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  1. He also fired and forced resignation of those who dissented. Oops that was Trump. My bad. Biden just the opposite.
  2. I am glad the Dems brought this up. Biden is about freedom of expression. GOPs will never have the courage to talk about this. Modifying the decision making to launch nuclear weapons is a right move after witnessing the erratic and ill-discipline judgement of the former President Trump.
  3. Trump lies are still living in your head rent-free. The election was not stolen; I repeat “not stolen” period. First, all 50 states have certified the legitimacy and accuracy of their election results. Thirty of our 50 states have Republican-controlled legislatures and 27 have Republican governors. That means that Republicans in each of these states found no evidence of widespread fraud. Second, Trump and his allies have filed 62 lawsuits in state and federal courts challenging the legitimacy of the election. None of these, including both cases filed with
  4. OMG Trump clicked on most different type of crime. Personal (sexual) crimes, inchoate (conspiracy and abetting) crimes and financial (tax frauds) crimes. What a disgusting person he is and to think he was once a President of USA.
  5. The media will treat him like a kind of useful idiot as a means to make a profit. I see a dimming use for him as the incriminating indictions will sapped his popularity and as people grow tire of his 'victim' whining. Even CNN will see declining news worthiness of Trump and will cease to give him more airtime.
  6. You trying to teach us decency? That’s rich beyond comparison when the man you look up to wouldn’t even had the decency to attend the inauguration and welcome the Bidens to the White House. Your man trampled on democracy when he tried to stage a coup. You living in a strange universe of distortion and falsehood.
  7. This must be the worst day for Trump ‘s supporters. Biden over achieving the vaccination 100 days target, Merrick Garland vowed to prosecute the white supremacists and go after their leaders and the creme de la creme Supreme Court ordered the release of tax returns. Republicans are leaving the party in droves and will leave behind the cultist Q-followers of Trump. He may win that portion of the battle but he will lose the war.
  8. Trump may have created some catchy slogans but he sure got one nicely done for himself; “lock him up”.
  9. Appropriately a well-known mob lawyer Mark Pomerants was roped in by DA Vance as special assistant DA. An forensic accountant with expertise in white collar crimes and regulation matters who prosecuted the Gambino boss John Gotti. Trump is in deep poo-poo.
  10. I think his non-intervention was disrupted by his unexpected departure. Building up the military and surrounded by neocons like Pompeo and Navarro, I am sure he is trying to creat a new world order. I do agree that Trump need not form a new party at the moment as he still have massive support from his own party and his people. It may be up to other party politicians to determine exactly what that means.
  11. With confirmed speakers like Pompeo, McFarland, Pete Hegseth, Jon Voight, DJ Jr, Pam Bondi, Charlie Kirk, Ron De Santis, Sarah H Sanders, Larry Kudlow, it looks a facist gathering to announce the formation of a neo-con extreme right party. Hail to the chief and click your heels. US is heading towards a deep divide.
  12. Hard to be wiser when Trump in a cognitive decline for years according to Bannon. In fact, cognitive decline is irreversible. Just hope he still know how to put on his trouser one feet at a time.
  13. The Fact Checker team at Washinton Post will have to recalled their people just for this speech.
  14. "US President Donald Trump on Wednesday launched a fresh mocking attack on John McCain, the Republican senator who died in 2018".
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