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  1. We will wait and see but I think you're wrong and there will not be a large group of expats leaving the country. Remember only Brits, US, Aussies and Danes can no longer get the affirmation letters. All others still can and of those affected by the letters if the banks show deposits of 40,000 baht or 65,000 baht monthly as proof for extensions they won't have any problems either.
  2. Where does she work? If she has a Gov job --teacher, nurse , Immigration officer, ect. she can add you to her health care policy if married. https://medicare.com/medicare-advantage/does-medicare-advantage-cover-overseas-travel/ Some Medigap policies provide coverage for travel abroad. Medigap plans C through G, M, and N cover 80% of the cost of emergency care abroad. Check with your policy for specific coverage rules. Medicare Advantage Plans may also cover emergency care abroad. Contact your plan for more information about its costs and coverage rules.
  3. Some of your posts do not make sense why not to retire here but hey it's your choice. 1. The 90 day reports can be done online so you don't have to actually report to immigration. I do because they are 5 mins from my house and I know some of the girls/officers who work there. 2. If your pension is enough you don't need to keep 800,000 baht in a Thai bank (400,000 if married) just show the deposits being transferred to a Thai bank monthly. 65,000 retirement extension---40,000 married to Thai extension both good for a year. 3. You say you receive 2 Gov pensions. If 1 is retired Military you can be covered by TRICARE an amendment to Medicare and will cover ex-military here in Thailand. I am ex military but retired from US Postal Service and my Gov health plan covers me forever wherever I am in the world. I don't even have to pay Medicare if not planning to return to US as my Gov policy pays for care here. Why if retired from Gov job did you not keep the health insurance? 4. Been coming to Thailand since 2000 and lived here since 2013 and have never been stopped by a police officer.
  4. You can read their ad or here is part of it ---Thailand was the first Asian country to achieve the prestigious Joint Commission International (JCI) status. Known as JCI accreditation, The healthcare bar is set very high with only the best of the best achieving the ‘Gold Standard’ in healthcare and patient safety. In fact, this idyllic location boasts more than 60 clinics with international healthcare accreditation measured on par with US standards and practices. https://www.jointcommissioninternational.org/about-jci/jci-accredited-organizations/?c=Thailand The site above lists 66 Hospitals and clincs in Thailand that are Internationally Accredited
  5. 4 years ago I got lazy stopped exercising, eating right, got fat and had a heart attack. My wife rushed me to Vibahwadi hospital in Bangkok where they immediately performed an Angioplasty and put in a stent. That was on a Friday night, Saturday morn they said I was ok and could leave Sunday morning but I asked for more tests and left Monday morning. Total cost was $8,000 usd. I called Mass General Hospital in Boston ,MA where I am from and asked how much for the procedure, they said $45,000 usd
  6. Been coming here 19 years , had friends drink themselves unconscious. Slept at jail overnight, police asked them in morning ÿou know where is your hotel? Let them go, no fine ,no arrest Circa 2001---20002
  7. Your statement is they left their passport as collateral for renting the motorcycle therefore they would not have a car to sleep in as you wrote above.
  8. Guess you never heard the expression "the customer is always right". You seem to be a little full of yourself. Seems like an easy thing to tell them you require the passport/or copy for check in and advise them to go back to motorcycle rental and get passport or copy. You say if they booked online you keep the deposit for not following your rules. Nice way to lose customers and all their friends who they will advise to go elsewhere for their trips. I have been coming to Thailand for almost 19 years, first time with 1 friend which increased to 15 , 5 married Thai girls and my friends have stayed at or away from hotels/places I have advised them about. I little kindness goes a long way. Keeping deposit gets you 1 day of rental, letting them know about getting passport back or copy could get you a week or more and goodwill for hotel
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