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  1. Difficulty pronouncing the “r”. Same with “Chicken Flied Lice”
  2. All depends on how high/stoned you want to get. Our stuff got us good and stoned back in the day. A couple of pipe loads of Blonde Leb hash shared with a few friends really did the trick. Pretty damned high. Didn’t like to get so whipped that we couldn’t function . How high do you want to get?
  3. The Wuhan CCP Corona virus did not come from eating garbage, raw flesh and/or rotten animal based sauce. Eating those things is not healthy, but that’s not where the Wuhan CCP Corona virus came from.
  4. I used to have that fogging misty glasses problem also. You have to get the ones that have the silicon and wire seal that molds the mask to your nose and cheek gaps. Then your exhaled moist breath won’t fog up your glasses. I don’t get misty fogged glasses anymore. It also helps if your masks have a one way exhalation valve.
  5. Maybe not stronger/better. I’m just saying it was pretty damned good. Vietnam War era Thai Sticks could hold their own even compared to today’s weed. Sure you can find horrible bad weed in Thailand and Cambodia and Laos today. You can find horrible bad weed in most countries. But Thailand and other areas around there also used to have some of the best weed. Maybe still does in some isolated areas. But the anti-drug laws they created..with heavy penalties, really shut it down compared to how it used to be. I’m sure I’m not the only old used-to-be “hippie” that could attest to that fact. Damn.... I’m getting old.
  6. I have. I’m back stuck in Canada right now. Weed is legal here in Ontario. I’ve tried several strains. You can buy high CBD low THC. You can buy super high THC low CBD and every combination between them Sativa ...Indica... various hybrid combinations between the two. Lots to choose from. And this year they start selling hash also. All legal. Ref: https://ocs.ca I still miss Nepalese Temple Ball hash and Blonde Lebanese Hash and the Thai Stick Sativa weed of the 1960’s and 1970’s, Apparently you weren’t alive then and you’ve never smoked it. So how could you make your claim when you’re not able to compare?
  7. Well, you guess wrong. But nothing wrong with making a mistake. ref: https://www.marijuana-seeds.nl/blog/thai-sticks-history/ Quote: November, 2015: Dear Dan, I’m an old-school smoker – first toke was 1967. What ever happened to the Thai Sticks we used to get back in the days? I served in ‘Nam and I’ve never experienced a more electrifying high than we got from those things. Whoever wrote that govt. BS propaganda that the weed is ten times stronger these days never puffed on the Thai! Also, cannabis works for PTSD. Keep up the green work! – OldVet420 Dear OV, Sadly, the practice of growing and creating the legendary Thai Stick is quickly becoming a lost art. Very little if any, ever leave the confines of Thailand and the traditional clandestine growers have mostly shifted over to the more profitable poppy. You are right about the amazing high that comes from the high and lowland Thai sativas that made up the classic Thai Stick. The few times I’ve had the opportunity to taste and absorb the incredible strains of Southeast Asia, I’ve been amazed at the euphoric and uplifting effects. Also, thank you for your service to our nation. Veterans such as yourself should be free to consume all the cannabis you desire. I hope more vets suffering from PTSD or any other ailments that they took on during their tours of duty discover the benefits of cannabis as medicine and turn away from the hard drugs and poisons being unscrupulously peddled to them by the V.A. Ref: https://hightimes.com/grow/what-ever-happened-thai-sticks/
  8. Want to go to that extra unnecessary expense....fine. But Thailand grew fantastic weed back in the 1960’s and 1970’s without spending money on A/C. So why spend money for A/C now ?
  9. The Thais grew fantastic weed back in the 1960’s and 1970’s without using A/C. Had a lot “Thai Stick”s back in the day. Very very high quality Thailand Sativa. Your A/C is a fantasy imaginary story .
  10. Yeah.....us older guys remember Thai Sticks . Some damned good stuff. 100% Sativa strain that was native to Thailand. Back in the 1960’s - 1970’s There won’t be any problem growing very very high quality weed in Thailand. Enjoy But used to also love Blonde Lebanese Hash. Nepalese “Temple Balls” were good also. Nothing like good hash and hash oil.
  11. At least he’s not as bad as the creepy guy that has a sexual fetish of licking the filthy black stuff from between dirty unwashed toes while masturbating. Except for the theft... the smelly flip flop fetish is harmless and personal. No one gets hurt. He should offer to pay people for their smelly flip flops and have permission to take them first though.
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