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  1. I know there are many people who hate crowded beaches. There loving it now 555
  2. It's obvious he's leaving the job and hence he doesn't want to admit that he's made a balls up of the tourism sector while he has been at the helm. As if anyone in their right mind would believe him on his way out the door.
  3. I've known a few wealthy Indians over the years and found the only real difference between rich and poor is the technique they use in order to cut down your price. Even the rich ones make you feel as if your extracting their last tooth. Oh the pain 555.The Thais will quickly start to wish for the good old days or start jumping
  4. Well on a 30day tourist visa. That's only 1666 Baht per day hardly what I'd call a big spending tourist.
  5. The scammer brigade has arrived. Lock up your daughter's and your cash. Each on of them has 20 or more family members back in Sth Affrica to support. So in reality the country will be supporting 6000 Africans. Then it snowballs as family reunion visas come into play. All I can say now is good luck France I hope you can survive.
  6. I wish it was that simple I don't think you can just transfer large sums of foreign funds into you Thai bank account without it being for say a business investment or to buy condos. Etc. If you have a fx broker you could do a carry trade to collect the interest rate difference. You would also collect profit from the Bahts appreciation. Win win.
  7. Don't care who catches the thieves as long as they are caught and brought to justice.
  8. Surely there's a video clip taken of the attempted blockade. In my opinion if no clip then it didn't happen all bullshit.
  9. Looks like emerging markets like Thailand are going to be awash will capital inflows even though they are trying to mitigate speculators from Skimming off the cream. Thai Baht is going to become even more bullish as other countries suffer from a slowing global economy.
  10. Don't just listen to what this guy said. You will find the best and honest answers in this forum. No punches pulled here. If the TAT don't say what really needs to be said to fix the problems then they will continue to lose more tourists every year. The only answer I can see to guarantee a turn around is the same as other countries have done to kick start tourism is build casino's and they will come.
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