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  1. yup, saw yet another one yesterday evening. pickup truck without lights, motorbike rider dead on his face, no helmet in sight
  2. Police enquiries started apparently. Glass houses are not safe, and the glass house roles need to be lived up to.
  3. don't forget to bring k.motivation, a lot of books and a solar powered reading light or both. Alternatively, try this to keep k. motivation focused: [Verse 1]Fly me to the moonLet me play among the starsAnd let me see what spring is like On a-Jupiter and MarsIn other words, hold my handIn other words, baby, kiss me[Verse 2]Fill my heart with song And let me sing forevermore You are all I long for All I worship and adore In other words, please be true In other words, I love you
  4. the prices are determined by the amount of money a buyer is paying. Always was, and always will be. Owners are many times wishful-thinkers. Having said that, logically speaking the prices in densily populated areas should start underperforming prices in lower density neighbourhoods / cities / provinces in view of pollution and contagion risks.
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