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  1. up North, a local electronics store stocks rechargeable batteries, worth checking out your local shops. but... standard sizes, so, space permitting, you would likely end up soldering and taping a few standard sizes in series. (Note: Mail takes several months to arrive now, I have three packages with electronics “ in the mail”.) p.s. did you check the Led itself ?
  2. half an hour. but need to bring Yellow Book and respectable Witnesses. (some communities request for the Puyai Baan to be a witness.)
  3. I think it is fair to say that many of the Migrant Worker population are living in rather cramped circumstances, making them a high risk group.
  4. not a flip-flop at all, Different Ministry. But in any case, it makes one wonder what Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of the Interior and Tourism Authority has to do with how Ministry of Health handles its job. The Centralised Leadership of Covid response will surely soon inform the underlings what the roadmap is, so each can focus and get on with his/her real job.
  5. So 2.479.894.979 USD, as of 5/24/2020, is considered for free ? https://www.citizen.org/article/barda-funding-tracker/
  6. only 14 years younger ? with 16 I "beat" you there (in my youth, one of my relatives got married to a man 5 years older, they almost were expelled from the family for such disgraceful act.)
  7. Usufruct (since the land already had a house) what is noted on the Chanote after the buyer. Usufruct expires after a period or upon passing on, so the company shareholders or the registered owner(s) would benefit. Depending on the situation and the value of the investment, adding the Mortgage option could work to protect your estate, if you deem that necessary.
  8. It seems you married one of those young girls of barely fifty if that, same as I did. (When telling someone in London on the phone I was marrying a young girl I got "you dirty <deleted>" snapped at me, a few minutes later my colleague could not contain his curiosity and enquired about age ) My wife has a few Medals and Honors on her Uniform as well and I think it is cool. The typical Western mentality questions as to a possible correlation between wages and rewards was answered with "that is different" Good Luck to both of you, Stay Happy Together.
  9. I bought land + house in CM and the rule was : no foreign shareholding or directors allowed at the moment of purchasing a property. suggest to protect yourself with an real encumbrance, (I did that) , shareholders agreement, loan to company secured by house, many possibilities.
  10. when these first came out I brought one home from the US. reasonable size apartment, cleaned ok, only corners could not get into as the contraption is round about 30 or 40 cm across. basically it goes straight until an obstacle and there turns by some 60 degrees so all floor gets cleaned. running time, in those early models, not brilliant but enough for about 30 sqm. great for pet hair, dust and small dirt. it came with a light beam type barrier to limit where it went. I suggest to get a “homing” one that returns to base for recharge and connects itself.
  11. So as a percentage of Revenue: 37 % distribution cost, 30 % CoGS; then say: 5 % Utilities 7 % repair and maintenance; 6% other costs 8 % rent 34 % salaries total cost: 37+30+60 = 127 % of revenue Your regular business should be happy to subsidise Grab et al. after all they take care of marketing cost. (and charge the buyer for delivery, or don't they?)
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