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  1. Exactly what I told my daughter but she is 19 and not really want to hear that.Her university opens June 28th,hmmm
  2. My point is they maybe won't give her free stat quarantine because of the German passport and no German entry stamp in her Thai passport
  3. No,they are not a breeze.I went about 22 times to extend my visa and 22 times immigration needed some more of this or that.Permanent changing the rules.On top of that most immigrations making up their own rules.I feel all the time like a criminal I'm sure my neighbors think I'm a criminal thanks to the unpleasant yearly visits of immigration guys.Last November immigration guy even complained to me he had to drive so far and pay for diesel by himself.No,it is not a breeze or a staightforward process like some other guy said.
  4. Hi my daughter wants to fly with QR to Germany in April,she will leave Thailand with Thai passport and enter Germany with German passport.In June she wants to fly back to Thailand using one of those embassy flights with TG or LH leaving Germany with German passport and enter Thailand with Thai passport and go 2 weeks state quarantine(free for thais).Question will the Thai embassy give my daughter any problems because she won't have a German entry stamp in her passport and refuse her the state qurantine? What are the correct steps for her to come back to Thailand as a Thai citizen?Do
  5. Stop doing business with them how did all those companies survived when China was still underdeveloped.Money is the only thing you can hurt them
  6. How about that UK-China treaty(one country,two systems)Why the UK let the chinese do whatever they want?
  7. Great,boss of the WHO is from Ethopia.Ethopia is under chinese control.I'm not a Trump fan but he did the right thing leaving the WHO
  8. And who do you think should go there?Will never ever happen I guess you will also need some UN mandat to do so and I don't think China and or Russia would approve
  9. What about all the youtubers?They clearly working here and make an income
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