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  1. You have choice to make. 1. Stay with her and this very bad situation. In which case this will cost you tons of money paid to the system which you will never get back.... and/or serious men knocking on your door perhaps in the middle of the night. (Police or criminals.) You do not want that to happen. 2. Get a new SIM card, pack your stuff and get far away. The other side of the country. That might not even be good enough. You might want another country. Do not tell her or anyone else that you are leaving, or where you are going. Now is the time to cover your ass and protect yourself. Good luck. Whatever you decide ....like they say: “Up to you.”
  2. Everyone’s different. When I quit...it was damned hard for the first three weeks off. No way I could go out drinking. Then the urges started becoming less powerful, and longer time between urges. But today I have no urge to have a smoke. I can be walking with my wife and she is smoking, and I have no desire for one anymore. And I can go to a bar or pub, have something to eat, a few drinks and play some pool...and no desire for a smoke. My smoker’s cough is gone. The greatest thing is..I can’t remember the last time I had Bronchitis with that horrible crackling noisy breathing and wheezing sound when trying to go to sleep. I use to get Bronchitis two or three times a year and it would last more than a month at a time and was becoming worse and lasting longer. The crackly sound breathing noises and shortness of breath was getting me worried. Now.... I haven’t had Bronchitis since I quit smoking. YEARS AGO. I healed and no longer get short of breath. If you haven’t done permanent damage to your lungs...they can heal. Sorry you still get that desire for a smoke when you see someone light up. Hopefully some day you will be totally free from the desire for a smoke. Sounds like nicotine still has a little bit of a grip on you. Not totally free of its effects yet. I hope that with more time....that will improve for you.
  3. Great! B50,000 Spare Change for most of us. No problem. Feel sorry for those living in Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, India or Philippines pension to pension check and can’t afford heath insurance. Oh well....
  4. Yes...four strains of Dengue (a few researchers say five) Apparently when you get Dengue and recover, you have lifelong immunity to that particular strain of Dengue. But when you get hit with Dengue again from one of the other strains, it will be worse. It gets progressively worse each time you get Dengue. If you survive all the strains...you are then fully immune from Dengue and you won’t get it again. But you go through hell to get that immunity and when you get infected with the last strain on your fourth (or fifth) time...it will be the worst and you will be in hospital and some have died. They are still working and trying to develop a much more effective vaccine. (The one they developed was not that good...for various reasons) Take care.
  5. You haven’t seen a good doctor yet ???
  6. Oh...don’t worry about that. Science often “proves” their data. By making “adjustment” or finding “new” or “old” data that they didn’t have before. Just like those freaked out leftist Alarmists that want us to panic over Gore Bull Warming/Climate Change/Climate Disruption/Climate Crisis/Climate Emergency.....or whatever other name they are calling it...this week. I predict they will soon change the name to “world Climate Disaster”
  7. I don’t know how you can quit smoking...but then smoke after a few drinks in the pub or bar. I smoked for about thirty years..a large pack a day (in Canada a large pack held 25...a small pack 20) When drinking in the pub or bar with my buddies...I’d go through two packs a day. I quit...(extremely difficult.). My wife continued to smoke. Almost three years later one day we are coming out of the mall and she lights up...and I say “Honey, it’s been almost three years since I quit. Let me have just a few drags to see what it’s like after so much time.” BIG mistake. Three deep drags from that cigarette was actually enough to get me hooked again. Nicotine is damned more powerful of an addictive drug than we realize. (Yes....nicotine is a drug....also a poison used in some pesticides.) Foolishness to try a few drags after I had quit for almost three years. I was hooked again ! It took me years more to be in a mentally strong enough position to quit for good again. That was more than ten years ago...close to fifteen years. Now I can go drinking and play pool all night without smoking. Enough time has gone by that I don’t feel the desire or urge to smoke. Finally free from those stupid, costly, unhealthy harmful things. I will NEVER even take one drag off of a cigarette again. Let alone smoke a whole one. I’d be hooked again for years, or until I die. NEVER again !!!!!!
  8. Pot not addictive? Maybe not physically. But there are a hell of a lot of people psychologically addicted to pot who refuse to quit or can’t quit. And it’s proven that weed smoke has many of the same tars and chemicals and other <deleted> that tobacco has. That tar that coats their weed pipes and bongs is also coating their lungs. I’ve known a few weed smokers who stay stoned almost 24/7 even on the job. Sneaking off to smoke a joint every now and then. (One of them is a close relative.) Don’t tell me weed is not addictive.
  9. The obese overeaters are shortening their lives by a few years on average also. And they pass on their unhealthy eating habits to their kids ending up with overweight children who will also have their lives shorted by a few years. That’s a type of child abuse. Exposing children to second hand smoke is also a form of child abuse.
  10. A person’s “...freedom...” to choose to smoke and harm their health, should go hand in hand with the RESPONSIBILITY to be careful not to harm others with second hand smoke.
  11. And that’s proof of....what? What’s your point? That smoking is harmless?? Your father elevator appears to not have gone all the way to the top floor. And it appears to run in the family. There have been vehicle accidents where a passenger wearing a seat belt died, and a person not wearing a seat belt survived. Or a person with no helmet on a motorbike survived a crash, and their passenger died even though wearing a helmet.? Is that proof that we are safer when not wearing seat belts in a vehicle, and safer if not wearing a helmet on a motorbike?
  12. The old communist Soviet Union had children turning their parents in if they caught their parents listening to western short wave radio broadcasts, or if they heard their parents criticizing communism.
  13. It won’t bother me. More than ten years ago, I gave up a forty year one to two pack a day smoking habit. So damn hard to quit. But today I don’t miss them at all. I lost my smoker’s cough, haven’t had bronchitis since I quit, and I don’t run out of breath anymore. The extra cash goes towards buying silver, and traveling....and spending months at a time in Southeast Asia and India and Sri Lanka. Just wishing I had never started smoking in the first place. What a waste of money and health. Horrible.
  14. Depressing. When you get old and if you’re not wealthy....better to just stay in your home country and wait to for the end of your life.
  15. In that case, you should stay in your home country if you have coverage there. Do not travel or become an expat in some other country around the world. Stay home!
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