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  1. Will be hard for those imbeciles to manufacture reasons for a coup. The reds and yellows are done and have wised up taking to the streets.
  2. Criminal dereliction of duty comes to my mind of this junta seizing power and their governance including a few blatant watchable cases.
  3. Sorry that you not awake to see the point. Sometimes I wonder who is awake and who has slept through the last coup.
  4. Not sure most countries staged coups whenever their government under-achieved. Rather insane reason that you gave.
  5. They have rigged the election to ensure a silent coup on March 24 and for next 20 years.
  6. Here are the reasons why the press are handcuffed to express freely http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/politics/30346296
  7. True but at least there are opposition parties in Parliament to expose any legit corruption and people can get to the street and protest. Ultimately, the people can use the ballot box to demonstrate their angst.
  8. I don’t know but after 3 consecutive elections with his party winning all convincingly, even the unbelievers would start to question heaven. Don’t you?
  9. Many of the yellows are in his administration. They have taken over.
  10. Rangsit Uni has to be consistent with this crap since previous Nov poll that has Prayut as the most popular for PM trouncing all by a wide distance.
  11. How will the election be free and fair when you have the sword of Damocles hanging over the heads of all free Thais. If that not enough, you have the army chief warning of imminent coup. Laws being fixed to favour the junta for years to come and crony agencies working on the behest of the junta to handicap political parties. Are these not reasons enough to denounce the junta but some here still try to spin indefensible excuses and bring in the tired regular used reason that political parties are also corrupt. Don’t we know that. The junta illegimate power and using their power to influence the election must be denounced by all but not some mindless junta fans.
  12. Blatantly wrong for the military to be involved in business. The military own the land and they now managing the lease. Just why are military land use for generating money and not for military purposes. So many wrongs.
  13. Error here on the 350 lower house elected members. Should be 500. Therefore the selection grade is at least 376 from a combined houses of 750. Another dirty junta trick that will allow Prayut to be eligible if he failed in the party nomination selection. He gets a second chance as an "outsider". Really a despicable and corrupt person not worthy of high office.
  14. A caretaker NLA should not be passing law. But there again, the junta break the rule with the help of the junta’s Minister for Law that state that they are not caretaker status including the PM. Again shameless junta shenanigan.
  15. Judging from crowd at the election rallies, the junta’s PPRP seem to attract very small crowd. Most polls except the pro junta NIda indicate PPRP at 7-9% party preference. If we extrapolate, that will translate to not more than 45 seats; way off the 125 seats needed to be decisive to get Prayut across the line with the 250 senate votes. Maybe that path seem ensure now unless they dig into their dirty bag of tricks and get the major parties dissolve before election. Let’s hope this will not happen and we can see the people”s mandate triumph over military authoritarianism.
  16. The next coup will not be the same as last 2 coups. With the key puppet masters fading and dying, the coup will be staged for different reasons and unlikely to be welcomed with roses and without incidents.
  17. No said the Khon Kaen University survey. Low single digit behind PTP, FFP and TRC. Plenty is pretty rich and hyperbolical.
  18. Hope he gets a valentine card and a bouquet of poison ivy
  19. Puss off. Thailand is not a nanny state and no one appoint the military as her guardian Just how many times have your kind crossed the line.
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