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  1. Another antiquated amendment to the constitution of the past that ought to be changed together with the electoral college.
  2. Those who understand politics in Malaysia will know that politicians like Mahathir is pandering to his own Muslim base and exploiting the base instinct of the Malays with this kind of foul espousal of Islam. He was able to cling to power as PM for 22 years by being an ultra Malay conservative; guaranteeing the support from the majority Malay electorates. He is still power crazy and has ambition to the PM again. He rode the coat-tail of Pakatan Harapan who won the election in 2018 and became PM; much to do with his ability to bring in the Malay votes. He subsequently resigned from a poorly conc
  3. The timing seem right for the vaccination policy and program to be managed by a more competent science lead Biden.
  4. Decency definition for Trump as someone who picks up his own ball and moves it to a better spot, kick yours further from the flag, and lies about how many strokes he needs for any given hole. This is like Hannibal Lector inviting Jack the Reaper to talk about forensic science.
  5. State your case or forever hold your peace and be treated as a troll.
  6. Record also show that frequency and severity of the state's 9 most destructive wild fires out of 20 happened since 2015. Severe drought due to climate warming killed trees leaving highly flammable materials. Global warming exacerbate the problem.
  7. Fierce Santa Ana winds are blowing with more velocity as it warms from global warming. The extreme weather caused by climate change warming producing longer dry periods and more evaporation intensifying drought and forest fire. It comes down to climate change dah.
  8. Just like his far-right pal Bolsonaro of Brazil shrugging off the destruction in the Amazon and deny the effect of deforestation on climate change. Somehow leaders who have the tendency to be dictatorial always perform the same disregard for the well being of the planet.
  9. If only you read the article. Marty Obst, a political strategist for Pence, was determined by contact tracers from the White House Medical Unit to be the likely origin of the outbreak, the two people said.
  10. The whole country will be a safer place and deaths will be spared if only Trump followed simple CDC guidelines and lead. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/world/melbourne-opens-up-covid-19-restrictions-eased-13390732
  11. Sick move by lackey Barr to move the case to the federal court and use tax payer money to pay for Trump's sexual exploit legal costs.
  12. There are people defending a sexual predator and a rapist. Unbelievable and downright nauseating.
  13. I share your disdain and frustration. America you got what you want to regress courtesy of Trump.
  14. Now that the supreme court is packed with conservative judges, will they push their political activism agenda and ban prostitution, alcohol, gay marriages. Geez that will be almost like the sharia law. That's not very progressive.
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