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  1. A lifetime supply of cheese,wine,real XL cotton t-shirts,and European spring time,and of course my MB car,but since I'm over 20 years already the car would be probably died already
  2. You sound same certain thais,"Thailand for Thais' or America for Americans'Makes me wonder what are you doing here in TV.If you don't have an understanding how hard and unfair this decision is,oh well then ......
  3. Or maybe they don't test enough and maybe if someone died because of covid 19 they don't know it or they don't tell it
  4. I'm patient,but it's not about patience.It's the way paypal is doing business.Absolutely customer unfriendly, By the way do you still have the Singapore number?
  5. Paypal didn't let me start a dispute saying I got my money already,maybe the issue is with Kbank,still for me the issue is paypal,because there is no way to communicate with them.
  6. You might be right about that,but that's not my point.Why I have to ask you where is my refund?Why I can't talk or communicate in any way with paypal?Again it's only 1600thb,but still I would like to know where is my money,if it would be 160000thb I would probably report paypal already with the authorities
  7. Well if it is 10AM in SFO it would be midnight in BKK,not sure if midnight is a good time to study,and if Somchai lives in in a tiny village in Esaan without internet then studying wouldn't be possible
  8. Did you ever hear of time zones?Did you ever hear some people around the world do not have internet access?
  9. I read somewhere 'Refunds to credit/debit cards usually takes 2-5 business days, however it can take up to 30 days depending on the card company involved" 2-5 days is ok,more than that is.......,up tp 30 days is not acceptable,they should pay interest.Now it's 10 days and nothing
  10. It's 2020 everything is electronic/digital etc. then 7 days or longer is just not acceptable
  11. They are always on limited customer service.I wonder why they can operate like that.It is almost impossible to reach them.Thisctime it is only 1600thb,but what if it is 160000thb.I don't understand why I have to run behind my money and it is impossible to get help from PayPal.It could be so easy
  12. I guess they don't offer that in Thailand,I know they do in Europe
  13. Ok,thanks but in the future I won't use paypal anymore,it is impossible to talk to anyone from paypal,no email,phone number nobody answer,twitter no reply,facebook no reply.
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