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  1. They first need to do something about the Culture of Aggressive Driving and Road Rage. Then, the Culture of Ignorance of Traffic Laws. And then, the Culture of Ignoring Traffic Laws and Traffic Tickets. And let's not even discuss the Culture of No Police Patrolling the Roads for Moving Violations (no matter as only 20% of those ticketed by the fines). They have a long, long row to hoe before they ever get to their Culture of Safety. And from what I've seen on the road the police drive in the same manner as the general public. So essentially a Culture of Safety is unattainable.
  2. More accurately is should be called an "Officially Accepted Narrative Checker" as anything this is not the officially accepted narrative is then branded "fake news." This is the slippery slope which slides to a free-fall cliff drop into totalitarianism. And like lemmings, so many will willingly take the dive.
  3. Strong baht, local price inflation, Machiavellian immigration rules, and a "we really don't care about European visitors any longer" attitude. If Thailand wishes to find the cause, then need only to look into a mirror. In the meantime, perhaps the ministers need to book a junket to Vietnam to see what that country is doing right, then come back to Thailand and ignore everything they learned.
  4. Blame every country in South East Asia except Thailand? That sounds about right.
  5. A little less talk if you please A lot more air is what I need breath Let's get on down to the main attraction With a little less talk and a lot more action!
  6. Not a problem for those suffering from penis-shaft drop disease. They don't have enough 'wood' put one on to begin with.
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