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  1. Sure, back in the glory days they would not think twice about borrowing 10K from the local loan shark. It was pretty easy back then as it was guaranteed work on arrival, most of them also had a friend or family member in Phuket who had a room they could share, now it’s a completely different story. What you also need to understand is a very large portion of Phuket workers In the past came from neighbouring provinces, such as Phang-nga Krabi etc, if in the unlikely event there is a shortage of workers it will be people from these places filling the void.
  2. Living & working in the travel industry in Thailand for 18 years says I should know a little bit. And I can tell you with 100% certainty you are completely wrong. Moving 1,000+ kms to Phuket with the hope of finding work is not like buying a lottery ticket. To buy a lottery ticket any Thai can walk 5 mins down the road and buy one for a few baht, your average desperate Thai will not risk gambling the cost of travelling to Phuket, then gamble the cost of renting a room and paying a deposit to a landlord on the hope they will find work. It won’t happen, and if you think you
  3. They don’t need a plan, because there will not be hundred of thousands of workers flooding into Phuket. The Thai authorities have already estimated there will only be around 150,000 tourists visiting Phuket from July to Sept, that’s only 50,000 per month. Very small and insignificant numbers, the current work force who have remained in Phuket will easily be able to manage this.
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