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  1. Simple: what is the point of a helmet on a block-head.
  2. for a shopkeeper it does not make sense to extend this service. PC (Plastic Card) companies frown on it, it generates revenue in the computer that needs to be explained later and may be taxed if not "explained away".
  3. “They”, whomsoever that may refer to, never have problems when I pay for a ‘normal transaction’. Problems solely occur when cash in my bank account was spent already!
  4. Also makes one wonder what the health checks at the entrance of shopping and entertainment venues are for
  5. Or maybe @condobrit001is looking for a buyer and is talking the price up
  6. Good taste. but a Chinese MG , would not jump on it personally. having said that, when the first funny looking Japanese car showed up in Europe, Toyota it was I think, people went out to look at it and almost all thought what a piece of junk. However, now they have some of the lowest breakdown rates, and left many European car brands biting the dust.
  7. Our Selfies were not accepted. Required were photos from normal distance, with both showing house, then both with house number, both together in living, and last but not least together in the bedroom ( my Q whether “on the bed or in the bed “ was not appreciated ) color print on regular A4, one photo horizontally per page, after that all’s OK, extension received already
  8. Am hoping to do the same with my Isuzu, 100.000 + so far, it is a Lorry factory so should be easily possible. Landcruiser of same age had some issues with drive shaft but have to admit it been used on weekend safaris in the sand quite a few times. my longest run was a 15+ year Subaru with Petrol engine ( from their Aircraft engineers.) think it is still going 5 years after selling it. Having said that, the older the car gets, the more critical the servicing usually becomes, preventive maintenance and all that.
  9. 2 bln. each for 8 and 9,9 MW . and 40MW for 3 Bln. talking about economies of scale ...
  10. Is this discussion about a secondary school program? at University people usually, in my years at least, come in with basic skills and get taught advanced learning and techniques, how to verify validity of presumptions, and to measure impact and evaluate for betterment after implementation.
  11. Study was NOT conducted by Bloomberg, that, despite the political ambitions of its owner, seems to have maintained a good reputation as a news-provider. However HSBC, that you may not have heard of before, is a serious institution with an excellent research department. "Nuf said.
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