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  1. Great,in Sriracha I got fined because I didn't report when I came back from Europe,that was last October.In January I went to Sriracha immigration right from the airport [ KL trip]Same officer told me I don't need to do that,a few years ago I was probably punching him in the face,but after dealing with immigration officers for 20 years,i just suck it up.Good thing is my beloved Thai wife finally agrees with me about the inconsistency,laziness and stupidity of immigration officers.
  2. Can I ask you what is more expensive in Thailand and what is more expensive in Spain? Rent?Food?Gasoline? Where did you move to in Spain?Sorry if to intrusive I'm just curious because Spain would be ok for me too
  3. Eliminated because they didn't know what consequences a Brexit will have
  4. I think a new referendum would be fair now that most of the people know the consequences of a brexit.In a new referendum the question should be 'stay or leave without a deal" and set a date for the brexit, for example two months after the referendum.Three years ago most of leavers didn't know the impact of a brexit,if they still vote for leave then be it
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