went to a bar she used to work at the manager had herget up on stage and do a set. Only time was cringe worthy was when a chunky drunk Brit lady got up. They had her get down as guys were starting to leave.
  7. Maybe because they didn't keep it cold and so it's compromised and have to wait for new supply.
  8. I and friends who have visited BKK and Pattaya have had suits , jackets, shirts, shoes (hand made) at shops in Pattaya, MBK and along Sukumvit RD for very resonable prices and good quality. Any of the larger malls such as Central Lad Prao, Central Changwatena, Future Park Rangsit, Mall Ngamawan and even little mall IT Square ,Laksi would have what the OP wants.
  9. Some do but meeting the requiements are not possible for many. The ability to read and write Thai many farangs cannot do. Also I think working 3 years min and paying taxes are not able to do for those of us who came over on retirement visa.
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