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  1. No need to panic everyone, Bangkok has seriously ramped up testing over the last few days, just about every Thai I know here has either had a test, or has a family member who has. I’m actually hearing the percentage of positive tests per X amount of people tested has come down. Sorry I can’t back this up with a link unfortunately, although I did try to find one.
  2. Thanks Joe. My official address is in Phuket where I should be reporting but I have been staying in BKk for the past few months, to stay on the right side of the immigration can I do my 90 day report in Bkk ? Or is this not advisable ?
  3. I have also missed my 90 day reporting and I am now 84 days over, is the 2,000 baht the maximum you can be fined, or does this increase the longer you leave it ?
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