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  1. They say that one person in 4 has some form of mental problems, so if it is not you and not my 2 best friends, then it has to be me.
  2. The prosecution has yet to happen and we will probably never hear any more about this case, but I hope that I am wrong.
  3. 10 hours ago, Grouse said: "I have yet to hear from any Brexiter how they will benefit personally; short term or long term. The average Brexiter has no idea. At all. Idiot savants at best. I should clarify that I exclude most, but not all, Brexiters here. Many have strongly held, cogent views. But en masse, My opinion stands. We need to change our electoral system in many ways. One is to limit those that are allowed to vote not by age or wealth or breeding but by cognitive ability." And,of course, your arrogance automatically, in your eyes, puts you into the category which is allowed to vote, as opposed to the "idiot savants" group?
  4. The EU will give way on the back-stop, but the change will be announced in a way in which they save face, since they, along with the UK, want to avoid a "no-deal" scenario at all costs. The EU profess to be on Eire's side, (as a continuing EU member) and want the so-called back-stop to secure no return to controls at the border with N.I., but fail to realise that now that the British Parliament have rejected the back-stop, failure to agree an alternative will inevitably result in the dreaded "no-deal".
  5. It can and WILL be delivered, despite your enthusiasm for the EU. Sorry to disappoint you.
  6. And yet he was the main architect of ending his own lucrative income stream, which you now accuse him of trying to replace? Many of the people who voted "leave" might well vote for Farage, including many who previously voted Labour, as a result of Corbyn's selfish and ambiguous antics over Brexit. As a result, Farage could command quite a following, taking support from both parties, thereby possibly upsetting the current virtual two-party system and leaving the General Election result uncertain.
  7. With a very difficult job to do, with a lot of opposition from her own party, most of whom have offered nothing but non-constructive criticism, she has stuck with it and proved to be easily the best of a poor bunch. I believe she will get an acceptable deal from the EU, of course at the eleventh hour. The country will thank her but she should not expect any thanks from the non-loyal members of her own party. Even so, I would not be at all surprised to see her lead the Tories into the next election and win, with Corbyn totally discredited over his stance on Brexit and his untimely and utterly selfish calls for a General Election.
  8. If your claim of Britain's eccentricity is based on it voting for Brexit, you ought to be prepared for more eccentric countries over the next ten years, as the EU slowly falls apart and eventually reverts to just a trading organisation, as it was originally and sensibly intended to be.
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