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  1. Maybe because this story is completely fake. Maybe the government need to report at least a few cases in order to keep the emergency decree going, they will need to warrant their decision to close the borders. Perfect opportunity for this is to claim a bunch of recently returned Thais were infected. The government will look like they were wrong to close the borders if 100% of returning Thais were clear of infection, they wouldn’t want this, they would rather say “see, we told you so”. I’m not a conspiracy theorist but living so long in Thailand and knowing how this government operate, this would not surprise me.
  2. What about opening the airport and the land crossing without all the hassle ?
  3. Steve2112, I have also applied to enter Phuket via the same APP, applied 2 days ago but also haven’t received a response. I also made 2 bookings as the first one came back with an error for the tel number, possibly due to me inputting +66 at the beginning. Im considering taking the chance and head to the checkpoint at the requested date & time. Worse case I get turned away and I go to Samui.
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