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  1. 20 years ago friends and family told me 'you are crazy,you will come back crying'.I never cared about that.If I have to leave Thailand it would be a personal defeat,on the other hand,so many things have changed in 20 years so I think leaving would be a good idea.And actually I would like to leave,I don't feel comfortable anymore.But leaving is not an option,I'm married with a Thai lady and I have daughter.My wife has a good job here and higher salary than my pension.If we would go back to Europe she would probably end up at MCD,not good for her personal ego and not good for our financial situation.My daughter doesn't like Europe,she is scared of muslims.Cambodia is like Thailand 30 years ago and with Hun Sen as PM it's an absolute no go for me.Philippines is not safe enough,I went a few times to Manila and Cebu and felt scared to walk around there.If I would be single I would probably choose Penang or KL,And if Europe then most likely Spain
  2. I would be ok if they say show xxx or yyy,if they accept foreign bank statements why I should get an embassy letter?Embassy letter for me is 1500bt and a 80km drive to Bkk.I really hate that wishy washy "up to the immigration officer"
  3. It says will be accepted if you have other forms of evidence.I never needed to show any other form of evidence.Embassy letter was always enough.
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