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  1. Eric Loh

    Strong-handed approach not working in the South

    More of the same strong handed approach and hoping to get a different result. Time for the South people to decide in a referendum for a limited but real autonomy like the Philippine with Mindanao or Indonesia with Aceh. The government must realized by now that the deep south provinces are different in so many ways and decisions can't be made by the central government thousand miles away.
  2. Eric Loh

    Article 44 may be used for poll postponement

    You speak for the people?
  3. You could be right just that the last decade was generous for the Queens Guard generals with patronage from the queen bee and that impotent one. The only person who could have change the fortune was incapacitated. Now matters are different with the changing of the order who view the rising power of the military as a threat. But who knows what install for Thailand future with so many greedy hands waiting to be feasted.
  4. Don't submit to a troll and his frivolous petty personal attack.
  5. Appointing the Army chief from the King's guard is a break from tradition of the past decade. Spent time for some re-education can instill anyone who's the boss. Even the haircut must conformed. Moving the 1st army units will help ease traffic along Chaeng Wattana and Phahonyotin if that was the reason. Now it's further to stage coup. Just thinking on my idle time.
  6. You do have a lot of conjectures to speak about and selective condemnation at the same time so early in the morning and it's not even lunch time.
  7. You have just identify the reason for the suffering; inequality.
  8. Rest easy. Doubt there will be a revolution like the Arab spring as wiser heads at the top of the food chain will purge the power crazy fraternity of generals and their allies in the privy council. Happening as we speak.
  9. The electorate gave her the mandate to run the country not her brother.
  10. Gets much more pathetic when the 2 sons of Kamnan Poh were appointed by Prayut as political officials. The eldest son is now the adviser to Prayut and his brother given the job of assistance to another cabinet minister. Real swamp in junta land. Corruption reform???
  11. Eric Loh

    March 24 may be suitable for election: Wissanu

    But is it suitable for Big D; oops sorry Big P.
  12. Really quite simple. Big P don't want to be upstaged by an elected PM presiding the coronation. Therefore the late election date is timed for an elected government after the event. The coronation planning is done by a committee and not by ministry. No interference; period.
  13. I believed that was in May 1998. Not the first time but Indonesia Chinese has been attacked since the Dutch East India period. The '98 riots were during the time of massive unemployment and food shortages. The Chinese were easy target for the frustrated Indonesians and when the government was at its weakest which led to the downfall of Suharto.
  14. Well the chief cook has spoken.
  15. Not for Thailand where compulsory voting is not enforced. High percentage for that category. People care but life also matters when you have a trigger happy military with no qualms shooting at their own. They rather show that they care at the ballot boxes.