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  1. did you have balance on another account during that period ? debit card or something like that ? maybe your bank will issue a second certificate showing the minimum balance on that account ?
  2. when I had missed 90-day report, and thus technically on overstay, I pointed out my error to the passport officer when leaving BKK, and explained how that could happen, and asked his advice. He concluded: "no overstay". Same tactic may work here. if male officer blame the guilty in a joke, if female blame yourself, language problem. When I did last renewal a few months back, I was advised that it would be wise to put a few Baht extra on the account because there had been cases where bank charges caused a low balance, and this office was refusing the extension.
  3. then I am not interested anyway. stop the party, good work.
  4. Maybe to low on sales in this area, or because neither you nor someone else invited them ?
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