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  1. According to the Political Party Act Section 11, all political parties must have an executive committee, leader, deputy leader, secretary general, deputy secretary general, treasurer, registrar & spokesman. I guess Paiboon is acting in all that positions all along. Amazing talent in multi-skilling; a one man band. Also amazing flexibility in the Act to allow such shenanigan.
  2. New wine in an old bottle. No different from any previous rice pledging scheme. Only this time, no one goes to jail and government will not be disposed.
  3. Fierce resistance will come from these groups. 1. Unions - retrenchment 2. Right groups - “ sai na“losing national identity 3. MOF - losing 51% control In conclusion, privatization not going to happen. They will be bail out.
  4. You forgot to include that he is a big flop in song writing and his singing voice left much to be desired.
  5. Also the fact that his charge for instigating sedition was dropped in time for him to defect to PPRP.
  6. "A blind man groping his way will find his destination" say Nuff.
  7. They won the election by being the opposition and now they crossed over. Their constituencies has been betrayed and will remember that in the next election.
  8. He should sound the concern 5 years ago when he got absolute power to do meaningful things. Regretfully he spent that on political enemies and helping himself and his cronies.
  9. No disagreement. However this case takes absurdity to a new low,
  10. Can’t help comparing with the forest encroachment case of which the farmer got 30 years reduced to 15 years after he confessed. Fortunately he got a royal pardon after serving 3 years. What went wrong with the justice system when the discrepancy is so absurd.
  11. Quite a staggering comparison of the number of employees between TA and SIA. TA employees total 25,884 (2018) while SIA employs 14.729 and TA revenue almost 30% lesser than SIA. By the way, TA big losses worsened since 2014 proving the point that Generals don't have the competency to govern.
  12. What you described sound like the definition of Guard-rails. “a strong fence at the side of a road or in the middle of an expressway, intended to reduce the risk of serious accidents”.
  13. The damage of the coup is coming home to roost. The coup has created political uncertainty that caused FDI to avoid Thailand and went to Vietnam, Philippines and Malaysia. Without new FDI, there is an export deficit. Even now, the trade war and supply chain disruption has not benefited Thailand. Investors are avoiding Thailand due to political uncertainty. The past government was only interested to go after political oppositions to safeguard their existence and paid little attention to the economy. 5 wasted years. The free trade negotiation with EU stalemated while Vietnam steal a march on Thailand. Very little trade delegations to find new markets as the junta prefer to keep looking inwards. The much touted infrastructure projects seem to hit an impasse and done nothing for the economy. Thailand economy has yet to hit bottom and it's a matter who will hit bottom first; Prayut or the economy.
  14. SIA is the exception; state owned and profitable. The government allowed them to run independently and they have good quality leadership.
  15. MAS and TA have identical problems like poor quality leader, state owned and handicapped by too much influencing by the government and an unproductive poorly trained large employees which are mostly unionized. The RM300 injection from Khazanah is just to keep MAS afloat for now but its long term problems are structural and takes much much more to have the money, political will and courage to reform.
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