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  1. You can now buy a kidney from the internet even in USA. China will be a superpower whether you want it or not and will eclipse USA as the largest economy on the world. You can also be re-educated by the abundance of conspiracy theorists in USA.
  2. Putin is feeeling on top of the world now. Thanks comrade Trump. "Russia's Putin: From pariah to Middle East power broker" #BBC
  3. As symbolic as Trump sitting on his golden toilet bowl in Trump Tower.
  4. Trump simply don't have a strategy nor a plan to deal with China. He just kick the proverbial can down the road and hope China economy will decapitate and force to make a deal. China can afford to play the long game; Trump can't. Meanwhile he is driving the world economy crazy with consistent spin of the trade talk progress. Someone must be profiting the stock market reactions.
  5. Either way, he will be indicted for tax and criminal charges once he leave office. Thoughts of that perked me up this Thursday morning. Even had me go for my 3rd mug of coffee; something I never do.
  6. The reason why you have that 20 years of relative quiet was due to America working with their allies to contain ISIL, Taleban and Alqueda. Trump has change that equation genius.
  7. If war or terrorists reaches your borders, it will be too late to stop the carnage. A simple warfare strategy is to stop your enemies from reaching your borders. If USA and the allies didn’t stop Hilter in Europe, you may have the Germans at your door steps. If the ISIL is not defeated or managed in the Middle East, they will creat more havoc in for the land of their eternal enemy America. You have been brainwashed by the divisive Trump.
  8. Trump most probably wouldn't made it to congress. He will rather resign.
  9. Russia will forever be thankful to Trump for vacating Syria for them and Turkey. Trump has been duped by Erdogan and Putin.
  10. Those republicans must be pulling their hairs out that Pelosi and Schiff simply treat their request for votes as a nothing burger. They must be cursing themselves for their own shenanigans in 2015 and giving the Dems the power to ignore them. Karma is a bitch. Ouch.
  11. A feel good moment that there are push backs up for his incendiary rant even if Apirat ignore the invitation.
  12. True but colluding with government that stage a coup, change the constitution and rigged the election to stay in power takes the BJT to a different level of corruption and totally lacking in decency and morality.
  13. The Dems know that voting is just the WH tactics of delay and procrastination. If they decide on the vote, there will be hearing and the house Republicans can called on witnesses turning the hearing into a circus. Good try but the House Dems not buying it.
  14. Perhaps these people will accept the truth in the poll by Fox News that indicate a majority (51%) support Trump impeachment. He is going down one way or the other. Good riddance.
  15. I have seen this before and I can tell you that the there will be loopholes for exploitation and corruption. The registration of chemicals by the Industry Ministry has the same policy requiring companies to pass their safety and handling test. The test is very technical and required some comprehensive knowledge on chemistry, medicine and first aid. It is a difficult test and small companies can't afford to hire staffs just for passing the tests. Up pop companies that operate to serve this need and somehow they have the 'expertise' to get the certification. They charge a upfront fee and monthly fee to 'represent' you. In short, you will find real soon that someone has the license to buy for you. You just pay for the service.
  16. He can't afford to quit and antagonize the junta. The junta had him by his bullocks with the multi billion infrastructure projects that his company Sino-Thai Engineering and Construction benefited with more to come. He is part and parcel of the unholy alliance that stole elected governments for their personal gains.
  17. Apparently he has been reprimanded for his senseless rant and now in full damage control mode.
  18. https://www.researchgate.net/figure/Ranking-of-banks-based-on-overall-ethical-weighted-rating-decreasing-order-of-rating_fig1_257619053 Deutsche Bank hardly make the list. Type of bank Trump like.
  19. Gutsy move to take such business risk when penetration of telephone was relatively limited at a 3.3 ratio of telephone lines per 100 population and mobile phone was in its infancy.
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