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  1. indeed, and whereas I wonder how come so many lucky winners have multiple tickets, what is statistically in my understanding unlikely but of course not impossible, this is only discussed as a see, "you buy many tickets get big price I tell you all the time". Strange enough, tickets sold in a set of identical numbers are sold for more money than individual tickets whereas the chances of getting a price at all, are definitely bigger when holding different numbers. in any case, it seems it is not so difficult, and I will let you in on the secret. the numbers do reveal themselves on the bottom of a freshly emptied bottle when looking into it up against the morning sun, really, I tried and 75, 50, 7, 5, 3, 30 and 33 my lucky numbers. Believe it or not, I played a large multimillion dollar American Lottery with that. Another working strategy to win big on the Lottery is opening a many click web channel and tell straight faced (preferably with a scantily clad woman of the female gender in the background holding up number cards) about the moon, the stars, and the number of Tuktee calls between 00:08 and 4:03 revealing what numbers will be drawn. Will keep you posted on when that idea goes live, most likely after smoking you know what becomes legal.
  2. Nothing confusing. The number of actions at immigration was increased. Wonder what would happen if tourist numbers were up ?
  3. Driverless motorbikes would be even better as most traffic victims were on two-wheelers I seem to remember.
  4. absolutely. Other interesting items would be: 1) possibilities to increase the in-patient cover. 2) will pre-existing conditions be covered, as in compulsory insurance programs in some European countries. 3) is the insurance valid for life ? or must one keep an international insurance for after a certain age when it becomes impossible to get a reasonable insurance quote ?
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