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  1. Or many wars involved US and China last 20 years. US 10 China 0.
  2. Like the Catalonia's bid for independence from Spain and the government clampdown. The liberal west are not kind to separatists too.
  3. No. Just pointing out the hypocrisy of the Trump administration. They using the same mo in Venezuela.
  4. Does Canada have similar sanctions on Iran? If the answer is no, how then can the Canadian bank be put at risk. Such a miscarriage of justice.
  5. How many national security laws does the US have? *Alien Enemies Act*Espionage Act*Alien Registration Act*National Security Act*Central Intelligence Agency Act*Executive Order 12333*Intelligence identities protection act*Foreign Mission Act*Economic Espionage Act*Patriot Act*Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act*Protect America Act*National Security Education Act*Counterintelligence and Security Enhancement Act*Foreign Investment and National Security Act*USA Freedom Act*Cybersecurity information sharing Act Hong Kong 1. Sadly highly hypocritical.
  6. The frauds got caught. Seem the election system is working fine and reliable.
  7. Just be humble and admit you really don’t know much about the basic law article 27 which is still intact.
  8. I have a thinking brain and form my own opinion without being influenced by western neoconservatives.
  9. I provide the facts and it is up to you to opine. What's happening to the streets of Hong Kong are people who have different views and that's fine. However the dark side of the demonstration is slowly creeping up with the beating up of a citizen who disagree with them. In the South China Post, they are reports of demonstrators throwing objects at groups of police before the police fired any tear gas. Violence can't be tolerated, whatever the provocation. The new security is still in the draft stage and has not been passed. China and 5 ASEAN countries lay claim to South China Sea. It is on-going and nothing has been resolved. They will unify Taiwan by peaceful means but will not rule out force. It is their country. Rest of the world want trade with China that benefits all. US is afraid of China overtaking them and using Hong Kong and Taiwan as pawns in their attacks on China. It is a stupid strategy that will hurt both countries and caused collateral damages to world peace and the economy.
  10. I don't see the new security law as a violation of the Basic Law. The new security law is included as an annex to the basic law and nothing in the Basic Law has been deleted including Article 27. Article 27 is still very much intact that declared that Hong Kong citizens shall have freedom of speech, of the press and of publication, freedom of association, of assembly, of procession and of demonstration, and the right and freedom to form and join trade unions and to strike.......... The right of peaceful assembly shall be recognized. The new law would make criminal any act of secession, subversion, terrorism and activities by foreign forces that interfere in Hong Kong. They are targeted at matters that every country will be concerned with. IMHO I don't think China aimed to be a superpower but want to co-exist with others. In this new era, no one country can dominate as super power. China is only interested to deliver to their people and keep the country intact after years of internal wars that split the country for centuries.
  11. Make my day and shut twitter down Donny. You wouldn't survive a minute without twitter.
  12. The actual economic contribution is 2.7% of mainland China and has been going down since 1997. However Hong Kong still has a vibrant and big market for equity and debt financing and the mainland will have to think hard if they want impose their might and change the special administration status. Too much has been talk about about China will to take away the 1 country 2 systems policy; it will not happen as that is not the mainland desire. This is about security and safety of Hong Kong and how it may affect the cohesion of China. Hong Kong will continue to have their own constitution which is unique for any large country and will continue to enjoy their freedom but matters concerning security will be reined in by China. US hawks are using Hong Kong as as a proxy in their dispute with China.
  13. So just how much does China depend on Hong Kong for trade. You really has no clue. Hong Kong is only 3% of China GDP. Taking away the special status means nothing to China but will mean a lot to Hong Kong. Once again the Trump's China hawks are using the wrong part of their anatomy for thinking.
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